PTI Intra Party Elections - Clashes and Postponment in KP

  • The intra-party elections of PTI in Peshawar district and its five cantonment towns were postponed indefinitely when two groups of workers clashed over alleged rigging at Swan Restaurant in Hayatabad Township where the polls were being held.

    Eyewitnesses said that supporters of one group resorted to firing in the air when their rivals objected to their alleged rigging.

    They said that Peshawar district had 1,260 voters in 92 union councils and four cantonments and each voter was required to cast 48 votes for as many candidates in the intra-party’s elections.

    They said that the electoral lists were full of errors and the party slots, written in front of the candidates’ names, were so small that it was hard to read the same. It created confusion in the minds of voters, they added.

    Sources said that in the absence of computerised national identity cards it was difficult for the election officers to verify the identity of voters.

    The old activists of PTI alleged that armed supporters of their rival group, led by former leaders of the Pakistan people’s Party, tried to rig the elections. They said that they boycotted the elections to avoid bloodshed.

    Sources said that the battle for power between the old guard and new entrants in the party had been continued for the last one year.

    Asad Qaisar, former provincial president of PTI, is leading the group of old workers.

    Mr Qaisar, who is a candidate for the slot of PTI provincial president, has fielded Dr Inayatullah Chamkani and Zafarullah Khattak for the slots of president and general secretary of Peshawar district respectively.

    MPA Pervez Khattak, who is contesting against Mr Qaisar, backs Yasin Khalil and Younas Zaheer for the slots of PTI Peshawar president and general secretary respectively.

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  • Unfortunate, out of 22 disctricts, 2 had some trouble but people refuse to applaud the success in 20 and ratehr choose to make a fuss out of the troubled 2.

    But dont worry, PTI has an able man as the CEC KPK, he will sort this out.

  • @tsunami,

    The issue is that these elections are being held effectively after 15 years of preparation and PTI has been shouting against fake voters lists + violence in general elections.

    PTI needs to clean their house first before raising.

    Secondly, this is not the first time this has happened. There have been strong protests and resignations in UK and Islamabad elections.

  • سونامی بھائی ٣٢ ڈسٹرکٹس میں سے ایک میں ڈیلی ویجر کامیاب ہو گیا تو آپ نے نیا تھریڈ کھول لیا ٣٢ میں سے ٢ میں رولا پر گیا تو تھریڈ نہ کھولا جایے ؟ کیا یہ کھلا تضاد نہیں؟

  • @rasheed

    These elections arent being conducted after preparation of 15 years. You are mislead. Elections were only planned after PTIs meteoric rise in the aftermath of 30 October Lahore.

    Effectively, PTI has spent an year and half preparing at most.

    Secondly, PTI facing election irregularities is understandble. PTI doesnt specialize in conducting elections. This is an expertise which they would need to develop themselves and ofcourse it would take 3-4 runs before being error free.

    Lastly, once a committe is constituted and it gives out a judgement, then the parties should abide by it. Unfortunately there were some inflated egos which eventually dropped out. The Islamabad dream team is back again between.


    Sir shoq say kholain, main nay thread kholne pe to aitraz na kia, lekin beher haal khushi hoti agar aap tasvir k dono rukho pay tabsarra karte. :)

  • سونامی بھائی یہاں پر میرا اور آپ کا اختلاف ہے مرے خیال میں تصویر کا صرف ایک ہی رخ ہوتا ہے

  • Agar ek he rukh hai to jamhoori taqazo ko malhooz e khatir rakhiey aur aksariat ko ghalib janiey.

    20 kee tareef kijiey aur 2 ko gher ehem gardaniey

    Ain nawazish hogi :)

  • ایک گندی مچھلی پورے تالاب کو گندا کر دیتی ہے یہاں تو ٣٢ میں سے ٣١ ووہی شکاری ہیں اگر چچا ڈیلی وجر کو شک کا فیص دیا جایے تو

  • There are more actualy, but u seem interested in other things. Phir kabi.

  • SO please open a thread for each such daily wager

  • Notwithstanding that the Intra-P0TI elections bore the hallmarks of Soo-nami, why have y'all forgot to focus a bit more on the winning contestant who happens to be a 70 year old tailor master! The true making of a youthful party indeed.

  • It is a very bold step by IK to held intra-party election first time in the political history. We should encourage it and understand its importance. Irregularities are part of everything in our society people who are involved in this process are Pakistani and we lack discipline from cinema ticket to "turchoon ki dukan". I do not know if these election will be held again but a short term like 2-3 years is good and when it is held again and again the irregularities will be removed, nothing can be ideal at the very start.

    I am worried that the election are round the corner this business now is affecting PTI election campaign very badly and if PTI cannot get 15-20 seats in NA assemblies intra-party election are only to blame. No batsmen can afford tuck tuk in last 10 overs of ODI. It is time to go all out and launch a strong campaign. I do not know why PTI has started jalsas in every distric and division.

    جپٹنا جپت کر پلٹنا پلٹ کر جپٹنا

    لہو گرم رکھنے کا ہے اک بہانہ