Shahbaz Sharif's trump card

  • I like you guys to comment on the scenario in which NA and 3 provincial assemblies except Punjab are dissolved on the same day (March 14) while Punjab assembly continues its legally mandated life until April 12. I guess this is one of the biggest trump card which opposition has at this time and they are fully aware of it. PMLN has played its cards well and now in a definite position to force govt to accept its demands for neutral caretaker govt otherwise Punjab govt will continue on resulting in PMLN to control and affect the outcome of Federal elections campaign while governing 62% of the electorate for at least one more month.

  • I think they have to eventually dissolve all the assemblies together and have all elections held the same day. We have seen that in past when one election results were effecting other elections results. Dissolve the Punjab assembly is not Shahbaz Sharif's trump card, his real trump card is all those projects which are completing now like Rapid bus project etc. He is happily cutting ribbons these days and getting free advertisement for elections.

    چاھے انقلابی بھائی شوباز کہیں یا کچھ اور مگر شھباز شریف نے اپنی الیکشن مہم کا بھرپور بندوبست کر لیا ہے

  • لیپ ٹاپ ، روٹیاں اور موبائل فون سکیمو میں روپیہ بانٹ بانٹ کر حرامخور سمھجتے ہیں کے الیکشن میں کامیابی حاصل کر لیں گے - ان کا اس الیکشن میں وہ حشر ہونے والا ہے کے اس بار گنجے کو جدہ بھاگنے کا موقع بھی نہیں ملے گا

  • @Rohail Taqi

    ارے بھیا برامان گیۓ آپ تو آپ ہے تو کہتے ہیں کے شو بازہے شو مار مار کر اپنی مشہوری کرتا ہے اور آپ لوگ تنقید کر کر کہ اور بھی پروجیکٹ کو مشہور کر دیتےہیں اب لپ ٹاپ دے اسکالر شپ دے سولر لیمپ دے اگر آپ لوگ چپ رہیں تو کس کے سامنے شو مارے گا کچھ تو غریب کے ہاتھ آ رہا ہے لے لو اور ووٹ جس کو آپ کا دل کرے دو کونسا آپ سے اسٹامپ پیپر پر لکوہ رہا ہے کے ووٹ میری پارٹی ہی کو دینا

  • The people of Punjab province gave their mandate to Punjab assembly for 5 years, similar to what people of all other provinces did.

    The reason for delay for another month is that Musharraf called for sessions of all assemblies except Punjab assembly while he was trying his best for horse trading and other tactics like disqualifications of Sharif brothers.

    When these tactics did not work for a month, Musharraf had to finally call the Punjab assembly session where PMLN made their government.

    There is no issue of having elections on same day.

    If national/provincial assembly is broken a day before its 5 year term, then elections are supposed to be held in less than 90 days.

    If assembly completes its term, then elections should be held in less than 60 days.

    If Punjab assembly completes its term in April and NA is dissolved a few days earlier that its term in March, then elections can be held on same date with Punjab assembly in 60 days and NA in 90 days.

    However, the number of days is the "maximum" amount of days in which the elections should be held. If election commission wants to conduct elections before 90 days, they can do that for example in 60 or 30 days.

  • True

    Constitution refers only maximum cap of 60 days or 90 days times in case of completing terms or dissolution of assemblies respectively. (224-1 and 224-2)

    Consititution further refers to due processes under (218-3) which has to be followed by Election Commission.

    Thus its discreation of Election Commission to conducts election abiding due process and thier internal code of conduct within 60 days (upon expiry) or 90 days (upon dissolution).

    Further Opposition may suspend the right of Prime Minister to disolve National Assembly by bringing No confidence agaist him. (58-1 and 58-2)

  • @rasheed

    Election are held in April or May but we should make one thing very clear that elections are the only solution for this disharmony in this country. IK did a very wise move not to support Qadri and made things clear that he and his party wants election on time. Let the fair election held and whether PML(N) takes more seats or PTI but I want to bury this Zardari tola for ever. Since 1988 there were three people party terms show me a single time when there was less corruption in their government and any real development works were done.

    خدا کی پناہ 65 سال میں اتنا قرضہ نہ ہوا جتنا ان پانچ سالوں میں ہو گیا کوئی ایک کروڑ روپیہ بھی لگا دکھائی نہیں دیتا ان لوگوں کو اپنے ووٹ کی طاقت دکھاؤ اور بھہرہ عرب میں غرق کر دو

  • Shahbaz Sharif's or any politicians real trump card would be when Pakitan have peace and development.... all other cards just to win election will be hard for bechari-awam.

    Election in 2013 would have +ve or -ve impact on next generation of "bechari-awam".

  • Good observation Rasheed!