After Maya Khan, Pak media has a new vigilante

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    Meet Doctor Maria Zulfiqar Khan, she hosts a programme "baat say baat" on Express News, conducts "raids" and is a new vigilante in Pakistani media market.

    In her recent programme, she conducted a self-styled raid on a massage center in Lahore, accused it of being a "sex center" and harassed the women over there.

    Although police was accompanying her, but she played being in charge, gave orders to policemen, like ان کو پکڑیں جی (arrest them), or یہ دروازے کھلوائیں جی (get these doors unlocked) etc.

    In the programme, we see women helplessly trying to hide their faces, pleading the cameraman not to shoot. We also see the so-called anchor, searching through the house, going through handbag of a lady, putting the particulars on table, picking up a condom, flipping it in face of the lady and shouting "یہ کیا ہے، یہ کیا ہے" (what is this? what is this?).

    Maria Khan also plays being an interrogator, cross-questioning employees, and when the answers do not match, telling the lady to "at least corroborate your 'bloody' story." During her 'investigation' she also threatens handing one woman over to the police if she did not tell the truth. At one point, not agreeing to the answers of her respondents, she says sarcastically, "yeah right, tell that to the cops when they take you."

    At 19th minute of the programme, she is seen ordering the girls to "get up and get your passports".

    At the end of the programme (approx 32nd minute onwards) she visits house of one of the girls working in the massage center. From there, she calls the father of the girl, and confronts him by saying کس قسم کے جاہل اور جلاد آدمی ہیں آپ (what kind of a cruel and ignorant man you are), and شرم نہیں آتی تمہیں، فوراً یہاں پہنچو (don't you have any sense of honour, get here quickly), and tells her audience یہ آدمی اپنی بیٹی سے دھندہ کراتا ہے، کس قسم کا جانور اور درندہ صفت انسان ہے (this man made her daughter a prostitute, what an animal he is).

    And all the while, the programme was being supplemented with lines flashing this text

    بات سے بات نے کیا مساج سینٹرز کا پردہ چاک

    baat say baat exposed massage centers

    مساج سینٹرز کی آڑ میں جسم فروشی کا دھندہ

    prostitution in guise of massage centers

    مساج سینٹر یا عیاشی کے اڈے

    massage centers or bases of immoral activities

    مساج سینٹر، جہاں جسم سجتے ہیں بازار بن کر

    massage centers, where bodies are sold

    زبان سمجھ نہیں آتی مگر "کام" سمجھ آتا ہے

    they do not understand the 'language' but do understand their 'work'. (this one referring to the Chinese nationality of the massage center owner)


    Who gave Doctor Maria Zulfiqar Khan rights to conduct "raids" when it is responsibility of police?

    Does she have authority to barge into any one's house, demand a 'search', go through personal belongings, harass, talk in a harsh tone, insult, telling the police to arrest someone, and pass judgements?

    Can the cameras shoot any person if he is not willing to be shot?

    Answers to all questions:



    We previously had a vigilante Maya Khan, she raided dating couples in parks; social-media protests made her apologise for compromising journalistic standards. So what shall we do about our new vigilante named Maria Khan.

  • Some of Immature Anchors @ Pakistan Media have gone mad and mentally bankrupt.

  • Some of Immature Anchors @ Pakistan Media have gone mad and mentally bankrupt.

    What are you complaining about Joginder Singh. Forget some immature people. You being mature (only agewise) went mad some time ago and you do not even realise that do you?

  • Well done Dr. Maria ...

    Sex shows n talks are ban in Pakistan. You really have the courage to talk openly about sex, show condoms and sex medicines.

    The way you behaved with the foriegners and then talked to the father of a local girl, reflects that it was not "baat se baat". It looked more a "business" rivalry. Only pimps can use this kind of language and show this attitude with the police support.

    Hope your own business will get a boost and flourish now, after the elimination of a competitor.

    Who the hell were you to make a house search and order the arrests? Did the policemen accompanying you carry the search warrant?

    How about someone call your father and tell him that "BEGHAIRAT TERI BETI APNA DHANDA BARHANE KE LIAY DOOSRON KE GHAR RAID KARWATI HAY".

  • Has anyone actually seen the programme or are we being taken for a ride by Mr. omair Mahmood whose only reference to the news is his own posting on his own blog?

  • Give the devil her due

    As per Express Newspaper few Malishis were selling their services as prost!tutes

  • Another shameful effort to invade in other's private life by this shameful anchor person Maria Zulfiqar Khan on Express TV.

    Would she like someone invading her house?

    In my opinion, same women should invade Maria Zulfiqar Khan's house in broad day light with cameras.


  • ہر کوئی کچھ نہ کچھ بیچ رہا ہے

    ماریہ صاحبہ اپنا پروگرام بیچ رہی ہیں

    بیچنے بیچنے کے کھیل میں ہر کوئی سب کچھ کر جانے کو تیار ہے

  • @hypocrite

    ماریہ صاحبہ اپنا پروگرام بیچ رہی ہیں

    Is she also a saleswoman? Who is buyer?

  • The programme producer and her employers together with the police officers who were present at the premises should be jailed pending bail for entering into someone's premises without the owners permission, unless it was a raid by the police in which case they should have the search warrants and without any TV cameras.

    The programme producers should be lynched in public to set an example for others.

  • Is she also a saleswoman? Who is buyer?

    خریدار میں اور میرے جیسے دسرے ٹھرکی

    ماریہ صاحبہ اپنا پروگرام بیچ رہی ہیں تاکے زیادہ لوگ دیکھیں

    زیادہ لوگ دیکھیں گے تو زیادہ اشتہار ملیں گے

    زیادہ اشتہار ملیں گو تو زیادہ پیسا ملے گا اور بڑا نام ہو گا

    بڑا نام ہو گا تو اور پیسے ملیں گے

    اور پھر راوی ماریہ صاحبہ کی زندگی میں سکھ چین لکھے گا

  • This is in reply to Diwana; I have hyperlinked the video of the programme. So you can actually see what I have written about

  • Those of you who want to watch the complete programme, can watch it here

  • I think people have lost interest in the topic

  • I appreciate that someone did this program. Although the tone of mariya was a bitter harsh, but think that what she has tried to expose. In my personal opinion it was a good prorgram by which a dark side of our society was exposed.

  • Bogus, uncivilized and crude form of Electronic Journalism.

    Nothing but mere blackmailing.

    There are 1800000 dark sides of society which are damaging the humanity.

    Massage Center, Legal or Illegal, is a great service to treat depression and maintain physical health.

  • Shaikh sahib, if she had asked about some money/muk muka, then it could be said as blackmailing. But we see that police arrested the so called massagers. So don't say it was black mailing.

    About your logic of maintaing physical health, I don't want to comment. Because we all know very well what kind of great servie is given there.

  • ویل ڈن ڈاکٹر ماریہ

    اس پروگرام کے بعد ہمارے لبرل فاشسٹ خواتین و حضرات ایک بار تڑپیں گے اور تڑپ تڑپ کے پاگل ہوجائیں گے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ایک بار پھر یہ ثابت ہوجائے گا کہ لبرلز میں بھی انتہا پسند ہوتے ہیں جنہیں لبرل فاشسٹ کہا جاتا ہے۔

  • سوشل میڈیا پر لبرل فاشسٹ خواتین و حضرات کا رنڈی رونا قابل دید ہے۔

  • لبرل فاشسٹ خواتین و حضرات ایک بار تڑپیں گے اور تڑپ تڑپ کے پاگل ہوجائیں گے۔۔

    Pkpolitician sahib

    بہت ممکن ہے کے آپ کی بات درست ہو

    ویسے اس بات کی کیا ضمانت ہے کے جن خواتین اور حضرات کو ماریا صاحبہ نے انتہائی مہارت کے ساتھ بے نقاب کیا ہے وہ صرف لبرل یا آزادانہ سوچ رکھتے ہیں

    یا ان محترمہ کی کلینک پر انے جانے والے صرف آزادانہ سوچ کے حامی اور علمبردار ہیں

    کیا غیر لبرل سوچ رکھنے والے اس نام نہاد کلینک پر جانے سے ہمیشہ گریزاں ہونگے