PML N Dharna (protest in front of parliment)

  • any updates from people in islamabad kia hoo raha haay udar.

  • Its raining cats & dogs :-)

  • bari baat hay phir agar 1000-1500 banda bhi hay too.

  • 1000-1500 is bari baat? Tell that to TuQ who managed 20-25k.

    If 100-1500 is bari baat then u shud atleast b in total awe of TuQ and deem him a leader with greater street power than Noo0ra :)

  • ^^^^ First you gotta come clean whether you are a cult worshipper of Imran David Koresh Khan or the Canadian Rabbi?! An Ilzami knuckle-head holding Tahir-ul-Padri in awe is actually an oxymoron considering that U-Turn Khan first lent support to Padri's agenda and then took an about turn while stating that Article 62-63 is subject to some amendments!

    As for street power, the Nooner's sea of soul took Punjab by storm and had the judiciary restored. That is the difference between people's movement and "Nachaniya" programs Pakistan Troll Tehreek is renowned for.

  • @tsunami,

    Nawaz doesn't even enjoy support among his family members, and you are not giving him credit for 1000 people gathering? You need to be more generous.

    Let the Punjab Government go, then all the fake Jalsis and gatherings they conduct by collecting patwaris all over Punjab or students in the name of laptop and internship, will shrink to a dozen souls who will come to warm their eyes at the expense of Maryam Nawaz.

  • Take it easy Siddiqi sb, LOL.

    Rather then torturing bloggers with relentles gibberish I advise its time for some introspection on your part.

    1000-1500 bari baat hogi to afsana to banay ga.

    Now to the U-turns, let me show u the elephant in the room u refuse to see. PTI till date supports TuQs agenda but theres a difference at the execution end.

    No00ras on the other hand confronetd TuQ the very first day and guess what, they're following suit now, staging a cat-walk(dharna) for the same electoral reforms TuQ spoke off.

  • @FineInsaf,

    When should commoners like us expect to treat our eyes to Tyrian Khan gracing P-00-TI's legendary Sunday ka Sunday Funday?

  • @FineInsaf

    In complete agreement with you brother, but lets not be the ones initiating the "fun" around each others women :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ths dharna of PMLn reminds Go-Zardari-go.... Ths Election commission has singular peculiarity in Pak history that all Parties even PPP, and others PMLn, PTI, MQM etc have reservations... Well done Geezer

  • The Rangbazi of Noon-League has been fully exposed as this "dharna" proved to be as fake as the hair on the heads of PMLN's leadership.

    I maintain that the day the Punjab assembly is dissolved and Noon-league doesn't have the privilege of using patwaris and taxpayer money to decorate their gatherings with, they will not be able to conduct even a Jalsi in any part of the country.

  • ^^

    yar dekh alfaz ka chunao beshaq munasib na ho lekin baat teri sahi hai :P

  • ^^^^^ Oh man I couldn't agree more!! Examples of Raang Baazi:

    • Crying horace from backside about leading a march to North Waziristan but ended up doing a sponsored musical show in Tank instead.

    • Over hyping the protest against drone strikes at UN in New York but ended up taking the action which is so synonymous with Botox Khan's persona - U-Turn! BTW, it was during this particular trip to North America that Imran David Koresh Khan was detained by RCMP for carrying CAD 70K of undeclared cash.

  • الفاظ کا چناؤ سہی رکھو پیارے دوستوں ورنہ صدیقی کو اپنا اصلی رنگ دکھاتے دیر نہیں لگی گی. پھر نہ کہنا کے ظلم ہو گیا

  • @ baseplate

    you are making no sense, what has IK or TUQ got to do with PMLN dharna!!!???

    any ways people from islamabad any real updates....

  • ^^^ IK and TUQ got zilch to do with this dharna of PML-N. However, I was just trying to hammer the time of the day on the lost members of the Ilzami Sheep Herd who deem it necessary to enlighten us with their inane garble.

  • siddiqi bhai a few members of ilzami brigade hasn't even reached their teens.! ذرا ہاتھ ہولا رکھیں

  • @ baseplate

    ورنہ صدیقی کو اپنا اصلی رنگ دکھاتے دیر نہیں لگی گی




    سر جی

    آپ کی ان اداؤں کو ہم مس کر رہے تھے

    ایک بات اب کنفرم ہے ، تحریکوں اور مستقل قومی مصیبت والوں کی خیر نہیں

    (: (: (: wink wink wink

    انشاللہ شام کو گھر واپسی پر بات ہوتی ہے

    الله خوش رکھے آپ کو