Another Fiasco Simmering in the Troll Party

  • Been following Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal for quiet a number of days now. It seems that the guy is seriously incensed at the level of corruption and mismanagement inside the Pajama Party and he along with Akbar S. Babar have hinted that a mechanics to establish rule of law and accountability inside the party has to be put in place or all hell would break loose.

  • Bari bari partio main choti choti batain hoti rehtee hain. No hell would break loose. CHillax.

  • ^^^^ Hehehehehehehehehe....Trust me home boy, unlike your conventional dweeb inquilabi - Mui keeps his eyes really peeled ;)

    BTW, that screen shot is of a chat session which took place between yours truly and Nadeem Iqbal. Don't y'all say that I didn't warn all of y'all!