IK: work in Progress (by Najam Sethi)

  • As Najam sethi says, IK is a work in progress, let's see how many more years he takes to become a finished product, if ever.


  • Najam Sethi always comes up with rubbish theories

    He himself is an idiot in making

    Lets see how many years he takes to become complete idiot

  • Well surgeons of establishment can do wonders, who knows this project may complete before next elections:)

  • Wait and see.

    Most of his observation and analyses is logical and balanced.

    Mr. Najam Sethi’s comments reflect confidence with excellence of professional journalism.

  • Last lines of the article:

    Imran Khan is "work in progress" much like Pakistan itself. If their synergies lock-in during the next elections, well and good. If not, he will still be a popular parliamentarian defender of the national interest.

    Sethi has very rightly raised the fundamental million dollar question here. Would there synergies lock-in together or NOT?

    I personally believe IK himself isn't that sure of this thing as much as he sounds in front of the camera

  • I regard Najam Sethi as one of the most intelligent journalist in Pakistani media.

  • "The decisions of my life have rarely been made through rationality or logic and more by impulse and passion"

    Imran Khan.

    Well he is not the first Politician who live and lead by Gut ....


  • "He is opposed to religious extremists and jihadists. But is ready to share the platform from which they spew hatred and violence. His argument that he is engaging with them only to wean them away from their beliefs and practices is a hangover of his continuing respect for and fear of the powerful military establishment that pulls their strings."

    So Sethi Saab is saying Imran Khan respects and fears military that controls militants. That's hitting a nail on the head.

  • ^^

    Imran never said hes engaging right wingers so as to sway them from their beliefs. Did Sethi right that? He is a clown in that case.

    Imrans motive is just to have these forces engaged with the main stream because once these feel left out, they start doing things on their own without putting the states interests before them.

    Imran fears military? Exactly, that explains why he had a 180 degree opinion on the WoT since day 1.

  • Yes agree with Sethi and I have already in my past posts said that IK and PTI is to sweep 2018 election not 2013 one. 2013 is first test of water for PTI and IK and if they end up up to 20 seats it is not a bad performance at all. Remember political parties need a lot of training (their workers) to work good on election days and pTI is untrained they never contested bi-election to give this important training to youth 2008 was boycotted. Bravo pTI work for change but IK and PTI is legend in process and finish product will be like a APPLE IPHONE, pushing back all the black berries and others in 2018 election.

  • It is Najam Sethi's understanding of Imran Khan which is "a work in progress", not the man himself.

    Sethi needs to raise his level quite a notch to understand IK, and while Sethi is trying, he is just not getting it there.

    Imran Khan is a once in a lifetime phenomenon - a genuine leader as opposed to the corrupt charlatans like Sharifs and Zardaris that we have witnessed in recent years, so some people really have a hard time "getting him".

    It is their problem, not IK's.

  • @tsunami bahi

    "Imran fears military? Exactly, that explains why he had a 180 degree opinion on the WoT since day 1."

    Military doesn't oppose war on terror. Every retired General talks like Imran Khan or I should say all these Generals flush out their frustrations during service through people like Imran Khan and after retirement they can speak for themselves.

  • ^^

    You have me lost again. So ur saying Imran doesnt oppose this WoT either?

  • @tsunami bahi

    All I said Generals and Imran are on same page. when it comes to war on terror. Generals have strategic vision of controling Kabul and Imran have Generals's vision.


  • May be we are deviating from original topic which is Is IK and PTI a finished product or they are still in process? I mentioned above that they are still in process and does not likely this product will be completed and out in the market before 2013 election. I mentioned many times time is running out for PTI and IK and they are still not to their full potential when election are round the corner and caretaker will be in in about a month time. The best target at the moment is how to get over 20 seats in 2013 election and form a good size force in parliament as well. No doubt they are biggest pressure group in our country and the biggest street force as well but we need them in good number inside the parliament.

  • @Shirazi bhai,

    Wallah, I would love to know the basis of your thesis. :))

    Kabhi fursat ho to .. zarur roshni daliey ga.

  • @Shirazi,

    Here's a video highlighting perfectly "generals and Imran Khan on the same page":


  • ^^

    Hawai firing thi yaar. Bas bach jaya karo yehe bht hai. LOL =))

  • @FineInsaf Saab

    Of course Imran doesn't share the vision of Generals who are against the double cross, whose dearest goal in life is to control Kabul. He shares the world view with those who reckon Jihadis as strategic assets.

    BTW I agree with General Saabin the clip, there is nothing wrong in drone strikes.


  • BTW I agree with General Saabin the clip, there is nothing wrong in drone strikes.

    There are more terrorists in Karachi who are bigger if not an equal threat to Pakistans interests. What would be ur recipe? Drone attacks?