Stoking the fires of radicalisation

  • "The disease of radicalism and intolerance has even reached the shores of the United States where the Muslim population is supposedly more moderate. In a program named ‘Ghaib Ki Baatain’ on one of the channels, presented through a TV station owned by a local Pakistani American tycoon, the guest, proclaiming to be a sufi but acting strictly like a salafist in answer to a question, if it was jaaiz for a Sunni to marry a Shia replied in the negative, a viewpoint which was supported by a number of postings on the hazrat’s facebook page accompanied by vicious and hateful tirades against the Shias. During Moharram, in one of his sermons, he referred to Yazid in a respectable manner. However, in an example that could be emulated in Pakistan, through the persistent application of pressure on the producers of the programs by only two people, who relentlessly pursued this matter, the hazrat was replaced by an aalim and the program finally moved to another channel which will hopefully act more responsibly.""