Petition filed in SC to reconstitute Election Commission

  • Tehrik-i-Minhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri submitted on Thursday a petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan seeking reconstitution of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in accordance with the Constitution, DawnNews reported.

    Talking to media persons outside the court’s premises Qadri alleged that the existing ECP was formed unconstitutionally and declared it as illegal. He further said that according to Article 213 of the Constitution the names of three nominations from each province should have been suggested but the procedure was not followed.

    Qadri further said that he had personally appeared in the Supreme Court to submit the petition and that he would argue the case himself.

    The TMQ chief, in the petition submitted, sought for the election commission to be reconstituted according to Article 213 of the Constitution.

  • Also Fawad Chaudhry twitted ....

    Fawad Hussain ‏@fawadchaudhry

    on legal premises challenge to constitution of EC is very valid as Art 213 & 218 are clearly nt complied with while making appointments

    Fawad Hussain ‏@fawadchaudhry

    @Shahidmasooddr seems Law Ministry made a huge blunder names of members were never sent to parliamentary commission as required

  • شاہی خاندان ۔ برے پھنسیں ۔ اگر اگلا الیکشن کمیشن ان کی مرضی کا نہ ہوا تو یہ بے چارے کیا کریں گیں ۔ اب عوام میں سے یہ اپنے پچاری پیدا کرنے سے رہے ۔ اب ہر کوئی تو ان کی ہوجا پاٹ تو نہیں کرے گا ۔ اب ہر ایک کو تو یہ اپنی لوٹی ہوئی دولت سے خریدنے سے رہے ۔۔

  • .. and Voila! Noon league never had any problems with this EC. They never raised this.

    If TuQ manages to have this sorted out then doesnt matter if hes sent over by RAW or MOSSAD, he wouldve done great service to Pakistan.

  • Salman Akram Raja also believes TuQ has put togetehr a decent case.

    salman akram raja ‏@salmanAraja

    @Shahidmasooddr SC can declare appointmnts void. If SC order given after 16 March after expiry of NA, won't be possible to reconstitute EC!

  • @Asif and tsunami

    Everyone want a neutral election commission and caretaker government. Election commission was formed months ago when no one had any objection on any member. If now we form a new election commission members with the consensus of all parties it will take months and election will be delayed which is not in the interest of our country. This dramma was started by Qadri who want to delay election (listen to his first speech in Lahore). PTI should not come in his trap and let the current election commission hold the elections. Media, international observers, party political workers are there to stop any unfairness in election.

  • This is the politics of PTI, utter garbage.

    PTI is the one resurrected the LOOTA culture in pakistan under their proud slogan of "AIK WICKET AUR GIR GAYEE". Now they want to further harm democracy.

    Kaka bulli is immature and have detrimental effect on politics and democracy.

  • Well played Zardari. No wonder he accepted Fakhro bhai as CEC. And no, that was not a blunder, that loophole left their for a purpose.

  • I said on another thread, take the formation of election commission members in assembly and legitimate it by giving vote of confidence by all the parties in parliament. Qadri bubble will burst he will left no other reason to delay elections. Election commission then form the caretaker government and caretaker PM.

    dusky bhai there are only few days left for Zardari Zazishi tola.

  • اعوان بھائی جی

    آپکی الیکشن کمیشن کے لیے تجویز بہت اچھی ہے لیکن اسکی کوئی آئینی اہمیت نہیں ہے

    بظاہر ایسا لگتا ہے کہ کمیشن کی تشکیل میں آئینی تقاضہ مکمل طور پر پورا نہیں کیا گیا ہے اور سپریم کورٹ اسی کو دیکھکر فیصلہ کرے گی

    میں نہیں جانتا کہ ایک بار الیکشن کمیشن تشکیل پانے کے بعد تحلیل ہو سکتا ہے کہ نہیں

    یہ فیصلہ سپریم کورٹ نے ہی کرنا ہے

    اگر کمیشن تحلیل کر بھی کر دیا جائے تو پھر بھی حکومت اور اپوزیشن نے ملکر ہی تشکیل دینا ہے

  • ایسا کام ہی کیوں کیا تھا جو ائین کی شرائط پر پورا نہیں اترتا۔۔ اب بھوکتو مک مکا کا نتیجہ ۔

  • Apparently Opposition and Treasury had to submit three names from each province then Parliamentary Committee had to choose one of them

    Seems like they reached the consensus without submitting three names and any debate

    But they all are retired High Court Judges as per Article 213

    Even if the EC is reconstituted again it will be formed by the consultation of Treasury and Opposition(in the Parliament)

    What Padri will get


    Just using cheap tactics to get some fame

  • @Dusky bhai

    You are right Zardari has taken smart move in past to trap PMLN in future.

    PMLN,while having good feeling of playing right card, once again underestimated Zardari by avioding due process in forming EC.

    Now whatever comes out from SC over said petition, in any case, will damage the popularity of PMLN and will leave post election disputes.

    @Mawan bhai

    Do u think now zardari & co. will support vote of confidence in favour of EC,

  • الیکشن کمشن کا انتخاب ہر للو پنجو اور ایرے غیرے نتھو    خیرے کا   کا م  نہیں ہوتا ہے

    یہ صرف اور صرف منتخب وزیر اعظم اور منتخب اپوزیشن لیڈر کی  صوابدید پر ہے کہ وہ کسے  منتخب کرتے ہیں

  • اف اللہ ۔ شاہی خاندان کے پچاریوں کو تو ہاتھ پیر پڑ گئے ۔ مک مکا جو خطرے میں پڑ گیا ہے ۔۔۔

  • بابے نیازی اور بابے چابی والے جیسے فضول لوگوں کو لفٹ کروانے کی ضرورت نہیں ہوتی

    ایسے کیڑے مکوڑے الیکشن کے موسم میں نکلتے ہی رہتے ہیں

    :) :)

  • This asif guy, manage to write one sentence and then copy paste is in all threads isn't this call spamming!!!

    anyway, let us see what SC says on this one... I doubt govt would show any intention to fight this out in court, and govt allies such as, PTI, MQM, PML-Q, would jump into the ship of PAT...

  • I support as suggested by Mr. mawan1971, at another thread,

    that PMLN and PPPP could move a Vote of Confidence at the Parliament, upon the Election Commission.

  • فضول تو شاہی خاندانوں کے پچاری ہیں ۔ جو جانتے بھی ہیں کہ یہ شاہی خاندان ۔ بھٹو خاندان اور شریف خاندان باریاں لگا کر ملک و قوم کو لوٹتے ہیں ۔ پھر بھی ان کی پوجا پاٹ کرتے ہیں ۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • just like before and after padri's dharna show, pti-kiddos will be licking their wounds after SC will dismiss this petition as inadmissible on any premise.

    pti-kiddos are actually in mourning after their beloved anchor talat hussain tweeted their leader as a stupid