Pakistan: Increasing Access and Quality through Education Reforms in Punjab

  • It seems like PMLN have also purchased this bank which published the report.....just like they purchased the recent IRI survey

    Very soon some of my friends from PTI/TUQ alliance camp will post evidence and how much was paid by PMLN to buy this bank.

  • Just wait for the next article of the great Haroon ur Rasheed in which he will expose the unholy nexus between world bank, UN, and PML-N, as he exposed today the fake surveys conducted by another unholy organization IRI.

  • BUT i am interested in how much was paid by PMLN to buy 'this' bank?


    Now we have to wait for a few days for H Rasheed to expose this........however if PTI's chief media correspondent Great Lucman had not received such humiliation exit from the screens he would have produced all the required evidence in tonight or may be even yesterday's programme.....

  • Since this thread is all about education it must be ignored?

  • @ Adonis

    You are totally wrong brother !!!

    Haroon Ur Rasheed is old fashioned.. Its the cynical Hassan Nisar now who would honor the poor Pakistanis with this gigantic revelation


    Should we post an ad of "Missing Persons" for the great "Inqalabis & advocates of change" on this thread?

  • Alas, Finally World Bank has lost its credibility; Everbody knows that whole Punjab budget has been spent on the metro bus project; its not true that Punjab government has spent even a small amount of money on education