PTI intra-party elections - Q & A

  • After Islamabad polls the numbers & results were very clear on PTI site, almost 63k registered voter out of which almost 31k voted.

    We don't have same clarity after KPK elections. I saw some whers on site that there are around 1M registered votes but there are no numbers after elections. How many people actually voted in KPK? How many votes each candidate got? Now on site all you see is name of victors where as after Islamabad they also listed number of votes each candidate got.

    I assume next phase is Punjab. When will we have elections in Punjab. Do we have registered voter list that describes number of registered PTI members in each district?

  • Succesfull UC level elections held yesterday in Bhawalpur and DG Khan divisions.

  • Today elections in Sargodha and Faisalabad divisions.

  • Shirazi bhais concern is wel placed but I guess at this time IK has really asked the teams to step on the gas and announce results asap.

    I guess this info will be available in time

  • shriazi bahi,

    when will be intra party election in PPP ? Are you going to contest for a party position? What is about king zardari and prince Bilawal Bhutto ? They will contest also in intra party election or they don't need to do this ?

  • @asif bahi

    کسی پیالے سے پوچھا ہے سرائی نے سبب میہ کا

    جو خود بے ہوش ہو وہ کیا بتا ے ہوش کتنا ہے


  • BTW I don't think PTI is revolutionzing our political culture by holding these intra-party elections. I am just interested in them as a bench mark to gauge their support in masses as we don't have any data on how popular they are.

    The other main stream parties PPP and PMLN have proved their roots among masses in elections and have examples of lower class and lower middle class in leadership role at lower level. But when it comes to electoral politics, the actual power of corridors - politics is made for haves. No one has changed it and no one can. People like Shahid Sahi and Sheikh Rashid when they rise up their economic cadre is changed too. I don't think Imran Khan or anyone can change this harsh reality. Let's not fool ourselves and others.

  • The other main stream parties PPP and PMLN have proved their roots among masses

    The Kings & Queens of other main stream parties PPP and PMLN have proved eating the wealth of masses!

    **تم بھی کھاو ۔ ہم بھی کھاتے ہیں ۔ لیکن عوام کو کھانے کا موقعہ نہیں دیں گیں ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔


    یہ ہے شاہی خاندان ۔ بھٹو زرداری خاندان اور شریف خاندان کا نیا نعرہ ۔۔۔۔۔

    **‎بھائی ملک و قوم کی دولت کھانے کی بھی کوئی حد ہوتی ہے ۔۔۔۔۔۔


  • @asif bahi

    "تم بھی کھاو ۔ ہم بھی کھاتے ہیں ۔ لیکن عوام کو کھانے کا موقعہ نہیں دیں گیں ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔"

    What about Benazir income support program?


  • have examples of lower class and lower middle class in leadership role at lower level

    Any 5 names, if u wouldnt mind.

  • @tsunami bahi

    I know many from Rawalpindi ...

    Malik Shakeel Awan - the PMLN MNA who defeated Sheikh Rasheed, Jamshed Dasti, Abrar Malik (PMLN MP from Pindi)

    Qazi Sultan Mehmood and Rashid Mir both Presidents of PPP in Pindi at diferent times.

    The problem is electoral politics and the consequent power is game of haves. That's why people like Shah Mehmood and Javed Hashmi superseded those who were with PTI for decades. It's a global phenomena. Youth Congress in India is entirely different class from elected Congress leadership.

    I am not saying Imran or anyone can change this all I am saying we should not fool masses that now PTI or any other party will challenge the political culture and will start sending Joe the plumber to Parliament.

  • We shall have to wait and see. Imran Khan promised youth 25% tickets

  • If im not mistaken, shakeel awan runs an advertising business.

    Chacha Humayun runs a tailor master shop. Surprising u can see a comparison.

  • This is the schedule for UC elections in Punjab

    D. G. Khan and Bahawalpur Divisions February 6

    Rawalpindi, Sargodha and Faisalabad Divisions February 7

    Multan and Sahiwal Divisions February 8

    Gujranwala Division February 9

    Lahore Division February 10/11


  • There is no doubt there have been some other examples of poor political workers who came up on big stage but these are rare things in our political history. Khwaja Saaad Rafique was son of a poor party worker, when his father was killed and his mother participated in elections all the constituency people ran his campaign, she has nothing to spend. I hope PTI is bringing a change where other middle class people will get a chance to become MNA and MPA's.

  • @Shirazi: Talking about numbers, just have a look at Dist. Lahore for example.

    District Lahore PTI Members and Comparison with other Parties

    2008 Election "Voters" for Parties:

    PMLN - 739,386

    PPPP - 315,838

    PMLQ - 155,431

    Now, only the registered "Members" of PTI in District Lahore are: 502,394

    This number is only of those members who provided PTI their CNIC. Those members who didn't provide CNIC were cut off.

    We can approximate that number of "Voters" would approximately double the number of members at minimum.


  • @xainahmed Sb

    Thank You for above numbers. I assume it's Lahore District - 11 seats not the division. These numbers look very healthy. It will be interesting to see what will be 5age of turnout? In Islamabad it was around 50%, 31k out of 63k voted.

    Do you have similar numbers for Rawal Pindi and Ghujranwala division or district. Lahore, Pindi and Ghujranwala divisions constitute 67 seats of national assembly.

    Obama campaign gets lot of credit for digitizing their campaign but I don't think even they had this kind of precise information. This is unprecedented.

    PTI claims they have 7M registered members, PMLN got 6.7M, PMLQ 8M and PPP 10.5M votes in 2008. If PTI has unique 7M NICs DB it will be an uphill task for rest of the parties to challenge them.

  • @xainahmed

    Brother Xain these are theoretical numbers and do not have any co-relation with actual vote poll in real elections. PTI youth has not seen real elections, where were PTI registered voters in Sahiwal elections when PTI candidate just got his personal votes which he got in the last elections as well. It is just like PPP were adding PML(Q) voters with them to assume they will defeat PML(N)easily but things were way different in Dec-04/2012 bi-elections.

  • @mawan1971:

    It is true that the true test would be on Election day. But before elections, we can only come up with stats and theoretical numbers to approximate voters of parties. In PTI's case, we can approximate their votes by the number of their members. Other parties have shown their votebank in previous Elections.

    Also, in approximating, the results of general elections should only be looked at. By-elections can easily be manipulated by the Govt. as the polling agents are Govt. own people and other several reasons which you know better. PMLQ also won all the by-elections when they were in power. So, to say that parties would surely get same vote as in by-elections would be wrong too. You can only "approximate" on basis of it. As I have done by using number of members and previous election results.

  • @Xainahmed

    Federal election are influenced by ruling party in federal government and provincial elections are influenced by provincial ruling party. PPP, PML(Q) and PML(N) were all in power in last bi-election but PML(N) won heavily. It was the results of those elections that Qadri was brought in a hurry to sabotash next election process. PTI is a big force in Punjab and will remain but I always say don't be dis-heart if they don't win two many seats. It is their first test of water and water is very deep, PML(N) is very experienced party they know how to attract the people to vote them before elections. The change is underway and we will see middle class and educated people in assembly inshallah.