Malik Riaz as PM in care-taker set up?

  • Heard that Malik Riaz will be Prime Minister in care-taker set up?

    Can any one confirm this news?

  • He might lay the foundation to re-construct whole of Pakistan, like well designed and equipped Bahria Town.

    Some parts of Pakistan might look like Dubai.

  • بلی کو دودھ کی رکھوالی پر رکھے جانے والی بات ہے ریاض ملک ٹھکیدار کو وزیر اعظم بنا لو اور پاکستان کو ٹھیکے پر دس سال کے لیے امریکہ کو دے دو گھر بیٹھے امریکی نیشنلٹی مفت میں -الله پاکستان کو سازشی لوگوں کے شر سے محفوظ رکھے امین

  • پاکستان کو ٹھیکے پر دس سال کے لیے امریکہ کو دے دو

    That could be the Best scenario to make Pakistan a better living place for the future generations.

    But----unfortunately---no Developed county in the World, would think to take over Pakistan on Deputation.

  • @Saadat bhai

    Followers of muk muka parties are already sleepless due to TUQ petition in SC.

    You are giving another doze of sleepless pills

  • Malik Riaz may be looking but no chance .

  • بھائی میرے مک مکا تو اسمبلی میں ہوتے ہوں گے جب عوام کی عدالت میں جا ہؤ گے تو ضمانت بھی ضبط ہوتی ہے عوام نہ کسی مک مکا کو مانتے ہیں اور نہ کسی کے بہکاوے میں آتے ہیں ووٹ لو حکومت کرو سیدھا اور کھرا راستہ اسٹیبلشمنٹ کے کندھے استعمال کرنے کے دن گئے اب عوام بڑی با شعور ہے

  • In Pakistan, now the game is

    Choice Vs. Chance.

    I guess Malik Riaz could be also a hot choice of Military Establishment.

    He could perform better than Ch, Shujaat Husaain.

  • It is joke right...

  • If its a joke we should be more careful as most of times pakistan is victimised by jokers only

  • This news item is just a hoax.

    The name of the care taker Prime Minister was agreed between the government and opposition a few weeks back and will be made public once the schedule of elections is announced. That name is not of Malik Riaz (nor of Asma Jahngir) but of a well respected person against whom there has never been any allegation of moral or financial impropriety.

  • کیا مردود بھٹو خاندان کے پجاریوں کے پاس ملک ریاض کو نگران وزیر اعظم بنانے کے سوا کوئی بہتر آپشن نہیں ہے؟

  • Ch. Nisar would die first before agreeing on his name.

  • @Saima Khan

    Well pointed; In this case Ch. Nisar will probably prefer Sheeda Talli over Riaz thaikedar (contractor)

  • I guess the final list for a suitable Care Taker Prime Minister for Pakistan---has been dispatched to John Kerry for final approval.

    This news has not been confirmed, yet.

  • Malik Riaz is not a bad idea. I think they should auction the job. Malik Riaz may end up putting the highest bid and get it. It is only a few months. National exchequer will get some replenishment!

  • @Gujjar Talwar

    Good idea of auctioning the care taker job.

  • Most suitable person for building the Pakistan

  • Welcome

  • What wrong Malik Riaz has done?

    Why is he disliked so much?

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