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  • Yeh hi hai Pakistani Jamhuriat ka Husn

    The majority of Pakistani people in Pakistan seems to be badly deprived from basic rights of existence, education, justice, electricity, clean drinking water, medical facilities, social welfares and all other basic human rights and infra structure they should been provided by their politicians in all these 65 years. Instead, they have been offered to the most beautiful Jamhuriat to eat and drink, and the shortage of every other commodity of life as the beauty of democracy, by repeating and reminding by saying the same notorious phrases such as "Langrhi-looli Jamhuriat best dictatorship se laakh derjai behtar hai; And, aap hamain beshak gaalian den, hamen chor-daku kahen, badmaash-o-Uthaigeera aur jahil kahen, lekin ham ye sab kuch muskra ker bardasht kernai ko taiiaar hen, kionkeh yeh hi hai jamhuriat ka husn." Mashaallah, what a wonderful "Jamhuriat ka husn!!" Beshak tum issi tarha sisak-sisak kai jeetai, aur be yaar-o-madadgaar mertai raho, aur ham issi tarha aiiaashian kertai rahen, lekin ye husn-e-jamhuriat issi tara apni poori aab-o-taab kai saath apna rang dikhata rahai. Pakistan Zindabad... aur ye Husn-e-Jamhuriat zindabad. Pakistan ka matlab kia??? Baari-Baari Lutto te Futto...aaj Hamza Sharif, te kal Balawal Bhutto. Jee han, yeh hi hai Pakistani Jamhuriat ka husn.

    Dear Fellows and friends of democracy

    Jest remember one thing before any of you begin to crticize this thread that the proper and solid foundation is the most essential factor to build or form anything. And, as every sensible person knows, that the real and solid foundation of any democracy is the local bodies of cities and towns of any countries. Have we got this in our present system? And, that why elections are so expensive? Please, tell us that why many of us do not demolish this extremely poorly built and extremely dangerous building of our Pakistan we call democracy??? Yes, democracy yes, but a real one, and with the real solid foundations. Do we really believe this to happen by this very cruel Moroosi Siasat System full of looting and robbing nature backed up by this zalmana Jageerdarana and Waderana Nizam??? Just be realistic and honest to your homeland, my dear brothers and sisters of Pakistan!


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