Nawaz Sharif to Open Disney Land in Lahore Today

  • Punjab government’s election trophy Metro Bus Service is going to hit the road today. Nawaz League Chief, Mian Nawaz Sharif and the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister along with the local dignitaries namely Shahbaz Sharif, Tehmina Sharif, Hamza Sharif, Mariam Sharif, Kalsoom Sharif and all Suckling Sharifs will inaugurate this service with full fan fair.

    After a splendid project of Motorway, the Return on Investment (ROI) on which has been grossly negative so far, this mega medallion will be given to playful Lahoris in the form of iron-bar protected road that mostly runs in the median of a major thoroughfare. The project has been completed in a record time with mostly borrowed money from all over the world.

    For the next four weeks the children of Lahore along with their parents and grand parents will get a free entertainment. This instant Disney Land, a novelty, with shiny self-service ticketing machines and glittering escalators will captivate the target audiences who happen to have very short memories. Punjab police have arranged special training in the area of rapid queue management, outgoing customer service, polite public dealing and off course, the famous baton crowd control.

    After the free period is over, the transit workers will educate public how to purchase a ticket from self-service machines, how to operate the turnstile and how to get off the moving escalators. Special load shedding schedule will be maintained to make sure that Lahoris don’t get stranded in between the steel-bars and roof-tops.

    A well thought curb design, effective flood plans, over-pass bridges, traffic management, and signaling controls have been implemented so the crossing and right turning traffic alongside the Metro Service does have to face extra delay.

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  • @azizi

    "After a splendid project of Motorway" Not entirely his fault that project ran to such costs.Idea was good execution was poor.

    Why such Sarcasm. dont you think this is a good project?

  • This is a progressive Project and must be appreciated without political or ideological prejudice and bias.

    It is not a rational attitude to criticize or condemn a contribution for the people, just because this has been achieved by a Political Party, not of your choice.

  • ^^

    Progressive is not fancy buses, progressive is basic health and education for the vastly deprived.

  • @azizi

    If you don’t have any factual stuff please don’t post photoshopped images we understand you are suffering mental illness consult a shrink immediately……

  • گڈمارنگ سردار چول سنگھ چنگڑ بھنڈراں والا

    آج بڑی چنگی گلاں کررہے او

    اج کویی غلط دوایی شایی تو نہیں کھا پی لیی؟؟؟

  • Haters gonna hate no matter what.

    After all who will buy the inqilab choran if people see the real development on the ground like Lahore Metro Bus System.

  • The same buses run in dubai, but they dont do so on a separate closed track.

  • azizi @ Metro Ceremony

  • Rasheed

    lol @ azizi

    So the azizi we have on this thread is probably a fake one ;-)

  • The same buses run in dubai, but they dont do so on a separate closed track.

    Dubai has a population of around 2 million and they have got a train based metro system back in 2009 that runs both on elevated and underground track on two different lines.

    On the contrary Lahore is bustling city of around 12 million and did not have an integrated transport system until today. I think we need more lines on Multan Road and GT Road to cater to the needs of the population of Lahore.

  • Very good project very good there should be no objections unless 100% valid.

    Mubarik to all pakistanis.

  • ایک ہی شہر کے ایک کونے میں ایک صوبے کا وزیراعلی 30 ارب کی لاگت سے تیار ہونے والے عوامی و فلاحی منصوبے کا افتتاح کر رہا ہے جس سے روزانہ لاکھوں افراد مستفید ہونگے


    اسی شہر کی دوسری جانب اس بدقسمت ملک کا صدر اپنی ہی عوام کی لوٹی ہوئی دولت سے بنائے ہوئے 5 ارب کے بنکر نما محل میں محصور بیٹھ کر اپنے حواریوں کے ساتھ اس وقت بھی محلاتی سازشوں میں مصروف عمل ہے۔

    ذرا موازنہ کیجیے۔۔۔

    تیس 30 ارب روپے اور لاکھوں بلکہ کروڑوں لوگوں کا فائدہ


    پانچ 5 ارب روپے کی لوٹ کھسوٹ سے تیار کیا جانے والا بنکر نما محل صرف ایک شخص کی ذاتی ملکیت

  • 5 billion Bunker-Palace for Zardari in Lahore

    Bilawal House in Lahore’s Bahria town worth’s Rs. 5billion

    LAHORE: With one in Karachi, President Asif Ali Zardari will inaugurate another Bilawal House in Bahria Town Lahore on Saturday.

    Sources told that the house located in popular Bahria Town Lahore having worth of 5 billion, is a bullet proof bungalow built on over 200 kanal of land.

    **The house carries a runway for landing of private jets with capacity of over 10,000 people at a time.


    Sources quoted as saying that the house will be gift to PPP president from Malik Riaz, the owner of Bahria Town.

    Over 80 percent construction have been completed so far. Moreover president will attend a private inauguration ceremony with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and the party members.

    Besides, President Zardari would be arriving in Lahore for a three-day trip on Saturday from London. During his visit he would inaugurate the Bilawal House.

  • اور حد یہ ہے کہ

    چابی والے لعنتی بابے کو آئینی طور پر تشکیل شدہ الیکشن کمیشن غیر آئینی نظر آتا ہے لیکن زرداری کی غیر آئینی سیاسی سرگرمیاں آئینی نظر آتی ہیں

    منافقت ہو تو ایسی ہو

  • Political difference aside, development in any area should be appreciated.

    All City mayors and Nazims should learn from Shahbaz Sharif.

    I applaud for a wonderful project in Lahore City and congratulate to the people of Lahore City for this facility.

  • All contributors who blog in English should pay attention:

    "Drivers with English language skills wanted"

  • Wondering if it's a palace or prison of modern days!!!

    However, whatever it is, it is indeed a bloody slap on the the face of the whole suffering nation and crumbling Pakistan.

    I will not be surprised if this peculiar nation voted for such people again. If so, so our nation does deserve to be insulted and treated this way.

  • All contributors who blog in English should pay attention:

    "Drivers with English language skills wanted"



    عزیزی بھائی

    لگتا ہے آپ پاکستان سے باہر آ کر انگریزی جاننے اور بولنے کا فرق بھول گئے ہیں

    اشتہار میں انگریزی جاننے والے کا ذکر ہے اور پاکستان میں ہر میٹرک پاس انگریزی جانتا ہوتا ہے

    اور پھر یہ بھی لکھا ہے کہ یہ ضروری نہیں ہے لیکن انکو ترجیع دی جائے گی