Dual nationals...... No rights in Pakistan?

  • Supreme court raising a strange question whether dual national can file a petition?????

    If dual nationals do not have right, take away the nationality...

    but no...we are very greedy..we need their money...lolz

  • This is a very interesting thread, thanks drgulkhan for staring it. Yes dual nationals of Pakistan and some western countries are becoming a hate symbol. Although we are contributing heavily towards our country but I will be shy disclosing anyone in Pakistan that I am dual national. I remember one time "Hassan Nisar" in a programe said dual citizenship is like like a dual Fathership which is a abuse to us. Let us see what other people comment on this thread.

  • @drgulkhan

    Expatriates are slave of their nostalgia and some are in a bliss of ignorance. No matter what Pakistani rulers do to you, you will still send those $13 Billion. Why should the ruler care about you?

    But I would like to applaud Nawaz Sharif fixing of custom inspection for returning Pakistani in the 90s. It used to be terrible before that. That was probably the only good governance action along with Motorway police.

  • @drgulkhan

    Good point you have observed.

    I am niether supporter of TUQ nor any of two friendly and giant rivals.

    As I posted under another thread Qadri Faces Music in Supreme Court

    Raising question over qadri's dual citizenship can make some delay however dismissing this case completly, needs doctrine of necessity which was buried by this SC only.

    If issue over dual citizenship, will go in long detail with regard to loyality, final judgement would be not only against Qadri but against all dual citizenship holders..

    Let see, it might be, only due process or opening of a new chapter in constitution.

  • According to the constitution the only bar they is dual nationals are not allowed to contest elections but its getting very clear for me people with dual citizenship have no future in Pakistan....

    Its just a matter of time before they loose all their properties in Pakistan too.

  • عدالتیں داد رسی ہمیشہ متاثرہ فریق کو ہی دیتی ہیں

    دوہری شہریت والا چونکہ الیکشن لڑنے کا اہل نہیں ہے  اس لیے وہ الیکشن کمشن کی تشکیل پر اعتراض نہیں کر سکتا ہے

    یہی سپریم کورٹ نے کہا ہے کہ قادری ثابت کرے کہ وہ

    متاثرہ فریق ہے

  • @ bawa..

    He still is citizen of Pakistan and a voter...and has every right to have fair elections....

    supreme court is not that dumb...

    Its a witch hunt against dual citizenship.

  • جو شخص پاکستان میں الیکشن لڑنے کا اہل ہے وہی یہ کیس فائل کر سکتا ہے

  • Supreme Court can decide that dual citizens are one of the following:

    1. Honest and more loyal to their last oath & country than Pakistan.

    2. Dishonest to the their last oath and more loyal to Pakistan.

    3. Other

    There is nothing wrong in SC to decide this once for all, even if heavens fall and dual nationals stop sending remittances to their family members or investments in Pakistan.

  • voter kiun nahin?

    @ bawa

  • and if qadri cant file..someone else of his party will...

    and qadri will be his lawyer....

    very silly positioning of supreme court

  • قادری نے یہ بنیادی غلطی کی ہے

    اسے خود فریق نہیں بننا چاہئیے تھا بلکہ اپنی  پارٹی  کو فریق بنانا چاہئیے تھا

  • @ bawa

    dual national wakil hosakta hai?

  • Qadri has clearly said he filed this petition as elector (voters) not as electible (candidate for Parliment).

    Even if the petition is dimissed on the ground of dual nationality, in that case also SC would give half way to file another petition this time from one who fulfil to article 62 & 63.

    Considerring SC decison become LAW for future, what would be conclusion:

    1. An unpleasant chapter for Dual Nationals.

    2. Strick Implimentation of article 62 & 63.

    3. Question mark over credibiliy of Election Commission.

  • Bawa,

    Now I realize why my court case against a land mafia regarding a property grabbing is in adjournment after adjournment since eight years. It is legal mind like with munshi lawyer Takheer Khan and judge SoSo who interpret the legal and inalienable rights.

  • میرا خیال ہے کہ وکیل ہونے کے لیے لائیسنس ہونا ضرروری ہے

  • ابھی اوورسیز پاکستانیوں کو ووٹ کا معامله بھی طے نہیں  ہوا ہے اس لیے قادری ووٹ کا حقدار بھی نہیں ہے

    :) :)

  • @BitterTruth

    "An unpleasant chapter for Dual Nationals."

    Why don't dual nationals accept "bitter truth" that they are one of the following:

    1. Honest and more loyal to their last oath & country than Pakistan.

    2. Dishonest to the their last oath and more loyal to Pakistan.

  • I believe, it is claver move of TUQ to file this petition himself and the purpose is to wrape up article 62 & 63 in this hearing and ultimately in decision.

    @sipahi bhai

    I think, now SC have opton to interpret the meaning of word [Loyalty]] and conclude related violation in case of 2nd oath.

    Ofcourse not good for all dual nationals.

  • Bawa Ji I don't think there is voting issue for Dual nationalists. A dual national can vote but cannot be a candidate on any national or provincial assembly seat. Dual citizen should be in Pakistan to vote as so far there is no system from overseas yet to cast the vote.To register as a voter no one asks whether you are single or dual national and I am sure millions of people cannot be verified before registration whether they are dual national or not.