Political comedy shows, your opinions please

  • Dear All,

    I need your comments on political comedy shows on our television news channels. Please tell me if you like them and why. What is your opinion on the derogatory comments passed in the programmes. While giving your comments here in this forum, please inbox me your details (what you do, and your picture) at http://www.facebook.com/omair.mahmood.7

  • Nobody likes them. Politicians play in the hands of media franchises. Politicians end up being the loosers while media makes money.

    I like "the great debate". Iftikhar Ahmed does it so professionally. Time bound and no BS.

  • Agreed its all absurd.

    Bander ke hath main churi aa gayi hai

  • ہر وہ شو جس میں انقلابی بابا انقلاب کی دوہائی دے رہا ہوتا ہے. اب ویسے اتنا مزہ نہی آتا جتنا پہلے اتا تھا جب ہر دو منٹ بعد کہ رہا ہوتا تھا کے سونامی آرہی ہے اور پھر منت سماجت پے اتر اتا تھا کے میاں صحب جان دیو سادی واری ان دیو

  • Yes talk shows are political comedy or circus and people enjoy and give not much importance. These talk shows still make public opinion as they spread information on certain issues who common people like me don't know in detail.Most of Anchor agenda is to have a fight between political rivals and let the people enjoy and get more rating, it is all game of ratings.

  • I like and enjoy them. Are they derogatory sometimes - absolutely and they are meant to be. In democracy public figures are not worshipped and such comments and shows make sure political leaders don't attain stature of religious leaders.

    Aftab Iqbal's Khabar Naak is lately my fav. I only watch it during Cardio on elliptical. I also try not to miss Daily Show with John Stewart and Colbert Report at commedy Central.

    When we see our leader that we love and respect being ridiculed it builds up our tollerance level - the essence of democracy.

    Beside Khabar Naak some time I also watch and applaud Khalid Abbas Daar's Darling. It's been a while I watched Hasb e Haal but I used to like it. I seldom watch Hum sub umeed se hein, but those who watch they like it.

  • I prefer Khabarnaak.

    All other comedy shows are getting stale.

    These programs, no doubt, provide good entertainment, to section of Pakistanis who like politician's-bashing but one way traffic to target Politicians only, is making these programs bogus.

    پاکستان کے میڈیا پر سیاستدانوں کا مذاق اڑا کر روزی کمانے والے

    فنکاروں اوراینکروں کو یہ احساس ہو جانا چاہئے کہ مزاح کی دوڑ

    اوربھانڈ پن کے جمعہ بازار میں ادا کی جانے والی نمازوں -- کا سارا ثواب

    حضرت قائد ا عظم اور دو قومی نظریہ کو پہنچ رہا ہے

    پاکستان میں فوجی جرنیل بھی تو سیاسدان ہوا کرتے تھے

    ان کا ذکرکیوں نہیں کرتے ؟؟؟؟

  • Javed Sheikh Saheb

    I liked your last comment. Specially the last line of this last comment. Yes, why not?

    Nice one

  • @J.A.Khan

    I agreed with you and Javed Sheikh as well.

    Why Not?