Political Influence of Metro Bus Project on Lahore and Neighbourhood

  • Metro bus service started a couple of days ago and already hit to sky high success. It is free for first couple of weeks and probably this is the reason there is mismanagement and miuse of this service and facility but once settled it will be a huge facility for poor and middle class people who cannot afford a car or motorcycle. This project will have a very heavy impact on the politics of Lahore and its neighboring cities like Kasur, Sheikhopura, Gujranwala etc. It look like it will be very hard for any party other than PML(N) to win any seat from this zone consisting of around 25 national assembly seats. Shahbaz Sharif timed it to perfection very close to upcoming elections. PTI seems second party in this region but other than IK no one seems to snatch a seat from PML(N). Win margin is likely to be very high as people will now compare Shahbaz Sharif efficiency with Federal government and feel a huge difference. PPP is targeting very poor and low class people as its vote bank and this in this region especially in urban areas it sees very difficult as poor will use this service more. I need feedback from other co-bloggers to comment the impacts of this bus service on politics of this region.

  • My prediction is that if PMLN plays smart, they have a big chance of grabbing seats in Karachi too. I watched a number of shows yesterday and read a number of blogs. People of Karachi instead of showing resentment were also praising SS for launching and more importantly finishing it with in a year. I hope if PMLN introduces a bigger magnitude project for Karachi in their manifesto and go full force to promote it in the campaign, people in karachi will listen because now they know if PMLN is promising then it will deliver too instead of some vague wish list by mqm and sooonami flu virus.

  • @Bechari-awam

    The problem is they can make in roads in Karachi or Sindh politics but they cannot become a big players like PPP and MQM or even ANP. PTI has more ability to make in roads in Karachi than PML(N), reason is very simple Pakhton population is very high in Karachi and they have no other option but ANP who were poor in last five years and now IK being another Pakhtoon is alternative to that. PTI may not win a seat from Karachi Pakhtoon area but will get sizable votes. PML(N) only have punjabi voters to target who are scattered as well and hardly make any MNA seat for them. In future if people want to get rid of MQM then they have PTI or PML(N) both options open. PML(N) got much praise for Metro Bus project but to vote PML(N) is a different story and they have not reached to that level yet.

  • @mawan1971

    with above post you justify PPP claim that PML(N) is also ethnic party not federal. With your own post you acept that only PTI can get some vote their. It is prove that only PPP and PTI are federal party in Pakistan. PML(N) whta so ever said, show off, cry loudly but one ethnic party and no difference to MQM, ANP or BNP at the end.

  • @tahirnaseem

    In fact Punjab is the only province who accept all parties without any ethnically thinking. PPP and MQM are nationalist parties of Sindies and Urdu speakers. ANP is where there are puktoons in KPK or Karachi. KPK and Balochistan only allow nationalist parties of Pakhtoon and Balouch related. PML(N) is a Punjab base party which have very limited influence in other three provinces as it's identification is a Punjab party. Punjab is open to everyone but all other three provinces do not welcome punjab parties. PPP is welcome in Punjab but PML(N) is not welcome in Sindh. PTI only have influence in Pakhtoon areas of other three provices because IK himself is Pakhtoon. It is not PML(N) at fault but other three provinces are narrow minded in their thinking.

  • ...other three provices are narrow minded in their thinking...


    FYI, pml used get seats from khi and other part of pakistan as well.

    Seach history for ethinic slogans lauded in 90s resulted this changed.

    Declaring peoples as narrow minded is not fair. Its leaders in any party who are responsible for this dirty politics

  • Yes PML(N) has won seats from interior Sindh and may be Karachi as well but it is way past (1997 elections or before) and was very limited support. They were may be 4th or 5th rank party in Sindh. Karachi politics has changed dramatically since MQM as there were JI, PML(N) and some other religious parties who now hardly win any seats. Ethnic slogans are still attractive for all other provinces except Punjab. NS is trying hard to make in roads in interior sindh but he will not be successful unless some influential jageerdars join him. I feel proud that Punjab welcome every party without any discrimination.

  • I have honestly met a few Lahoris talking about this project.

    Virtually all of them opposed this project and called it a Show-bazi.

    One was an interesting case. The person was willing to vote for PMLN in the next elections (he also thought well of IK), but at the same time he did not appreciate this project and claimed it "divided" the city and that it was useless.

    I have no doubt that this project will do little to increase PMLN's popularity in Lahore.

    The 30th Oct Jalsa is not far back in time, it was a jalsa that PMLN could NEVER conduct in Lahore in their entire history, and the same is the case now.

    I am seeing total sweep of PTI in Lahore given 500,000 strong membership of PTI, MOST of which participated and voted in the party elections.

    But of course, it is very, very difficult for people caught up in the past to understand that.

    Just remember that all the hullabaloo PMLN is trying to create with TAXPAYER money will vanish during the caretaker setup and I believe even in a month things will become clear as to who truly stands where. We have to remember that at this moment PMLN is in government and have taxpayer money at their disposal to create a false image of popularity, which will not be the case after assemblies dissolve.

    Let's see after assemblies dissolve. ;)

  • @ BitterTruth

    کڑوے سچ بھائی جان

    سلام اور آداب

    آپ کیسے ہیں ، امید ہے خیریت سے ہونگے اور مزاج بخیر


  • @ mawan1971

    اعوان صاحب

    اسلم علیکم اور آداب

    تھریڈ شروع کرنے پر مبارک باد

  • @ FineInsaf

    فاین انصاف صاحب

    آداب اور سلام

    امید ہے مزاج بخیر ہونگے


  • @Siddiqui bhai

    Adaab arz hey..... mazaj bakhair honey ki omeed karta hoon.

    Sorry can't use Urdu font while using gadget.

  • @ BitterTruth

    کوئی بات نہیں جناب ، اردو میں لکھیں یاں انگلش میں ، ہمارے اور آپ کے درمیان بردرانہ محبت ہے اور محبت زبانیں نہیں دیکھتی ہوتی ..

  • صدیقی بھائی یہ ہمارے انقلابی بھائی نہ جانے کن خوابوں کی دنیا میں رہتے ہیں خیر ان سے کیا گلہ خود خان صاحب فرما رہے ہیں آج کے بھاری اکثریت سے جیت کر وزیر اعظم بنو گا -مجھے نہیں پتا یہ 500000 رجسٹرڈ ووٹرز کہاں ہیں اور ساہیوال کے حلقے میں کہاں تھے جب بظاھر لگتا ہے رائے حسسن نواز کو کوئی بھی تحریک انصاف کا ووٹ نہیں ملا -میٹرو بس کے بغیر بھی نون لیگ لاہور میں بوہت مضبوط ہے اور اب تو ہر تجزیہ نگار کہتا ہے اس منصوبے نے مقبولیت میں بے پناہ اضافہ کیا ہیں یہاں تک کے اس کے اثرات کراچی میں بھی محسوس کر رہے ہیں لوگ -اب میں نہ مانوں والی بات کا کیا حل -بہرحال سونامی بھایوں کی ساری امیدیں سونامی سے ہے اور اگر سونامی نہ آیا تو ہمارے بھائی برباد ہو جاویں گے -ہم تو انہیں دس پندرہ سیٹوں پر راضی کرنے کی کوشش کر رہے ہیں مگر خان جی اور چیلے دو سو سیٹوں سے کم پر راضی نہیں -صدیقی بھائی آپ ہی انکو سمجاییں آدمی جتنی بلندی سے گرتا ہے اتنی گہری چوٹ اتی ہے

  • @mawan1971 saab,

    Jo unchai se girnay se darta hai vo kabhi uncha nahi urh sakta. Har kam mein risk hota hai. Jab Edmund Hillary ne sab se phelay Mount Everest sar ki thi to vo bhi bahut bara risk le raha tha.

    Qauid-e-Azam Pakistan bananay ka bahut hi bara khaub dekh rahay thay. Koi us waqt soch bhi nahi sakta tha ke Pakistan possible hai.

    To jo uncha nahi soochta, vo kabhi unchai paa nahi poonch sakta. Jo haar se darta hai, vo jeet nahi sakta.

    Mere bhai, wajah yeh hai ke agar maqsad acha ho to haar bhi kuch bigar nahi sakti.

    Asghar Khan successful nahi raha (ooper di hoi misalon ke baraks) lekin aaj bhi log us ki izzaat kartay hain aur us ki imadari ki misal detain hain.

    Jab ke Zardari power mein aa janay ke bawajood itna badqismat insaan hai ke us ka naam corruption se synonymous ho gia hai.

    Yehi haal kuch Sharif bros ka hai.

    Asghar Khan har ke bhi jeet gia, aur Zardari aur Nawaz jeet kar bhi zaleen hain awam ki nazar mein.

    Is liye koi dar nahi hai hamay, aur nahi aap hamay dara saktay hain.

    Jeet ke liye poori jaan larain ge - aur asal jeet ke liye.

    Nawaz aur Zardari jason ki taranh Zia-ul-Haq, IJI ya NRO ki good ka istimal nahi karain ge jo banday ko jita ke bhi harwa deti hai.

    Yeh saari batain meine apnay leader se sikhin hain. Jabke aap ne apne leader se kiya sikha? Kis taranh awam ko bewaqoof banan hai? Kis taran eik fazool project election se chand mahinay pehlay launch kar ke election jitnay ki koshish karni hai?

    Aap ki aur meri priorities alag hain aur alag sooch hai. Jo aap ki liye jeet hai vo meray liye Badtareen haar hai.

    Now coming to your questions about PTI members in Chakwal.

    Are you so innocent, brother? Did you not know that PTI did not officially participate in the elections? No main leader of PTI showed his face in Chakwal let alone run any decent campaign?

    Also, are you naive that bi-elections can never give a picture of general elections? Why would PTi supporters give vote in bi-elections given that the government can't possibly change?

    PTI's sole focus is on general elections, and you will Inshallah see the campaign of a lifetime.

    Bro, I am telling you - it is my belief and careful estimation, that you will see the direction of wind one month into the caretaker setup.

    Let's give you some build up. There is a Peshawar Jalsa of PTI in late February.

    Estimate is that it will break records of Lahore and Karachi. Picture this.

    23rd March. PTI's convention of elected members - 80,000 of them! Add to that the PTI's supporters who will come to the jalsa as they did in Oct 30th, and you will have the biggest political gathering in the history of Pakistan!

    And in-between and afterwards, mammoth Jalsas in all major cities, mass contact campaign in every city.

    PTI will go into elections with elected bodies, 80,000 elected officials across the country, 7 millions registered members.

    Any parallel?

    And I don't want to spill all the beans as to what we have in store for the status quo!

    Can PMLN come out with anything close especially during caretaker setup when it comes to mass mobilization? The answer is resounding NO if you just go back to their Bhatti chowk drama right in the center of Lahore.

    Brother, you and I are both here. You can be wrong and I can be wrong too.

    Let's wait and see who turns out to be naive.

    Another difference between us seems to be that you are listening to "analysts" (who have a WORST track record of predicting radical change), while I make my estimate based on the mood of people on ground.

    This is incidentally also the difference between my leader and yours.

  • @FineInsaf

    Why this discussion of my leader and your leader both NS and IK are my leaders. My first preference for this election is PML(N) as NS is experienced, practical, have the ability to take Pakistan out of this trouble time. PTI on the other hand is still in process of building their network on district and Tehsil levels and may not have a complete political set up and structure at lower level which are breeding grounds of voters. I think PTI will be ready by 2018 election, IK also need to sit in parliament either on treasury or opposition benches and be part of parliament. I will be disappointed if PTI gets less than 15 seats and would prefer anything above 20 seats a good number of parliamentary group to make a government part or opposition.

  • @ mawan1971

    صدیقی بھائی یہ ہمارے انقلابی بھائی نہ جانے کن خوابوں کی دنیا میں رہتے ہیں




    اعوان بھائی

    , بڑی جلدی آپ کو اس حقیقت کا ادراک ہوگیا آپ نے نبض پر ہاتھ رکھ دیا ہے یہ بات کرکے ،

    بس یہ خوابوں کی دنیا میں رہتے ہیں جہاں وزیر اعظم جناب احمق اعظم اپنی کابینہ کے ساتھ حکومت کر رہے ہیں اور سب اچھا ہے ..

    کوئی میرے یاں آپ جیسا خواب سے حقیقت کی دنیا میں ان کو لانے کی کوشش کرے تو علی علی کرکے یہ اس کو پڑ جاتے ہیں

  • @mawan bhai,

    Aap kethain hain:

    "NS is experienced, practical, have the ability to take Pakistan out of this trouble time. "

    If you are right, then why didn't he take Pakistan "out of trouble" in his two prior terms?

    Have Punjab come out of its troubles after FIVE terms of PMLN?

    Bro, see the statistics and then talk. Every sector of Punjab has gone down in the last 5 years - education, health, per capita, growth, health. There has been no notable reforms in police and patwar. Law and order situation has worsened. There is no progress apart from cheap publicity stunts (at a big cost for the public).

    I disagree with you fundamentally that Nawaz Sharif has any ability to take Pakistan out of crisis.

    What does Pakistan need at the moment? It is a facing an economic crisis. The question is who will curb corruption, expand tax net and generate revenue.

    Can Nawaz League do that? Their previous terms show that they cannot by any chance. A party whose leader has only started paying taxes now due to fear of Imran Khan. A part whose majority of elected officials do NOT even have their tax returns filed.

    They will curb corruption? They will increase tax net? They will cut down on lavish expenditure of government?

    Only a naive soul would give them another chance - or their darbari.

    PTI is FULLY prepared to take on the government challenges and it is the only party to do so. It has given detailed policies on every important matter. It has discussed in detail every major problem.

    You cannot expect a doctor who has killed the patients time and again to operate effectively this time. The risk is more than the chance of the incompetent doctor "gaining experience". You have to try a new promising doctor with great qualifications.

    Actually, your notion of experience is flawed. Government is NEVER like an internship where you gain experience. Government is the final destination where you have to perform and give results. You can't say "I was gaining experience on all those years ruining Pakistan".

    PTI is fully prepared with detailed policies and it is the only viable option we have to get Pakistan out of crisis.

    PS:Just read this:

    Already, PMLN has decided on an alliance with JUI-F.

    Do you think a government based on alliances with the same corrupt parties which have ruined Pakistan in for the last 5 years will bear different results?

    PMLN = PPP.

  • @ FineInsaf

    If you are right, then why didn't he take Pakistan "out of trouble" in his two prior terms?




    نون لیگ کے تعصب کی عینک اتار کر دیکھیں تو پتا چل جاۓ گا کہ نواز شریف کے دونوں ادوار میں پاکستان نے کتنی ترقی کی ، خاص طور پر پہلا دور تو دنیا کے تمام مالیاتی اداروں نے بھی مانا کہ اتنی ترقی پہلے کسی جمہوری دور میں نہیں ہوئی تھی ..

    دوسرا نواز شریف کا پہلا دور صرف اٹھارہ مہنے اور دوسرا دور تقریبآ تیس مہنے کا تھا اور پوری ٹرم پوری نہیں کرنے دی گئی ، دوسرے دور کے مشکل حالت بھی سامنے ہیں جس میں ایٹمی دھماکے کے بعد لگنی والی عالمی پابندیاں اور کرگل وار سر فہرست ہیں ..

    امید ہے آپ کو اپنے سوال کا جواب مل گیا ہوگا

  • Do you think a government based on alliances with the same corrupt parties which have ruined Pakistan in for the last 5 years will bear different results?




    جی جی

    جو دلیل خان صاحب دوسری پارٹیوں کے کچرے کو جو کرپٹ بھی ہے اور مفاد پرست بھی اپنی جماعت میں شامل کرنے پر دے رہے ہیں آپ اسی دلیل کو اپنے اوپر والے اعتراض کا جواب سمجھ سکتے ہیں