Tall Claim: I saved Nawaz from being hanged says Zardari

  • Wow!

    No love lost between Zardari and Nawaz? :)


    President Asif Ali Zardari said on Wednesday that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has denied his request for a visit.

    The President had intended to visit the rival party chief in order to condole the death of the latter’s brother Abbas Sharif.

    Talking to visitors at Bilawal House, Lahore on Wednesday, President Zardari complained Nawaz denied him a visit despite owing his life to him. He claimed he had saved the PML-N chief from being hanged by former president Pervez Musharraf.

    President Zardari maintained that he became ‘friends’ with Nawaz after the latter was imprisoned by Musharraf following the 1999 coup. He claimed that at the time, Musharraf had been pressuring Justice Rehmat Hussain Jafri to severely punish Nawaz.

    “I had some acquaintance with Justice Jafri, and when I heard Musharraf was pressuring him into punishing Nawaz, I advised him to settle the case only on merit,” he said, adding that he was successful in convincing Justice Jafri against announcing capital punishment for the PML-N chief.

    President Zardari also claimed responsibility for PML-N’s success in Punjab in the 2008 elections, saying Nawaz had intended to boycott the polls before he convinced him to contest them. He also claimed that PML-N got votes under the banner of reconciliation with Benazir Bhutto


  • Mr. Shrewed’s ham handed ‘thank you’ in kind for five years of favors. Actually, Benazir wanted this claim in her "will" but Zardari forgot to write it.

  • Politicians have no permenant friends and foes in this dirty politics.

  • Shahbaz Sharif reply to Zardari:

    Allah is the ultimate saviour. How a person who couldn't save his own wife would save others.

  • I like neither Zardari nor Shariff Brothers. However, I admire the bravery of Zardari. He was kept in prisons for so many years but he never got scared or trembled in the courts of law. Shariff brothers were trembling badly when they were summoned in the courts of law. Particularly, Shahbaz was not even able to speak when questioned by a judge.

  • This is the difference between a chor and sharif

    Anyhow Zardari was the most coward person who tried to commit suicide in the jail

    And if he had that good relations with the judges he himself would not have been sitting in the wheelchair like a pregnant lady

  • Nooraaa-Kushti.

    They are one and the same things. They will say such things to each other and even abuse each other to give a false impression to the public that the contest is between PPP vs. PMLN.

    But public knows: PMLN = PPP.

  • I guess Zardari has given Punjab to PML. Itne main to koi confusion nai honi chahiey.

  • Bhai Fineinsaf

    As I commented above, all these politicians have no firm principles. There are no permenant foes or friends in our politics. Clashing of interests make them foes and matching of interests make them friends.

  • ^^

    Nailed it Hussain.

  • Was that Dirty Politics?

  • ^^

    Were they both in govt at the same time?

    Were they both concealing each others wrong doings? Did the great Quaid say he would stand next to Gandhi even if he was left all by himself?

    The Quaid parted ways with the congress. Where was the muk muka?

  • Jinnah Sahab did not establish any political alliance with Gandhi for his personal political interests. These filthy politicians of the present era are no match to Jinnah Sahab in terms of character or caliber.

  • Believe it or not.

    Everything was exactly the same before 1947.

    Wiser Politicians, who believe in Democratic process, always play wisely and cordially, like that and have been successful by playing like that.

  • Their results were positive in the favour of their respective nations.

  • Shariff brothers were trembling badly when they were summoned in the courts of law. Particularly, Shahbaz was not even able to speak when questioned by a judge.

    Nobody knows whether Sharifs were trembling or not but a coward who put them behind the bars in that concocted case is now a days so scared to death that even a thought of going back to Pakistan sends shivers down his spine.

    Perhaps this is what they call a divine retribution.

  • Dar Sahab

    I don't like Zardari but I appreciate his fortitude and bravery during all the court trials. He faced all the situations bravely. That is a positive aspect of his personality.

  • @Javed Sheik,

    • Did Jinnah accused Gandhi of corruption? Or vice versa?

    • Did they make cases of corruption against each other, put each other in jail, and then shook hands?

    • Did Jinnah said he will hang Gandhi in the middle of the street? or vice versa?

    Those leaders you showed respected each other. If Nawaz respects Zardari, he should come forward and tell it so. But we know that the latter's alliance is only that of convenience and saving each other's corruption. That's why hypocrisy is the order of the day. !


    The situation of Musharraf now is not much different from the situation of Nawaz from 1999 to 2007.

    Both were outside and living under their masters whom they served in their terms by striking deals, indirectly or directly.

    What you said about Musharraf could be said of Sharif bros at that time.

    So tide may turn again - you never know.

  • BhaiFineInsaf

    Most of our politicians are 'bhogoras' by nature. They keep their assets abroad due to the same reason. Zardari and Nawaz Shariff hardly pay any taxes; the reason being that they have no declared assets in own name at Pakistan.

  • Farooqui sahab,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.