Who Was Behind Qadri? The Curtain Rises!

  • So the cat is out of the bag.

    Tahirul Qadri has finally spilled the beans admitting in his interview with the Daily "The Nation" that Khursheed Shah and other PPP/Q League leaders told him that there were problems with Election Commission's constitution and promised him that the government will support his case in the Supreme Court.

    "The PAT chief claims that the situation would have been different if the apex court had let him present his case about the reconstitution of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

    According to him, PPP leader and Federal Minister Syed Khursheed Shah, PML-Q, MQM leaders and some others who were members of the parliamentary committee had admitted that the parliamentary hearings had not been carried out while selecting the ECP members. The PPP leader had assured him that the government would submit the relevant record to the apex court to prove that the lapse had been committed. But that stage did not come as the court did not let the petitioner go out of the issue of locus standi."


  • seriously? you kiddin' me .. right?

    That statement was being given by Dr.Qadri in several interviews after the Islamabad Declaration since past 3,4 weeks. You might have come to know this now but Its not a new thing. And the point is although PPP people in that committee admitted that the procedure was not followed but they were of the view that now once the commissioners have been appointed, the Govt. can not dismiss them constitutionally.

  • Who gives a sh** about Qadri words anymore....he is a successful joker who always manage to pull a crowd around him

  • Who forced Imran Khan, MQM and some other religious groups to join and support Dr. Qadri?

    According to my observation and analyses about the circumstantial evidence, Dr. Qadri was planted by Pervez Musharaf.