IK the visionary

  • It took these goofs a decade to be where IK was day 1. Phir ye kehte hain ham muqabla karain ge :))


    The All Parties Peace Conference (APC), convened by the Awami National Party (ANP), issued a joint declaration calling for resolving the issue of terrorism through dialogue, Radio Pakistan reported.

    The conference in Islamabad was attended by about 27 political parties and lawyers’ organisations.

    Opening the conference, ANP chief Asfandyar Wali Khan said Pakistan must adopt a collective strategy to eradicate terrorism and militancy. He added that terrorism is not just a matter for the incumbent government, but for any government that would assume power after next elections.

    The conference also iterated that the issue of terrorism should be resolved in accordance with Constitutional law.

    The APC commended the Grand Tribal Jirga for its efforts in restoring peace in the FATA region and expressed solidarity with the people of the strife-ridden region.

    The joint resolution demanded that the relatives of victims of terrorism are given aid packages from the central and provincial governments.

    Noticbles among the absentees were the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and the Jamaat-i-Islami.

    The full text of the joint declaration can be found here.

  • I don't condone drone attacks, but are we that naive to believe that people like Mangal Bagh, Hakeemulla Mehsood, Wali-ur-Rahman Mehsood would actually relinquish power or disband their militias once the American are gone from the region? For haven's sake, these are war-lords we're taking about; no one in the human history has ever surrendered power voluntarily once one grabbed it.

    Dialog or no dialog, these Talibans are there to stay till they are actually eradicated by someone with the local tribal support. They don't accept parliament, supreme court, or any other constitutional institution of Pakistan. All they want is a Shariah law, which nobody can explain what that is. May God save us from these lunatics who are bombing girls' school and killing welfare workers who are there just to save their children.

  • Nothing new

    Every sane person was asking for dialogue

    ANP ka dimagh dhikanay aa gya hay

    PPP ka bhi aa jaiy ga

    But problem is that they don't trust VISIONARY leaders like IK,Zardari and Asfand

  • ^^

    Wonder where these sane people were when IK was the alone asking for dialogues.

  • May God save us from these lunatics who are bombing girls' school and killing welfare workers who are there just to save their children.

    Should be jahanam raseed'd ofcourse but not at the expense of innocent men women and children.

    IK has clearly spelled his plan, isolate the terrorist and eliminate them with assistance of the tribes.

    Ofcourse these terrorists are going nowhere, they are backed by foreign agencies.

  • Great Vision

  • ^^^^^hahahahaha

  • The great visionary IK and Talibani JI refused to participate in the All Parties Peace Conferenc.


  • but somehow the great visionary leader ended up with sheikh rasheed and tahir ul qadri.

    IK is idiot and incapable of making any smart political move even when given the team of politicians know in and out of politics.

  • ^^

    Thora aram say. Paani shani peo sakoon karo.

    Its as eviden tas day light, IKs stance on this WoT since day 1. And these bunch of buffoons including No00ras have now reached the conclusion.

    Infact this isnt their conclusion too, just copied IK.

  • Imran Khan is absolutely not a visionary but cautious politicians who has to pick his way through. Often it happens that you intend to do something but unexpectedly the circumstances take a new turn and you are constrained to change your strategy so does Imran, what's harm in it? What makes my eyes popped out my head that those are always singing the praises of Nwas and Zardari who habitually keep changing their decisions every minuets pillory Imran Khan as he has committed an inexcusable sin when he has to rarely change his strategy not decision.

  • There have been two important camps regarding this WOT.

    One was saying for more action and more military operations, fueling public sentiment against Tribals after every terrorist attack, supporting drone strikes - in short, hell bent on more violence and mayhem and thought it to be the solution.

    The other camp was led by IK according to which this war was never our own, and the terorrism and destruciton in Pakistan was the direct result of our participating in an alien's war as a mercenery. It called for dialogue and disengagement from America and end to drone strikes. IK have spelled this out many times.

    The first camp was championed politically by PPP, ANP and MQM, the second, as I said, PTI and also JI.

    It is interesting to note that PMLN was in niether camp. Like a typical opportunist it swung both ways according to public mode. It initially called for solution through dialogue in its manifesto and then took a u-turn and supported Swat Operation.

    PMLN has NEVER conducted any protest on the ground against drone strikes. It's leader NS has never uttered a word about drones. It has never given any plan to solve the WOT and terrorism issue.

    It's role has been very dubious in this episode with no commitment at all.

    On another note, ANP, PPP and MQM must ask for forgiveness form nation as their policies or lack thereof have led to thousands of innocent Pakistani deaths on both sides, destruction of our economy and isolation in the world, before they are taken seriously on this issue.

  • ^^

    Thats thoughtful and backed with logic FineInsaf.

    Else we only had Noo00ras farting on this thread.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Imran Khan is indeed a great visionary. Before any politician in Pakistan ever thought about about it, the great Imran Khan envisioned that the future will belong to electronic media and appearances will be crucial.

    This is why he got hair transplant and botox injections much before most other politicians even heard of these terms.

    Nawaz Sharif as usual just copied the great Imran Khan's revolutionary step of getting a new set of hair.

  • Imran Khan

    All parties conference convened by ANP has resolved by consensus that dialogue be initiated with Taliban. PTI has been saying this for years (RT, ¶, @, ☆, #)