Iranian general Killed inSyria

  • Iran has 50,000 troops in Syria trying to prop up the Baathist Alawite tyrant Assad. Iran never sent a single soldier to resist US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan although Khomeini fooled the masses with slogan of "marg bar America the great Satan". On the contrary they facilitated the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the Iranians are commiting war crimes against civilians in Syria. Contrast this with how West pounced and killed Saddam and handed over Iraq to Shia puppets. This is clear proof that Iran, Israel, US, Russia, China and Arab countries are all togther in supporting the tyrant againat a popular uprising. Iran will never support Pakistan or any other Muslim country and have always stabbed the Ummah in the back.

    An Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander has been killed inside Syria by rebels battling Iran's close ally President Bashar al-Assad, Iranian officials and a rebel leader said on Thursday .

    Syrian rebels have repeatedly accused Tehran of sending fighters to help Assad crush the 22-month-old uprising, a charge Iran has denied.

  • Everyone in the region has their own interests to safeguard.

    US/Israel through Turkey are sending weapons to the insurgents in Syria and Russians along with Iran are supporting the regime.

    What could be a better strategy for US/Israel that morons are killing each-other?

    One has to be delusional to believe in the concept of "Ummah" in the 21st century.

  • @AR

    "Iran has 50,000 troops in Syria trying to prop up the Baathist Alawite tyrant Assad."

    You are certainly not "Slave or Rehman", since nothing but lies come out of your brain.

    Allah (SWT) is Khair-ul-Markareen, your makar will not take you any place.

  • Only muslims of sub-continent have the keera of "Ummat e Muslima"...

    Islam is more of a symbol of Arab Nationalism for Middle Eastern countries... To arabs, desis are shoodars of Islam...

  • Mr. Oldman

    Even in the matters of employment in the Gulf States, preference is given to non-Muslims. Muslims are remembered when blood has to be spilled in the name of Islam. Neither the Arabs nor the Iranis respect Pakistanis in general. Even the Pakistani Shias are not respected in Iran.


    Sipahi is the one who is lying or trying to hide his head in the sand. I know Syrians from Syria who confirned that figure of 50,000 or more troops plus it is al over the media too.

  • Syria was an ally of Khomeni's govt. during the war between Iraq and Iran. Khomeni never criticized the excesses committed by Hafiz Ul Asad over the Muslims of Syria.

  • When it comes to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain US stands by oppressive and brutal regimes. When it comes to Libya and Syria US sides with opposition. After seeing what happened in Egypt and Libya I am with Asaad in this conflict. Last thing we want radical Mullahs taking over whole ME.

  • US changes its policy as per the change of interests. Saddam was supported by US itself but then crushed. Saddam was wicked man but the US oppostion did not mean that he was a rightful man. Similar is the case with Asad. Both Asad and US are wicked rivals. US oppostion does not certify the character of the targeted persons. Sometimes, evils clash with evils. This is the case of US versus Asad.

  • "Last thing we want radical Mullahs taking over whole ME."

    Shirazi, Radical Mullahs sponsored from Iran have already taken over Iraq and Syria. The same radical Mullahs embraced "great Satan" and installed Shia puppets in Iraq.

    "When it comes to Libya and Syria US sides with opposition. "

    US sides with oppressors here too and hence its silence. Actually they are going to attack Syria and install their own puppets when the dust clears. They will use the Al Qaeda bogeyman again. They have already declared and labeled the most formidable and best resistance group as "terrorist". Assad says the same thing and calls the resistance as terrorist. And the Iranian Mullahs are trying to blame another of their mentor Israel for the killing of the general. They can no longer fool the Arabs that they are "enemies' of Israel and US.

  • The Baath regime is headed towards catastrophic consequences. Iran's intervension will unfortunately be paid by the common Shias afterward. The common Shias of Pakistan are already paying the price of the Iranian intervension. Iran does facilitate the Pakistani Shias with immigration or asylum. The Pakistani Shias are simply used by Iran in the name of shitte.