Is MQM trying to become part of opposition to control selection of caretaker?

  • Is MQM trying to become part of opposition to control selection of caretaker, specially in Sind?

    Do you think MQM plans to sit in opposition benches of Sind and get the position of Leader of Opposition in Sind?

    This will give power to select care-taker CM of Sind to PPP and MQM.

    In National Assembly, the control of care taker PM could also tilt to a combination of PPPP, PML (Q), ANP ( Govt Benches) and JUI (F) & MQM in opposition.

  • No. MQM is simply trying to pave their way into the next coalition government.They know PPP won't be able to make the next government.

    It is smart politics on its part.

  • Unless half the seats from Karachi/hyderabad go to 2nd party like ANP, JI or PTI... MQM shouldnt think about sitting in opposition.

    In 60+ of history one thing people in Karachi learned that by opposing Fed (or/and/both) Prov government all the time got them no where. Governments used to blocked most of the development projects in Karachi just to give them a lesson for being opposition.

    Karachi got lots of the development done during Musharaf era... when we had Karachi friendly Fed government, Before Musharaf, and even in 80s local governments really struggled due to all out opposition behavior of JUP, JI and others.

    "Mr Afghani (ex major of karachi from JI)was removed from the mayor’s office in 1987 mainly for his outspokenness for the rights of the city. He spearheaded a campaign for the defunct Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s right over motor-vehicle tax and property tax, which became to be the chief cause for his ouster. But, he never hid his differences with the provincial or federal government. In fact, he presided over a session of the city council in December 1986 (summoned to discuss the worst ethnic riots in Karachi) which demanded removal of the then governor and government of chief minister Ghous Ali Shah."


  • @expakistani

    "Unless half the seats from Karachi/hyderabad go to 2nd party like ANP, JI or PTI... MQM shouldnt think about sitting in opposition."

    I am just talking about last month, just to get them appointed Leader of Opposition in Sind. This will give control to PPPP & MQM to select the care taker CM of Sind.

    After the government, they can come back to the government benches.

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  • ahahah i never think about loop holes in law,

    yes that would be really dirty "political" step.

    are you attorney by profession... man you got some serious skills for criminal lawyer

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  • MQM= MUSTAQIL QUOMI MUSIBAT,will sit in the lap of any incoming Govt, and would cntinue to lick the dirty bones.

  • Even if MQM remain in govt, then also opposition leader will remain in favor of PPP as by number PMLQ is biggest opposition party in sind assembly.

    Such a foolish law made by looters for their own good.

  • if MQM is really serious they should aks ishrat ul ebad to resign immediately...... but why would they do it... MQM cannot afford to go into elections as an opposition..... just one fair election as an opposition and mqm will sure lose more than half of their seats.....

    at the moment all these efforts are to establish an illusive setup where MQM is able to pose itself as an oppotion to become the second party to negotiate "caretaker government"

  • Sindh Assembly

    Ruling Parties

    •PPP ========> 92

    •MQM ========> 51

    •ANP ========> 02

    Opposition Parties

    •NPP ======> 03

    •PMLF ======> 08

    •PMLQ ======> 11

    Considerring PPP and PMLQ alliance in punjab and Federal, opposition leader in sind assembly will not be issue for PPP.


    Assembly Benches

    Party Position

  • @BitterTruth

    "PMLQ ======> 11"

    Since the formulation of "Hum Khiyal" group, I think PML (Q) is no longer biggest opposition party in Sind.

  • @Sipahi bhai

    No idea about it, but I am not sure but I think unless they resign and re-elect numbers will remian in PMLQ favour.. Really no idea about that.

    Further, You know PPP and PMLF they speak alot against each other in media but internaly care for each other benefits.

  • I think this is just political posturing before the elections as it is evident to everyone now that PPP won't be getting the same numbers to form the government at federal level. So perhaps making room for re-alignments and re-adjustments. Appointment of caretaker setup won't be a big issue for MQM whether they remain in government or the opposition.

  • PPP has three confirms seats in coastal area of karachi which are NA-239, NA-248 and NA-258 and on two other seats, i.e on NA-240 and NA-250, they had close competition with MQM in 2008. Whereas PPP is trying to gain NA-249 as well.

    PPP needs aggresive supporters/mobs to gain all above six seats but unfortuanately they are annoyed with PPP due to internal difference in party and criminal cases over key personality from Liyari, whereas MQM is ready to protect all 17 seats and additionaly will try to gain NA-258 as well. They have worked hard in that constituency which is largest consitituency of NA in terms of area amoung three provinces except balochistan.

    Recently omitted FIRs, which was established aginast liyari gangster, is move from PPP to start power games in specific constituencies and subsequentely an alarm for MQM.

    However, the point raised by Sulaiman Dar bhai has logic that "MQM is making room for re-alignments adn re-adjustments."

  • No matter who forms next Govt, MQM will be part of that Govt. MQM are smart people and they know how to play their political cards. Due to PPP's poor performance, MQM will be badly needed in Sind province to form a coalition Govt.

    I wish MQM to raise slogan for a separate province in Karachi. Pakistan need lots of new Provinces and Karachi should be a separate province as well as Sth Punjab and Hazara.

  • Congratulation to MQM on his principal stand of quitting govt just one month before election. Although MQM took only 4 years 11 months to implement that decision. But still a brave step taken by MQM of quitting the PPP govt. Although the reasons and justification given by MQM of quitting govt are not new but whole Pakistani nation appreciate this great and historic sacrifice of MQM for opting to sit on opposition benches for whole 30 days. Now MQM as opposition party can help PPP to select a Neutral caretaker govt.

  • Smart politics from MQM and PPP. Now MQM will be the official opposition leader in Sindh assembly and they will form caretaker government with PPP till elections. Wait till elections, Zardari will be in Sindh with Bilawal holding the political rallies from Karachi to Kashmoor and Sind will be back to PPP and MQM.

  • Shameless & opportunist MQM's gangwar criminals after enjoying govt for 4 years 11 months and 15 days decide to play opposition for remaining "15 days" until elections(MQM Governor still .. During their 4 year & 11 month rule with PPP they got 8000 Karachiites killed. Quite an achievement..

  • یہ راہ تو پیر کھچاڑہ نے دکھائی ھے