Noon Leagues runs away from PTI debate

  • The recording was ON till today when at the last moment Ahsan Iqal chickened away. And then this comes;

    LOL! :))

    Obviously theyve done similar events in the past so what has led to this decision?

    Maybe its the realization that all they have to offer is loud mouths and they cant match PTI in logical reasoning and debates.

    Lets see, bakre kee maa ka tak kher manaey gee.

  • I think PMLN did the right thing. PTI stands nowhere in front of PMLN. Let them go through an election and prove their worth. As it stands today, PTI is nothing more than hollow slogans.

  • I also think it's a correct decision. When the elections are so near, instead of debating issues one-to-one where the only purpose of an anchor is to create a situation, media groups should form a interviewers panel just like in US and formally invite all the party leaders on a leadership debate. We can have three sessions just like in US or Canada with specific topics i.e. foreign policy, economics and domestic issues and no one would be allowed to sidetrack the theme. There should be a strict bar on leaders not to go personal on each other and not to argue with each other directly. Also if any leader brings an accusation against any other, he should bring written proof with court's injunctions, no agencies insider information please, otherwise panel can turn off his mike and warn him if that happens again, he will be asked to leave. This will keep the decency and decorum. I hope PBA will think about it asap.

  • @bechari-awam

    Your idea is worth trying; however, there can only be a maximum of two or three parties invited to this type of debate. If we invite seven or eight parties for a two hour session, participant would hardly get more than a few minutes to discuss a particular topic. It would be a waste of time, although it would get high TV ratings.

    The way I see it now, only two parties, PPP and PMLN, deserve a spot in such a debate. PTI, on the other hand, would have to improve their electoral standings before they could be invited. Currently, they have no seat in the parliament, and their highest achievement ever was a single seat in the 2002 elections.

  • میرا نہیں خیال کہ احسن اقبال اسد عمر سے گھبراۓ گا. احسن اقبال کی تو لیگ ہی الگ ہے. البتہ پی ٹی آئ کے ساتھ وقت برباد کرنا اب مناسب نہیں. اس سے پہلے بھی ن لیگ نے تحریک انصاف کے ساتھ دو بدو پروگرام کر کے تحریک انصاف کو اسکی اوقات سے زیادہ مشہورکروا دیا ہے .

  • I'm afraid a debate between political parties in Pakistan would sound something like this.............

  • Why are they running away from PTI leaders?

    PMLN is a large party and should NOT be scared of small parties. Elections are imminent.

    Come on Nooners! show some guts; no guts no glory.

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  • LOL :))

    Ya ya its a right decision. 2-3 months back they didnt bother but with elections around the corner, chickening out is the right decision :P

    Aur naara kya lagwane kya shoq hai bhala?? dekho dekho kon aya bhyee SHER aya! Buhahaha :P

    Sher chup gaya hai keh raha hai PTI k saath nai jana bht zalil ho ga. LOL :))

  • They can run, but they cannot hide.

    They are trying to play a new trick - "Ignoring PTI". But they are too late it seems.

    They should have used this "trick" two years ago at minimum.

    Now when the Tsunami will be back in March, they will only be shamed if they chickened away from debating PTI on any pretexts.


    Ah, Noo0ra-Kushti Zindabad! How you want a match with PPP as you know they are nothing but your buddies inside.

    Your logic is flawed on many accounts.

    If the media is to give importance only to those parties that are in parliament, no new party can ever arise on the scene as media plays a very big role in giving exposure, and your idea is that of propagating a virtual dictatorship.

    Secondly, many parties BOYCOTTED 2008 elections and they not being in the parliament is a technical issue.

    Thirdly, who will be the judge as to the standing of the party on ground? Not elections, because as I said, there is an issue of boycott as well as a new party emerging within 5 years (a genuine possibility).

    If a party is attracting huge number of people around the country, at the same time attacks from the status quo parties, forcing them to do gimmicks like laptops and internships right after it conducted a big jalsa, etc - it can be very well judged that that party deserves a spot in the national debate.

    I am afraid your view is that of a "Darbari" who wants to shut door to change. It cannot be accepted. You sound like the monarchist of old time.

    This is democracy where nobody has privileged status.

  • "No guts, no glory"!

    You said it!

    I was really pretty sure that something will happen before the much awaited debate between Ahsan Iqbal and Asad Umar, because the smart alec that is Ahsan Iqbal would have been torn to pieces by the genuine entrepreneur and intellectual that is Asad Umar on every front regarding issues of economy. And Ahsan Iqbal knew that!

  • There are several other programs where there were only PTI and PMLN representatives. So why run away now when the anchor is going to discuss policies?? Guess what, PMLN has no policies, they will simply copy paste PTI's policies. haha

  • Also, the "Great Debate" program on "Tax issue" will be aired at 6pm, Sunday, on Geo News. Here all parties will give their Tax policy and Asad Umar will represent PTI. The first program of this series was on "Education". Here is the the link for that.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @fineinsaf

    Now when the Tsunami will be back in March.

    Is tsunami in Tahiti at the moment :o?

  • I dont knnow about details but Kamran Shahid said they chnagned the programs' topic due to the drama of MQM.

  • @SLEP

    No clue. But it was in Gojra/TTS recently

  • Ahsan Iqbal actually did run away from the Great Debate on Tax Reforms where reps of 8 parties were present on Geo News. Asad Umar represented PTI and collected the most applause from the audience.


  • @xainahmed

    Was he the same Asad Umar, whose BROTHER Muhammad Zubair was representing PML - N in the same very debate ;-)