Imran Khan in Gojra & Toba Tek Singh !

  • Two jalsas, one in Gojra and one in TT Singh as part of mass contact moment. IK thrashes SS for neglecting the province and spending 80 billions on one road.

  • فئین انصاف بھائی یہ کیا کر دیا اپ نے؟

    ابھی شاہی خاندانوں کے پجاری ائیں گیں اور عوام کو طعنے دینے شروع کر دیں گیں ۔ لیکن الیکشن کے بعد جب عوام ان دو شاہی خاندانوں کو شام غریباں منانے پر مجبور کرے گی ۔ تب یہ نہ جدہ بھاگ سکیں گیں نہ انگلینڈ ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • Another view of huge crowd in Gojra

    Also, unlike NS jalsa, where crowd is kept at a safe distance from NS. Imran Khan is truly an awami leader!

  • ^^

    I for one will agree with Asif bhai. Your post will only invite introduction of another chdry who supposedly will be winning gojra & TTS on n N ticket with the utmost of ease.

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  • @xain

    Awami leader NS keeps atleast a 1 km distance between himself and his awam.

  • سونامی بھائی ۔

    اتنا فیصلہ رکھنے کا بھی کوئی فائدہ نہیں ۔ عوام ان شاہی خاندانوں سے اتنی ہے کہ اتنا فیصلہ رکھنے کے باوجود پھر بھی عوام کا جوتا ان تک پہنچ جاتا ہے ۔۔۔ ابھی تو عوام ان کو جوتے ہی مار رہی ہے الیکشن کے بعد جوتے ڈنڈے اور معلوم نہیں کیا کیا مارے گی ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

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  • ڈسٹركٹ ہیڈ كواٹرذ اور سونامی كی اونچی اونچی لہریں؟ كیا انقلاب ہے ۔ارے بھائی اس سے بڑی تو كارنر میٹنگ ہی ہو جاتی ہے ۔

  • I think these pictures are doctored. What happened to the trees in the first picture. They are not visible in the third. And why are the buildings in third picture missing in the first. Or, was this a paltry jalsi, and all the pictures are from different occasions of the distant past from PTI library?

  • My mistake, they are two different events!

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  • Has anybody seen Moulana Fazl-u-Rahman's gatherings? The one in Karachi was equal to IK's, if not bigger, and all of us have a pretty good idea about many seats Moulana will get from Karachi.

  • ^^

    I went to both, IKs was bigger hands down.

  • You went to Moulana Fazl-u-Rahman's Karachi Jalsa? O_o

  • Imran is basically shameless person,his repeated and embarrassingly shameless U turns during Qadri's longmarch/dharna and his support for Qadri's supreme court petition against Election Commision and then his humiliating defeat just shows that he is a confused directionless power hungry opportunist who can go to any length to achieve his sinister dream. Those supporting him despite his embarrassing U turns are equally shameless people.

    As for gathering crowd,all these people r there to see celebrity Imran Khan. I can safely bet Shahid Afridi,Waseem Akram or Veena Malik can single-handedly gather more people then what Imran manages to gather during his concerts. All of 'em are enjoying concert & entertainment at the expense of Imran Khan but all these people will be voting wisely and not for some confused shameless U turn Khan..