Bhutto Refused to Run Away?

  • I have no admiration for Bhutto, but I came across this paper cutting and if it's true, that is something to be admired when we look at how Nawaz Sharif ran away to Jaddah at the first opportunity.

  • Bhutto was offered shelter and protection by Zaid Bin Al Nayhan of UAE, Gaddafi of Libya, after his bail by the Lahore High Court,

    But he refused to leave Pakistan.

    I guess that was a critical diplomatic mistake by Bhutto.

    He could have saved his life for further Political Game.

  • @Javed: Bhutto could have saved his life but not his honour. Something which Nawaz Sharif has to choose between and he chose life over honour.

  • From IF I AM ASSASSINATED (Introduction Page # 6, Paragraph # 4)


    "President Zia had at one time agreed to let Bhutto go into exile if two heads of State guaranteed. That he would not re-enter politics for 10 years."


  • Oh wow so its the same 10 year deal?!

  • Bhutto was 100 times bigeer leader than Nawaz Sharif. He chose to die in an honorable fashion rather than leaving the country in disgrace.

  • From Wikipedia Ref:117


    Libya's Colonel Gaddafi sent his Prime minister Abdus Salam Jalloud on an emergency trip to Pakistan to hold talks with Pakistan's military establishment for the release of Bhutto. In a press conference, Jalloud told the journalists that Gaddafi had offered General Zia to exile him in Libya, and Prime minister Jalloud stayed in the Islamabad International where the specially designated Presidential aircraft waited for Bhutto


  • It would have been a HUGE turning point of Pakistan's volatile political history had Bhutto decided to leave for Libya.

    Bhutto miscalculated/misread Gen Zia or rather preferred to die in honorable fashion rather than running away from country like coward Nawaz Sharif did with Gen Musharraf.

    Gen Zia wasted 11 years of Pakistan's political and economic development. Butto would have turned Pakistan into much better Pakistan.

  • I agree. It is only academic now. Bhutto made a great stand but he misjudged Zia's designs. Had he gone in exile, he could definitely make a comeback.

  • Bhutto was not expecting his end like this i am sure.

    The history and present proves mentality of our people that they were not out and

    will not come out for any one to save.

    We are fool enough to digest any sugar coated islamicine or roti kapra makan ointment on the name of Pakistan. The most important thing we always fail to see the difference between doctor and undertaker.

    In case of Bhutto and Zia, both were undertaker with white coats on.

    They both win and we are the losers in this case. They r still ruling on us losers.

  • Yes sure Zia was going to let go of Bhutto so later Bhutto could come back and hang Zia that’s just WHAT IF kind of thing….fact is after all the diplomatic pressure on Zia he was determent to hang Bhutto….personally speaking I believe General Rahat Latif’s firsthand account of what was happening than any news papers headline…..

    After hearing all this cheer leading for Bhutto only words come to mind are

    Stupid is what Stupid does

    What had Bhutto’s death given to poor and huddled masses of PPP folks???

    Nawaz sherif did the right thing he is alive and well he is leading his flock to prosperity and bright future…….

  • The fact is that Nawaz Sharif is the only leader in history of Pakistan, who fought back and successfully dislodged the same dictator, and made that dictator run away from Pakistan. This was something unimaginable for any military dictator of Pakistan until this time.

    Not only that, Nawaz Sharif also successfully reversed dictator's actions by restoring the judiciary and restoring the constitution of Pakistan by removing Musharraf's amendments.

  • @Rasheed

    rasheed bahi you are trying to talk sense to mentally Retard's kudos to you for that…

  • @rasheed bhai


    But, There are many who claim the same and credit such achievements in their account.

  • mentally Retard's


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  • Yes. Mr. Nawaz Sharif played smart by learning a lesson from Bhutto's mistake.

    According to Mustafa Khar, Zia ul Haq was 100% sure about his fate, had Bhutto been spared to fight back in poltics, more aggressively.

    All Military Generals knew that how difficult was to defeat Bhutto, politically.

    Zia ul Haq could have been the first Military General, to be hanged for violating the Constitution.

  • Ptian who are criticizing NS for running away, could they shed some light why their great leader was hiding underground on the day of long march for restoration of judiciary.

  • Bhutto's Death and Nawaz awaiting to becoming PM, shows the incompetence of Gen Musharraf compared to Gen Zia.

  • Gen Zia damaged Pakistan more than any other Pakistani ruler. Pakistan would have been much better country had Bhutto lived another 20 years.

    Please folks! DO NOT compare Bhutto with this coward fugitive Nawaz chor.

  • who fought back and successfully dislodged the same dictator

    Rasheed sahib

    I do respect your view point but am wondering how Nawaz Sharif shaib did that?

    And if it is true then why it took 10 years (incidentally the same time of the alleged agreement to not get involved in politics) and not less.

    I think Nawaz Sharif sahib waited patiently for an opportunity and after the demise of BB, found the opportunity to become the sole leader of masses. I think his stars are aligned as his competitor is only Zardari who doesnt command the same respect from masses as Nawaz Sharif sahib does.

    I dont know how Nawaz Sharif sahib would have reacted, had Khan sahib been able to fill in the position vacated by BB.