Hezbollah coming to Pakistan

  • Current Shia target killings in Pakistan are taking very dangerous turn. According to some very knowledgeable people Notorious Terrorist Organization Hezbollah is deploying cells with Iranian support in Pakistan to take “revenge”. Baluchistan is fast becoming a battle ground for international players. That madness must be stopped. News or a kind of message from Israel is, if Hezbollah is allowed to operate in Pakistan then Israel will be forced to take actions in Pakistan due to simple fact that Pakistan is way too important place to leave it free for Hezbollah………

  • Hezbullah cannot act if it does not get OK from Ayatollahs in Iran. If Hezbullah is involved then it is Iran that is directing them. Look at Syria and Lebanon.

  • Hezbullah should be welcome in Pakistan to fight against Lashkar Jhangvi and other terrorist groups.

    Only Terrorists know how to fight other terrorists.

  • You already have NATO terrorists with their drones. Then there will be too many terrorists or chiefs and few Indians to kill.

  • Everone is welcome to uproot terrorism from Pakistan; whether it is NATO or Hezbullah.

    Objective is and should be to eliminate terrorism and terrorists of talibans, Lashkar Jhangvi and other terrorist groups from Pakistani soil.

  • If "foreign criminals " are invited to maintain law and order then no country has right to exist. In that case the talk of terrorism is mute.

  • Poor people of Pakistan have had enough of incompetent Pakistani law enforcing agencies as they are totally incapable of providing them life security so why not use some foreign agencies to eliminate terrorists and resotre normalcy in Pakistani cities especially in Quetta.

    Hazara community of Quetta would welcome anyone to give them life security from terrorists of Lashkar Jhangvi.

    To be frank, idea of Hezbullah is not a bad one.

  • The traitors who invite foreign terrorists should be ther first be be hanged in public by the citizens to eliminate terrorism

  • @AR

    Are you scared of Hezbullah?

    Let them come to fight with terrorists of Lashkar Jhangvi. What do you want? End to terrorism or not?

  • @Sweettruth

    No, AR wants either salafies or thier brother Isrealies to control pakistan.

  • Israelis and Saudis- the 53rd and 54th states of America are already controlling and dictating Pakistan. Hezbullah too is proxy of Iran that facilitated the US invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are all in the same boat.

  • Welcome Hizbullah in Pakistan... no fun in one sided game. lets see if they can match in of Sunni terrorist.

    I hoping when Shia and Sunni terrorist are dead fighting each other then there is a chance for Pakistani Muslims.

  • Bring em on. Let's see who is more powerful. Hizbullah or Lashkar Jhangvi.

    Let them fight with each other.

  • Taliban already crushed the Hizbullah when they entered Herat in Afghanistan during their short rule. Later the Hizbullah terrorists joined NATO terrorists to take revenge. And tell me one good reason why would they not settle scores with Hizbullah once the NATO terrorists depart. This kind of treacherous role of Hizbullah and their Shia brethren has made them pariah in mainstream Muslim communities all over the world. Rather than condemn the act of takfiri terror perpetrated by black water mercenaries, educate the shias and similar sects to pay allegience to home government and not to their bretheren across the borders. That will definitely bring harmony.

  • Let these idiots kill each-other.

  • All terrorists should fight with each other and Pakistan and US Govt should give them weapons to kill each other.

    Taliban lover Abdul Rahman lives in America but he hates his newly adopted country with passion and keeps close ties with taliban death cult. What a shame!

  • He seems to be FBI mole, otherwise how could anybody with even a little bit conscience could utter such nonsense?

  • Abdul Rahman is a misguided individual and he is taliban's biggest lover on PkPolitics.

  • @Sweettruth

    Sorry to disagree with you, Abdul Rehman is not "individual"

    its a group of people who think they have right to be muslim and rest of us are "kharij-e-Islam"

    and they are not misguided.... In fact they are on their own agenda.

  • How do you negotiate with people who think they have the absolute truth?

    You can only negotiate with them from a position of strength otherwise they will take advantage of you.

    Taliban Khan is too naive for these idiots.