PTI-PPP-Mubashir Lucman Alliance Failed Again

  • پی ٹی آ ی پی پی پی اور مچھر لقمان اتحاد نے کافی کوشش کی کے ینگ ڈاکٹرز کے کندھے پر بندوک رکھ کے چلائی جایے پر افسوس اس اتحاد کی ایک اور چال پٹ گی

    YDA ends strike, apologises to Shahbaz

  • Mubashar Luqman and Hassan Nisar "rozee roti" is PMLN hatred. I dont think they have anything to do with PTI or PPP or YDA or they even support them. Whoever say bad things about PMLN, they are on that side.

  • Its not PPP, its rather PML-Q. Remeber the famous planted interview where he was adamant that there be no discussion on Monis Elahi issue.

    & I'm dumb-founded on the YDA different stance.

    On ML show they were openly cursing CM and here they are praising him.

  • @adeel

    I consider PPP and PMLQ as same; just think about the drama of shaukat basra

  • I was under impression that this M L is an honoust and impartial aunchor, but now i have come to conclusion that he is a loon dog ,a paid puppet of ppp and PMLQ. In the case of doctors he tired his best to melign PLMN, and we will se e that innear future he would suck the bone thrown by PLMN. Shame to him and his so called KHERA SUCH.

  • Mubashar Luqman is a disgraced journalist and after that Dunya News saga nobody takes him seriously any more. Now to earn his rozi-roti he's forced to do this kind of tabloid journalism where some gullible jamooras will take his words as gospel and will nod in yes every time he utter some thing.

    Hasan Nisar is a different case altogether. This prophet of doom and gloom only consider himself worthy of all the intellect and wisdom that God has bestowed upon him. The rest of 180 million are just illiterate folks who cannot reach to his level of intellect.

  • ML is pmlq + MqM puppet. After Dunya news he was inducted in Ary by MQM who effectively controls ARY.

  • That was funny, i wonder what ML would do now.. oh yeah now he'll be having a program where somehow he will try to prove that the nuts and bolts used in Metrobus was not bought through tender process and the supplier just gave it for free with the project... hence the corruption..

    and Mango MAM, please correct yourself, PTI, PML-Q and PPP are all same under different brand... it is like same organization create different products to compete its own product and/or to satisfy different mindset or persons who for some reason do not like the original product..

    if you had paid attention, on most of the issues, PTI have stood with PPP...or have worked for them or have given them relief or hidden their short comings by making unnecessary shouting and yelling...

    One can ask, WHY PTI never made issue of Targeted killing of the people of Karachi, yes they may have issued a statement here and there, but have not they tried to take Punjab govt by their balls for any of their short comings???

    Same goes for KPK and Rural Sindh, where people are still suffering from the floods of 2010... what PTI may have done for them is not in question, they didn't even bother to speak about it.. yet they criticize that why SS is building Metro for the city of Lahore, tomorrow they may also criticize the hospital under completion in Shahdra and Bahawalpur region...

    So please, PTI is another brand name of PPP... and the newest of all is Qadri Circus

  • @Khanamer @Suliman Dar,

    I will keep reminding you if you make such nonsensical statements as to relate PTI to PPP.

    Irrelavent pic earsed

  • Yes the pics are there, and NS have pics with Imran as well.. what do you make out of them...

    but the things is stated above are non-deniable facts... PTI make noise or talk against PML-N because they want to hide short comings of PPP in Sindh and other parts of country... if this is not reason, then what it is???

  • FinInsaf,

    The difference is that PMLN had joined hands with Zardari government in 2008 with an aim and objective of steering the country out of the crises it faced at that time but left immediately when it find Zardari is not the part of solution but a part of the problem. Whatever PMLN did was open and no secret and that's why you are posting these pictures here.

    However, on the other hand, PTI and IK have now slowly and gradually aligned themselves with an anti-PMLN cause led by PPP by only targeting PMLN and thus giving Zardari room for maneuvering for his much needed political space.

    I know you will now post some anti-Zardari stuff as a rebuttal but this is a fact now that inqilabi jamooras are not that religiously anti-Zardari as they are against the Sharif brothers.

  • @Khanamer bhai,

    Imran's pics with NS are not during the current tenure, which we are talking about.

    Imran pics with NS belong to the time when NS was running for his life and exiled in Jaddah.

    I am sure you can understand the difference.

    Bro, IK protested against Zardari when he was becoming president. Where was PMLN? Why PMLN did not challenge his papers? Why PMLN acted as his backbone on every major issue? Why didn't NS demanded resignation from Zardari on issues like May 2nd, when IK did that repeatedly? Why did PMLN maintained an alliance with PPP in Punjab for THREE years? The answer is clear, bro - PMLN wanted to sustain their Punjab government no matter what happened to the country. They had an incentive in this corrupt set up.

    Everybody knows ALL PPP-led governments are corrupt. Your argument reminds me of people who say why Imran Khan doesn't criticize Taliban as much as America.

    The simple answer is - everybody has a consensus that Taliban are wrong, but not the same in case of American drones.

    Similarly, the whole country knows that all PPP-led governments are corrupt. We still beat the drum though.

    Time to expose the friendly opposition which sustained a corrupt government in the center and did nothing but gimmicks in Punjab.


  • @SD bhai,

    You say PMLN left Zardari immediately after knowing that he is part of the problem. You are partially wrong.

    PMLN remained in Punjab government WITH PPP for more than three years, until they created lotas to sustain their government.

    PMLN acted as a backbone of this corrupt Zardari government only because they had an incentive in this system which was Punjab Government.

    While we have documentary evidence of PMLN's n000raakusti, you have nothing but WILD claims.

    Bro, we consider both PPP and PMLN as part of the problem. We don't believe in anti anti-PPP or anti-PMLN camp. They both are corrupt parties who grab power on the basis of electables and ruin the country.

    You see more criticism of PMLN just because PMLN fears PTI more because PMLN sees its next term threatened, therefore, you see more battle between PTI and PMLN (PMLN attacks PTI more, and PTI responds by attacking PMLN more).

  • I think you need to know the the history... it is not very long time ago...

    friendly opposition or responsible opposition?

    to PTI True opposition is, who ask for elections from the day they loose/boycott in case of PTI the elections... the real and responsible opposition is who let the process continue and intervene when and where possible, the example of reinstatement of Judiciary, not letting NRO bill approved, letting the NFC award a success are a few to quote...

    Moreover, opposition or treasury, end of the day, both are Pakistani, and in their ways or believes both have good intentions for Pakistan... so when a matter of national interest arises, Opposition stands with the Govt...

    But that is for the grown up and mature ones, for PTI the opposition is, name calling, calling for election every month and at same time boycotting by-elections... only using petty issues to make themselves heard and go into shell one something important or major crisis comes in... who knows PTI may join foreign forces just to have things in their way, Qadri circus was one example...and if this is the opposition then only PTI can do it...

    Moreover, then you have these meaningless dharnas and demonstration and jala'oo ghera'oo just to keep the ball rolling, then in order to have your own political interest, you play with national interest as your country's rating ( if you consider it your country) does down amid of political crisis... and this is not the role of opposition but yes it can be the role of PTI...

  • ^^^Bro, just answer me -

    Was the last 5 years tenure good for Pakistan, or gave Pakistan more problems, led to the killing of 70,000 Pakistanis, made Pakistan a pariah state where international events are banned, doubled our foreign loans, allowed Pakistani territory to be violated freely, gave the gift of terrorism and suicide bombing, worsening situation in Baluchistan, Karachi turning into a war-zone, an economy on the brink of disaster, etc? The cosmetic changes brought during this setup are worth little compared to the problems it has created.

    Our sole argument is that those 5 years was a MOCKERY of democracy. NOTHING like this can occur in a civilized democratic country. It was a CURSE. We want to tell the people that ALL parties in parliament are responsible for it - including PMLN. They were all part of the ruling setup or "mukmuka" - someone was ruling in center, someone in province, someone in both.

    Now bro, if you think that the last 5 years were great for Pakistan then go ahead and tell it so. Why be shy? Why be sly? Why be dishonest? Claim your credit. Tell it to the public that you have a contribution in the last 5 years and you want credit for it.

    But please don't be dishonest that you have no part to play. Don't be hypocrite - claiming on one hand that you saved this government and on the other hand running away from this act when it is mentioned.

    The public will decide whether the last 5 years have been good for Pakistan or not.

  • So avoided all the comments and questions and started a new story... should i waste time answering these till you raise something different..

    if you want answer, i can write it down here, but first answer my questions or concerns.. can you do that??

  • ^^^Bro, the last post was an answer to your post in which you implied that overall the last 5 years are good for the country, arguing that PMLN did not have grounds to call for mid term elections, etc., referring NFC awards, etc.

    I got the gist and answered that. Tell me if you disagree.

  • FineInsaf,

    Are you contemplating that PMLN should have asked some General to take over and rule us again for another decade?

    No two opinion about the mis-governance and the lack of leadership and foresight during the last 5 years but what was the alternative for PMLN?

    No matter how much you curse them but they had the mandate of the people to rule and PMLN respect that mandate. Now people have seen their governance over the last 5 years they will be the better judge in 2013.

  • ^^

    FineInsaf only wished for a strong vocal opposition.

    Not a backdoor ally.

    As IK says, awaam ka bhurkas nikal gaya aur ye jamhooriat bachate rahe. Heard him? He says that for a reason.