Wastage of public money for the election compagne!!!

  • additional-funds-release-for-lahore-metro-bus-project

    Punjab Government approved Rs.3,269.678 million more for ”Erection of Escalators and Platform Screen Doors at MBS Stations Package-IX

    The cost of the Metro Bus Transit System (MBTS) in Lahore continues to escalate as Punjab Government approved Rs.3,269.678 million more for ”Erection of Escalators and Platform Screen Doors at MBS Stations Package-IX (Revised)”. The provincial government has already spent more than Rs.30 billion on the 27-km long Lahore-Ferozepur Road Corridor. The MBTS is likely to be partially inaugurated on January 27.

    The Provincial Development Working Party of current financial year 2012-13 presided over by the Punjab Planning and Development Board Chairman, Javaid Aslam approved eight other development schemes of various sectors of the economy worth Rs.4,784.889 million in its 27th meeting Secretary Planning and Development Punjab Arif Anwar Baloch, members of the Planning and Development Board and other senior representatives of the relevant Provincial Departments also participated in the meeting.

    The approved development schemes included:

    (a) Urban Water Supply Scheme Pir Mahal Tehsil Kamalia District Toba Tek Singh (Amended) at the cost of Rs.321.427 million;

    (b) Lahore High Court-–Annexed ADR Centre at the cost of Rs.19.451 million;

    (c) Dualisation of Jhang Faisalabad Road from Railway crossing to New By Pass (km No. 213.50 to 207.00) length=6.50 km, District Jhang at the cost of Rs.487.667 million;

    (d) Rehabilitation of road from Gujranwala to Hafizabad Km No.6/20 to 48/0, length=41.80 km in District Gujranwala and Hafizabad (2nd Revised) at the cost of Rs.1,974.278 million;

    (e) Widening/Improvement of Jand Tarap Road Tehsil Jand, length 47.00 kms, District Attock at the cost of Rs.700.336 million;

    (f) Widening/Improvement of Pindigheb Mukhad Road Section Ikhlas Chowk to Malhuwali length 32.5 km in District Attock at the cost of Rs.381.082 million,

    (g) Dualization of road from 3-Mile Chowk to Intersection of Sanjwal Hattian Road length 4.50 km, District Attock at the cost of Rs.307.389 million


  • Feel really sorry for Pityains crying wolf,Lahore is a large metropolitan city(10million + residents) which needs better transportation services for its millions of resident. Have u ever heard about smaller cities in UK or some UK equivalent of Pity Tehreek type good for nothing party whining about large sum being spent on London underground subway by government there?

    If something is being spent on an asset for a large metropolitan city then how can it be wastage?

    If public money is being spent on public transportation project then how can it be wastage?

    Even if suppose tomorrow Shahbaz Sharif doesn't get elected as CM,would he windup Lahore Metro service and take it away with him? Then how can it be just election campaign spending?

    Lahore Metro Bus Service is here to stay. Obviously money will be spent to make it better and even more money should be spent to expand it to other areas like connecting it to Airport & other populated areas etc. Once our economic condition improves and investor confidence increases then in future London underground subway type project should also be initiated to complement metro bus service(and believe me that project is going to be 100x more expensive then this one and would take alot longer then record 11 month it took for metro bus project,how are you pityians going to digest that one?) .

    Karachi too urgently need such mega transportation projects like Bus rapid transit(BRT),Metro,circular railway etc.