Noon League gears up for the final count

  • Theres no room for error this time.

  • Good job by PTI tracking "fazooliat" to stay busy. After all, it is no use preparing for elections. Past experience is very bitter.

  • Point to note. "From: Spam Sources of Noon League". Paraphrased rough translation.

    I am not fond of Nawaz Sharif but all parties should reject such junk tabloid journalism.

    "Ahmad Mansoor - Wicked reporter of Express News, Islamabad."

  • I am unable to understand why N-League want to count chairs or participation strength of PTI 23-March Jalsa. It is a political gathering and it is political gathering season, everyone one will held jalsas by then. PPP is planning similar show a week ahead of PTI. Political jalsas and participation means not much as it is political campaign time.

  • ^^

    ermm .. this was photshoped :)

  • PTI people are expecting too much from 23 March Jalsa. Even if PTI gather double the count of 30 October/2011 Jalsa impact cannot be like that. 30 October Jalsa was from no where a type of gathering which stunned entire Pakistan and caused a landslide popularity of PTI all over. Now things are different everyone is having gathering, people will appreciated large gatherings but forget quickly as there will be series of political gatherings every day.

  • So, is it really true that JJUN is the large political force in Pakistan, "do not waste your vote for a looser" is the national ideology and "my vote was the winning vote" is the cultural pride?

    Legend: JJUN (JeRa Jittay Udhay Naal, Jo Jetay Us Kay Saath)

    @Tsunami, Shame on counterfeiters. Don't assume a faker will be immune to "Do number Maal".