Opportunists vs. Loyalists....(PML- A - Z)?

  • I always consider PML ( A - Z ) just bunch of Opportunist, ( Lets not include Makhdoom Javed Hashmi ); Never understand their logic, ideology, principal and politics. Dont know many Loyalist in Party... So many groups so many Hum-KHyals ... no democracy either you are in Q or N or Awami or whatever name they have.

    No wonder they PML N failed twice and if get chance again some how they will be failure again. Q is same story, Thanks to Mush and army they survived 5 yrs... but bottom line is this is not party; its family business......

    Something good to read...

    PML-N: Opportunists vs. Loyalists


  • “After the reinstatement of the judges, Mian Nawaz Sharif gained unprecedented popularity amongst the masses of Pakistan.”


    Let’s see where the masses were just eight years before that.

    1999 Coup “People are out on the street, even celebrating in the streets of Prime Minister Sharif's hometown.”


    “As he drove by in his cab, Nisar Ali raised a 'V' for victory sign, waving to a group of soldiers outside Islamabad's international airport. Stopping at a gas station for a fill-up, Mr. Ali gestured to the attendant and grinned. "I'm so happy today. Nawaz Sharif is gone."”


    AND What did Nawaz Sharif do during 1999 and 2007? Jail, exile and personal grooming. What a baloney by some brown noser at IMF.

  • Sharif brothers attempted twice to get in Pakistan during Musharaf era...both time "masses' stayed home because they were careless...about sharifs

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