Is Pakistan turning into another Somalia?

  • With fast deteriorating law and order situation throughout Pakistan and yet another bold and brazen attack from terrorist organisations in Quetta city with deaths of 90 innocent Pakistanis, it is getting clearer that State of Pakistan is heading towards another Somalia. Terrorists have become so powerful that they not only carry out their attacks in broad day light but also openly claim responsibility thus challenge State and public. Terrorist’s aim is to fan sectarian war between shai and sunni and so far they have failed but how long this can go on. In my view, Pakistan is heading towards a civil war like one in Somalia. Civil Governments throughout Pakistan have failed to provide security to their citizens.

    Probably, Pakistan is the only country in the world where terrorists first attack and then openly claim responsibility and the State of Pakistan is unable to catch them. Terrorist groups like Lashkar Jhangvi have strong voting support in Central Punjab and mainstream parties like PML-N seek their active support during elections and bye-elections.

    Where is Pakistan heading, another Somalia. State has failed and State writ is missing all over the country.