Metro Bus bites dust


    World other than the fake photo sessions. People in queue since 2 hrs and the stands are breaking apart.

    Not even a month in operation!

    Now Noo00ras can see how ruthlessly money was spent just so that this completes before the polls?

    Pressurized contracter for early completion perhaps. Sub standard material used so obviously there is corruption somewhere in their.

    Is pe commission banna chahiey actually.

  • Few tiles broken here n there is no big deal for a project of such magnitude, its pity that u have started criticizing the whole project.Initial hiccups and teething problems do arise in every mega project,they're being dealt with and promptly resolved.

    2nd news clip posted by you shows and justifies that another 30 billion should be spend on doubling this project and expanding its capacity as its getting an overwhelming response.

  • @ dOctOr

    The news clip was posted to make the exact same point which is highlighted by you in words :-)

  • Tomorrow Pityians will post a video if bus's tyre goes flat,silly PTIyians will cry wolf and say why didn't Shahbaz Sharif ordered run flat tyres for these buses.. Tyre got punctured so "obviously there must be corruption somewhere"..

  • Imtnan

    Sorry I didn't noticed ur id,I thought tsunami had posted that one as well. It clearly shows that project is getting overwhelming response.People are sick and tired of crappy transportation system and are very much willing to pay if it ensures that they'd get decent and respectable mode of transportation for their daily commute.

  • d0ct0r

    In fact, talking about a projects, its financial feasibility, its payback time etc are of secondary importance to me.

    I know one thing, being in Pakistan in current desperate times requires you to look for positiveness & concrete achievements by either individuals or Political Parties/ Leaders instead of just scolding and maligning the opponents.

    The courage to appreciate the goodness even if its just a little bit, is what's my point here!

  • ^^^If SS was doing all this from his own pocket, then we will appreciate the "little goodies".

    But I am afraid, he is the CM of the province, DUTY BOUND to address the problems, for which he PROMISED before the public.

    Please see the difference.

    Secondly, I don't even agree that these are "little goodies" are really concrete steps toward betterment. These are cheap publicity stunts.

    I appreciate motorway to some extent - a tiny contribution in the waste sea of failures (but that's another point).

    On the other hand, laptops, internships, Danish Schools, Metro bus, are cheap publicity stunts (at a big cost to the public). And why most of them spurted after 30th Oct, 2011?

    You say Metro bus has generated 6 lacs (in how many days?)? If it's per day, then do the math and compare it to the subsidy given.

  • @ FineInsaf

    I have seen your PERFORMANCE in great many threads recently so I would not indulge into a never ending & illogical debate here..

    However, I just have a simple and straight question:

    Have you ever worked/ interacted professionally with any public sector organization/ department/ ministry in Pakistan?

    Please, a simple one liner would suffice.

  • Ungrateful people like these soonamians will criticize everything and anything that PMLN will do but when the time comes to get benefits from these projects these people will be the first in the line to claim it.

    The very same people who used to do similar criticism of M1 Motorway are today celebrating their birthdays on the same motorway.

  • I am myself a critic of Sahriff Brothers for their worngdoings. Regarding the project of metro-bus, I appreciate it. Wrongdoings must be heavily criticized and good deeds must be appreciated and encouraged. The residents of big cities like Karachi and Lahore need such facilities of public transport. The residents of Lahore have been suffering terribly due to poor public transport means.

  • Ungrateful people like these soonamians will criticize everything and anything that PMLN will do but when the time comes to get benefits from these projects these people will be the first in the line to claim it

    U cud say that had Noo00ra developed motorway of its own pocket. Very absurd argument.

  • Just showing you the mirror has made your ^-^ under fire.

    This was just to prove the point that jamooras have nothing substantial to prove against MBS and would love to avail this facility at the first opportunity like the Motorway.

  • Metro Bus System must be devloped in the other major cities also like Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan.

  • @Dar

    Where was the mirror? U must have a bird brain to have said that.

    IK built the SKMH brick by brick but treats everyone indiscriminately.

    Motorway was built out of our money. I dont know what u tried to say

  • @Hussain Farooqui

    Hats off to you for appreciating a good work even of your opponent;

    If one searches google for some images of rush hour on bus service / train (even in the most developed countries like Japan), you will not complain for what small things had happened in Lahore where first time in Pakistan the metro bus has started.

  • ^^^Compare Japan's health and education budget with Punjab's.

  • Now you are running away from your main point as usuall


    Compare Japans overall budget with punjabs

  • For zoonamis, its Japan

  • Compare Japans overall budget with punjabs

    Then this is all the more reason we shouldn't waste money on limited but expensive projects like Metro bus.