Do we need to think once, before speak / write

  • Dear All

    The biggest joke of today is going on in newspapers, TV channels and on social media.

    The biggest deal of 45 billion US dollar

    I said on " 45$ billion" post what is the duration of this investment but no one reply.

    This kind of investment is only possible in country like "PAKISTAN” not anywhere else in the world because it will never be materialize. Reason, we forget the logic, thinking process, cross check, investigation, especially our so called journalists and "Danishwaran - E- Watan'

    May be this is true but please again how much cash flow for one year………..someone explore pls pls..

    Why I have doubt on it, there are some facts with round figures..

    The newly built Airport in one gulf stat, total investment is around 2.5 billion $ (Figure is calculated estimate). I worked on this project almost four years, my company is the 2nd biggest contractor at this Mega project. Company spent almost 7 years to complete. On the basis of this, averagely (not exact again) 350 million $ cash flow per year. The jobs created at this project not less than 20,000 / year (again estimate) direct employment. Only my company has around 6000(Exact figure available) deployed employees.

    If we believe 45 billion dollars investment, consider this investment is for 10 years. It means 4.5 Billion dollars / year. Please think yourself, after keeping in view the labor cost and living cost is much lesser in Pakistan, how many direct jobs can create annually, in direct employment between 5~7 times due to trading and business activities.

    So this is only a business diplomacy to launch yourself in global market, and nothing else in my humble opinion. Pakistan and Pakistani people will get something good at the end, I pray......

  • On this issue there is already hot discussion going on on an earlier thread. There was no need for this thread.

  • @IA

    that why i open this thread, because that discussion without any logic and basic knowledge about investment, just to "WARQAY KALAY KARN LI"

  • Here again

    only four days before i wrote and now proved that our nation, "Danishwaran - E- Watan", Big name of Journalists and Powerful Anchors has no credibility when saying some thing.

    the reason they just spoke out with out any research, common sense and logic.