Only Imran names the Hazara killers, the rest does not dare!!!

  • Imran khan was the only political leader to name lashkar e jhnagvi rest of leaders just talking about banned outfits..

    These cowards should not be our leaders.

  • our shameless leaders

  • Salute to Imran Khan for naming this terrorist group involved in Quetta killings.

    PML-N is strong supporter of Lashkar Jhangvi and they actively seek their support in elections and bye-elections. Rana Sanullah has been seen with Lashkar Jhangvi leaders in a motorcade.

  • Imran who? Noman,Irfan and Adnan also have condemned Hazara Killers,they say exemplary punishment should be given to culprits.(Govt have already arrested 4 of them)


    PTI's Azam Swati will also be having seat adjustment with them.So would countless other candidates from all main parties.

  • @drgullkhan

    Imran khan was the only political leader to name lashkar e jhnagvi

    What need is there to name them when they accept responsibility themselves?

  • Hazara town carnage: SC questions role of intelligence agencies

    ""“Just go and get this Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. I am at a loss to understand why the law enforcement agencies have been unable to arrest these people,” said Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

    “I want to know the reasons why this incident happened again. Was it their failure?” he asked, referring to the country’s federal and provincial intelligence agencies.""

    Now that does take a little bit of courage to fix the blame where it belongs on the agencies.

  • @ Zia

    Courage and '' naik miyyatti'' of our leaders should be questioned as why nowone dares to name the terrorists????

  • only a day ago IK named LeJ and since then his followers are calling every other non-PTI person a terrorist... grow up

    This reminds me of a person in my village who went on 3-day tabligh with a Tablighee Jumaat; on his return to the village he declared every single villager a Kafir.

  • I shall highly appreciate if Imran crticizes and condemns TTP for their subversive activities of killing innocent people in the figures of thousands.

  • Without any proof, IK declared LeJ as the killers.

    This statement will cause fights and tensions amongst Shia and other sects. What's brave about blaming someone without any proof?

    Ye to har mohalay ki mayi kar rahi hotti hay

  • not sure but i think LeJ has claimed the responsiblety of killings .

  • Lej claimed resposibility

    @ Umertahir

  • Umertahir

    SAD very sad.

  • The nation is really tired of uninteresting dramas staged by our politicains.

  • Has anyone bothered to ask Hazaras themselves who they think their real culprits are?

    "Brief and tarnished history of our country as it is shows us that back in 1971, our hyperactive security agencies made their best to staunch the uprising in East Pakistan with the help of al-Badar. Yes, you got it. The outfit was an offshoot of Jamat-e-Islami and was tasked to teach a lesson to ‘traitors’ in East Pakistan – now Bangladesh.

    Who has imported Punjab-based Lashkar-e-Jhangvi – an extremist outfit obviously – to Balochistan? Is it created on the same lines of al-Badar? We leave these questions better to be answered by people sitting at the helm of affairs. But remember one thing; much touted foreign element behind unrest in Balochistan is yet to be exposed; let alone bringing killers of Hazara community to justice.

    However, the most intriguing is the version of locals on the routine killings. My friend Sajjad who left Quetta some three years back owing to life threats opine that most of the attacks on the community take place in Baloch populated areas. The impression is given the community is being eliminated by Baloch dissidents as they are out for Greater Balochistan. Matter of the fact is the community is provoked against Baloch rebels after each incident. It seems as if the ‘secret hands’ want to crush the rebels with the help of Hazara community, this is what the locals say."

  • @PTI Friends

    It is very good that IK has named LeJ, but how he defend his call to dialogue with TTP?

    Doesn't he know that leadership of TTP comes from LeJ?

    "Not many people know that some top TTP leaders - such as the late head of the suicide training squad, Qari Hussain, and the TTP's current spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan - were all members of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Punjab at one time or another before they became part of the TTP."

  • nobody would have known the name other, had the great IK not mentioned it on some TV talk show

  • Most of the politicians are not open on this topic due their political interests. They pass just some generalized statements on such events.

  • Well Done Imran Khan for naming and shaming Lashkar JHanGvi

    But you should also name talibans and their acts of terrorism throughout Pakistan.

    Terrorism has no place in any civilized society. All terrorists should be locked up for life.

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