Can Karachiites vote any different to save the city?

  • It's a common saying that if one medicine doesn't work, try something else. But in the case of Karachi, I must regretfully say that the voters keep electing the same people who are yet to bring any peace, harmony, and economic progress to the city. The voting pattern is very different in other parts of the country; for instance, Lahore has tried PPP, JI & Nawaz, some Q leaguers, and now back to Nawaz. In KPK, people have been selecting Muslim League, PPP, MMA, and now ANP.

    What's different about Karachi? Does the ethnic hatred run so deep in our blood that we can't think straight?

    Pakistan's path to prosperity goes through Karachi but Karachiites give a diddly-squat about it. I'm not saying select PPP or PMLN; pick JI, Sunni Tehrik, PTI, or anyone.

  • JI,JUI,Sunni Tehrik,PTI should field joint consensus candidates.Right-wing vote gets wasted when all parties jump into arena and MQM,PPP or ANP ends up as beneficiary.

    Majlis-e-Wadat says it'll be taking part in elections as well as it thinks that other Shia political parties like Jaferia Alliance isn't playing its role properly,if they decide to go all alone then that too might be damaging.

  • No, right now I don't thing so,.

    PML, JI, JUI and PPP were given chance till 1985 but they have not given any thing to Karachites except hatred, guns and isolation.

    MQM has given karachiites the representation and recognization at national levels in addition to city development. However its also fact, inspite of lot of effort MQM failed to maintain consistent peace and harmony in recent time.

    PTI has not yet shown their post election performance, I think if PTI bring Middle class in assemblies and show their performance in two three terms the they.may have oppurtunities to grab mandate from arachi.

  • @BitterTruth

    I agree that MQM has indeed given karachiites the representation and recognition at national levels, but could you name a few mega projects that MQM was able to bring to Karachi while it was in the government all these years? I'm not referring to city government but something that falls under the domain of provincial or federal governments.

  • @Arain71 bhai

    A city government either in Mayor setup or Nazim setup can't do much development unless city government has full coopration and support from provincial government.

    There are two times when MQM was in local government and having full coopration from provicial government:

    1. from 1988 to 1990.

    2. from 2005 to 2008.

    Whatever development you see in karachi is planned and accomplished in that period only.

    Those development are limited to park, playground, road and transoport, recreation places, beautification of city which has changed the look and steet map of entire cities in Karachi and Hyderabad twice in above perod but still

    There is no big mega project as you asked? but that is beyond MQM authority in existing setup.

    Thats the reason, MQM wants local bodies setup where CDG has maximum authority in development and maintianing peace and law & order.

    In simple word, MQM wants a setup, where City government should have its own discreation to invest its fund for development without depending on provincial government.

    They want this setup not only for Karachi but for entire pakistan as no one can deny the real development take place when local government has authority and budget to invest in city infra-structure.

    If you take an example of recent Lahore RBS such development is not possible unless city government have sincere objectives and support from provincial government (after NFC award else it was much earlier).

    Without referring (supporting or opposing) TUQ position in PK politics, I would say he is right that Local bodies election should be held within 3 months (as per consititution) after General Election instead of granting "SawabDidi fund" quotas to assembly members, which is right of CDK but by discretion of CM or PM and regretly use as tool to blackmail assembly members and parties or groups.

  • I am a resident of Karachi and dislike MQM. At the time of election, I find no third choice besides either wasting my vote or casting it to MQM. No party other than MQM has any standing in Karachi. All the other parties had been given chances of ruling earlier. All performed with very disappointing results.

  • During Musharaf era lots of funds came to karachi so Nimat Ullah Khan and Mustafa kamal both succeeded; Karachi is very much dependent on funds provided by feds and prov government.

    there are some projected completed during last period of Mustafa kamal

    you can check on following link, People who have seen karachi of 60s t0 2013, they will tell Mustafa kamal really put a good effort ...

    No matter whoever is running local goverment in karachi, they need to make adjustment with feds and prov governments to get at least some sort of funding to start / complete any project....use Musharaf's formula of local goverments.

    Divided karachi vote going to be disaster for city, at-least with current situation MQM can ( if they want to ) feds and Sindh goverments to invest in karachi...

    what would be better idea if JI or PTI grab a seat from Central Karachi and give a wake up call to MQM.

    One thing is sure.... and i can put my Money on it

    PML N & PPP wouldnt able to win a single seat from urban sindh/urdu speaking areas..... other options are

    JI or PTI OR PTI and JI ( alliance ); they have to run election campaign like first of HAQ PRAST's election in 1985 ( local government elections ).

  • MQM resolves only some issues of Karachi but others none. That is the only key of MQM's success in elections. Karachi suffered from heavy bloodbaths for 4 consecutive days in the regime of Zia. No party showed any moral courage to stop it or at least protest over it. Altaf Hussain availed the opportunity created by the insensitive behavior of JI (which was the leading party of Karachi at that time) and established a very strong political position with MQM.

    Earlier, Bhutto's regime had an ethnic violence manipulated by Mumtaz Bhutto which resulted into decline of PPP's graph of popularity. Otherwise, half of the seats in elections were to be secured by PPP.

    Later, during the first regime of Nawaz, the residents of Karachi began to like Nawaz Shariff because of his good policies, but his military action in Karachi then created chaos in Karachi which made Nawaz a disliked person in Karachi.

    The residents of Karachi have no choice other than MQM as they see no party better than MQM to resolve at least some issues of Karachi.

  • simple answer NO only mqm 3 seats max which will be disturbed one ppp and the rest 2 to pti pmln and ji depending allaince amoung them.

  • Primary drivers, behind the formation of MQM, were the onslaught of filling of government and semi-government jobs with “incompetent” people from outside of Karachi by PPP. I do not understand what MQM achieved during the last five years in this regard when Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur have inflated or over sold record number of jobs without merit.

  • @Khan

    Why blame on PPP ....from PIA to Railway and Water Board to

    Police there are enough people from Punjab and south Punjab

    with no relationship to PPP.

    They hired because of Quta system... or back door.

    Any way lookin at PIA and Railway with in few years if not month there would be any GOVT department in pakistan so bother about quta thing

  • When Bhutto nationalized all the banks,industries and schools then started the quota system for all kinds of jobs. Zia's regime had the continuation of the same policies of the quota system. Jobs in private sector were very scacre as private sector had only small trading houses. Karachi had only 2% quota in govt. jobs. The frustration caused by joblessness due to quota system also played a key role in the rise of MQM.

  • Karachiites don't vote on their own will. How can someone explain a candidate getting nearly 2 lakh votes from a constituency and the runner-up getting only 7,000??

    1993 Elections saw Karachiites voting for other parties as MQM didn't participated in it.

    Now this time, EC approved the posting of one army personnel on each polling station in Karachi. Let's hope this produces some change and people vote on their own free will this time.

  • MQM was an integral part of all federal & Sindh governments in the last two decades. In fact, most federal governments couldn't even survive without the support from MQM. Did MQM play their cards effectively? Did they ask for mega projects for Karachi in return? The kind of importance MQM enjoyed, Karachi should have been the first city to have a mass public transport system, or Karachi should have been linked to the Motorway systems long time ago, or perhaps it should have become a silicon valley (IT hub) of Pakistan.

    My point is that MQM is taking their mandate for granted. They think that they'll get the votes regardless of any major accomplishments. Perhaps that's true but a very unfortunate case indeed. They've demonstrated very poor bargaining skills.

  • imprtant question is do they have any option other then mqm.2002 was an exception wen mma emerged as another option.This time around i c a ray of anti mqm ppp alliance is emerging.Wen u give a option to people of karachi they respond.I can easily predict that this time in sindh there will be anti mqm and anti ppp government.

  • I think it is futile to argue with MQM base. They are under an iron grip of an authoritarian party that occupies the polling stations and stuffs the ballots. They just kill their dissenters. It will take a struggle of the coming generation to break these shackles, which may not be far off.

  • Who is kidnapping/killing businessmen in Karachi?

    I recall that when IK and MQM had a feud a few years ago, MQM supporters did a city-wide wall chalking exercise against Imran. Under pressure from the public, Altaf ordered MQM supports to undo everything and clean up the city walls, which, amazingly, they did overnight. That reflects a an ironclad hold of Altaf on the city. Now what if Altaf orders his supporters to crack down on the "bhatta mafia" and take the responsibility of protecting bushiness of Karachi himself? I'm not sure any sane person would actually go to shops and businesses to collect batta.

    Why doesn't he do that? Opponents say that there are elements in MQM ranks who are part & parcel of such practices; I never lived in Karachi to know that for sure but I seriously hope that that's not the case.

  • Dilema of Karachi.... "MINI PAKISTAN".

    Being the port city and commercial hub of Pakistan this city has a great potential to provide livings. People from every corner of Pakistan rush to this city for their just share of these living opportunities. Thats why Karachi has turned into a Mini Pakistan. Karachi like a mother holds everybody in its lap and feeds them.

    But in return what this mother gets?

    Lahore is for Lahoris, Peshawar is for Peshawaris, Multan is for Multanis, they all belong to those cities they love and own those cities. They all proudly say they are Lahoris, or Multanis, or so on....!

    Did you ever here anyone proudly claiming to be a Karachiets? All of us who live in this city carry our own identity. We are Punjabis, we are Pathans, we are Balochis, we are Muhajirs, and worst of all even a native Sindhi will show his identity from his ancestors' village or town in interior Sind. Nobody likes to be called a Karachiets. Amazing.....isn't it, but true...!!

    Does anybody making bread n butter in Karachi owns it? The bitter truth is NO. Forget the common poor man... even the Sind government has never ever tried to start any development program for the city. Yes all the Wadera governments want to have a hold on this city just to make money from here, as this city generates a huge revenue.

    Had there not been a few years of militry rule in early 2000, the city would have turned into a haunted place and the biggest Shanti Nagar of Asia by now.

    All Karachi needs from us is the ownership, lets own it, feel it our home, and not a place to make money and run away. Karachi is a golden egg laying hen, it will continue to feed our generations. We should not kill this chicken in a greed to grab all the eggs at once. Lets make it a real mini Pakistan,lets feel our responsibilities, lets accept each other as brothers, lets pay our due share in the development of this mother city.....!!

    The ruling Wadera alliance of Sind is least intrested in the development of this province, leave karachi aside. They have never spent any penny in the cities they exclusively own, Larkana, Sukkur, Khairpur, Nawabshah and many others they are as backward as they used to be at the independence time. But look at their living styles, look at the huge number of luxrious vehicle running on those broken an dusty roads.

    They cannot built a school or a hospital for poor, but, yes Nawab Shah may be turned into Benazir Abad, a vast valuable land in many areas of Sind may be grabbed in the name of SZABIST. A huge area of highway land may be transffered into their personal names, for a fantasy city Zulfikar Abad.

    A Taj Mahal may be built for their deads in Larkana.

    Pakistan is a poor country.... only our rulers are rich.

  • Yeah, everyone has an excuse for their excesses.

  • @xainahmed bhai


    1993 Elections saw Karachiites voting for other parties as MQM didn't participated in it.



    In 1993 MQM has boycotted the election from National Assemblies and the parties who won the Election got almost same number of votes what they used to get pre or post 1993 election and supporters of MQM also boycotted the election which resulted the lowest voting turnover in history general election.

    And every time when MQM contested Election except 93, then the winners of 93 could not even safe their "Zamanat" even they got the almost same number of votes the got in 93.


    In Election 2013, PTI has no hope even for single seat in Karachi, however they can be number 3rd or 4th in all constituencies in Karachi, PTI maximum votes can be from NA-250:

    10K-15K If contest alone

    20K-25K If allaince with PMLN.

    25K-35K If allaince with religous party.

    45K-55K If allaince with PPP. (close competition)

    PMLN maximum votes can be from NA-239 but will remain on 3rd position after PPP 1st and MQM 2nd.

    JI maximum votes can be from NA-252 and i.e. not more than 25K to 30K.

    Again, I assure you that people of karachi will not vote any party they have given chance prior 1988 however if PTI perform better than MQM with middle class representation in two or three terms then there will a chance for PTI to get some seats from karachi.

    MQM has tough competition in NA-240 or may be in NA-250 in case of alliance with Major parties but the ultimate beneficiary would be PPP, not the allaince.

    Be sure, any Alliance in Ceneral Karachi can not result anything against MQM.