PMLn paid salary to terrorists!!!!!

  • This is terrible news; PML-N has become a shameful face of Pakistani politics. No wonder why terrorism/extremism is growing in Pakistan.

    Nawaz chor can go to any extent to get votes. He can side with terrorists. He can even raise his infamous slogan of "Jagg Punjabi Jagg" again.

    Do they have any morals?

    Shame on PML-N

  • That guy has served 14 years in prison after he got bail from SC,now he insists that he wants to run for president.

  • He is better Muslim than Najam Sh!tty

    Shame on such touts of other countries

  • Shameful.... who knows if Muslim League is paying Lashker e jhangvi to for Bombing in Queta....After all as Opposition party and strongest rival or current government they have to make sure that this government is a failure.

  • I posted this before on some other thread as well.

    LeJ’s Malik Ishaq received monthly stipend from Punjab Government !! Here goes the link again’s-malik-ishaq-received-monthly-stipend-from-punjab-government.html

  • It is hard to believe terrorists are receiving money from Punjab Govt. Who has authorized such payments to terrorists?

    We all know Lashkar Jhangvi has close links with PML-N but giving moeny to terrorists is illegal and immoral from a mainstream national party.

    There should be an inquiry and CJ should take Az Khud notice immediately.

  • Mr.sipahi is much concerned about takfiris now a days but as he has a soft corner for Noon league so he wont comment on this news item.

    If he has missed the thread,i would love him to read this thread and would like to know his opnion over this matter. :)

  • shameless act...

  • These days Nawaz is enagaged in bribery business. Judges, Media and ex-servicemen are being bribed heavily to project sympathy for Nawaz.

  • No if you looki around there not many Nooners responding to this post.... they all know this is shameful act.

  • Supporting terrorism comes under terrorism act, will CJP take suo moto agianst PMLN for supporting terrorism?

  • In yesterday's Bolta Pakistan same point was raised by caller and Nusrat Javeed responded it's not just PMLN. When GHQ was attacked a plane flew from Pindi went to interior Punjab to brought someone who helped negotiating with attackers - by military. So military knew who attacked and how to apprach him.

    I don't absolve PMLN for having contacts with banned outfits but the main culprit is our Army. They nurture these and are more responsible for inocent civilians being targeted by state's jihadi assets.

  • When GHQ was attacked a plane flew from Pindi went to interior Punjab to brought someone who helped negotiating with attackers - by military. So military knew who attacked and how to apprach him.

    Nusrat mustve been high. Wo kehta rehta hai har baat na maana karain uski.

    Military is a badmash and would never tolerate this. No lashkar is bigger than there ego. They would have wiped them out the second day.

  • If military is badmash nurturing and supporting jihadi assets of their own; but why PML-N is badmash supporting and getting support from these Lashkar Jhangvi terrorists?

  • Military has also links with banned outfits, which they supported in 80's and 90's, against India. Now, they keep links with these outfits to gather intelligence. India factor may still be present though. But the point is, now we have a civilian Govt. since last 5 years. The Govt. didn't do anything to curb the banned outfits. Mainly because the Govt. is corrupt,weak and incompetent itself and can't face Army or Intelligence and ask them boldly to do an operation against these outfits.

  • Najam Sethi liar of highest class.

    Any criminal put under house arrest obviously needs food and pay his bills, and the one under house arrest can't go out to earn money.

    The law is clear in this regard that anyone who is put under house arrest should be given monthly funds so he and his family could eat and pay bills. Sethi knows this very well and just lying that you need additional court order for funds.

    Secondly, the funds is not being given by PMLN, but Punjab government as per the law.

  • لمحۂ فکریہ

    ضیاء الحق اور چند فوجی جرنیلوں نے اپنی جانیں بچانے کے لئے مذہبی دشت گردوں کی پرورش کر کے پاکستان کی تباہی کی بنیاد رکھی . میاں نواز شریف صاحب نے ضیاء الحق کی قبر پر ، ان کے مشن کو مکمل کرنے کی قسم کھائی تھی

    اب شائد لشکر جھنگوی کی مدد سے وہ مشن پورا کیا جائے گا .

  • Zia is now dead for 25 years. I think enough time has passed to correct his wrongs. He is not coming back to undo what he did. Current rulers bear most of the responsibilty for this mayhem.

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