Can Any Major Political Party Announce A Policy For Abolishing Feudal System?

  • As we are aware, feudal system is the mother of all evils in our social and political structure. Elections in our country only empower feudal criminals in our parliaments. No sincere public representatives can be elected unless feudal system is abolished.

    Can any major political party announce a policy for abolishing the feudal system?

  • It is pretty funny to see people calling feudal system the root cause of all our problems when the only exposure they seem to have to rural areas of Pakistan is apparently through TV dramas.

    Some city folk seem to think that there is a feudal lord in each village who virtually owns all villagers. No one can dare differ from him and everyone lives and votes as directed by this 'feudal lord'. Nothing can be further from truth. Feudalism is a crippled dying institution in Pakistan which has met its natural death in much of Punjab and KPK and is quite weak now even in South Punjab and Sindh. Socio-economic and demographic changes have been responsible for this and no sort of government policy could have achieved this success.

    Similar fallacies exist about 'abolition' of feudalism in india where we are told that one order from Nehru government abolished all feudals. Anyone who has spent some time in rural india knows that feudalism in its much stronger and cruel form is prevalent in india.

  • The political figures like Mumtaz Bhutto, Jatois, Pir Pagara, Arbaba Ghulam Raheem are no different than the characters shown in tv dramas. I have myself seen a lot of govt. schools being used as private village clubs (called autaqs) of jaigirdars. I personally know a lot of such govt. school teachers who are receiving salaries at home while paying a percentage to the officials of the govt..

    Sorry Brother, I can't deny the facts which I have personally seen. However, I agree with you that feudal system is not the only ailment of our society. There are many others, but the feudal system is no doubt the mother of all the evils.

  • feudal system can be finished only by education, providing 100% literacy rate will in time finish feudalism, so the party in favour of mass unified education is infact cutting the roots of feudalism. iam not talking abt danish school but about one unified system across the board to everyone. This will take time, realistically one whole generation 12-15 years are needed mera bhai. There is no other way.

  • Feudal System system could easily be eliminated through proper education. Educate your children. It is very easy to control the minds of ignorant. This is very simple policy..

  • Oi stop stealing my points, meri policy hay.

  • Daar Bhai probably skipped reading juttjee420 bhai's posting and conincidently wrote similar views.

  • Feudalism is slowly being replaced by the militant Mullaism in Punjab.

  • I agree with Dar bhai and Juttjee bhais,

    But the problem starts from here only these fuedals deos not allow school teachers to teach childerns of farmer and as HF bhai said they used school as jagidari autaaq.

    These fuedals send their childern to abroad or cities to study but does not allow schools to teach common masses of their land.

    In my opinion the main solution is land ceiling act.. every landlord should be restricted to hold a limited agricultural area.

  • In my schools days, I had some classmates belonging to the family of Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi. They were studying in Habib Public School with me. When I asked them if they had any school in their village called New Jatoi. They told me that there was a small school in their village which was just meant for producing clerks called munshis. Jatois are the biggest jagirdars of Sindh but they are spending no money on the education of their people.

  • Dear Juttjee

    "It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.

    :) :) :)

    Oi stop stealing my points, meri policy hay.

  • Dar Bhai, it was just some miscomprehension. Please cool down.

  • I would agree with Adonis on Punjab part. When I visited my village in the 90s, most of the offspring of traditional feudal had sold their share of lands to Dubai-return working class. One quarter of the village men were working in the middle-east. The old feudal had only one fad; send their children to PMA (Pakistan Military Academy – The easiest route to regain their “feudal” power) and the remaining working class (kammi) were dumping their children to some big Madrassa of a Mullah town.

  • پیارے بھائی فاروقی صاحب . میں بھی شگل لگا رہا ہوں . جٹ جی کے ساتھ کوئی ایسی بات نہیں ہے . یہ چھوٹی موتی باتوں سے مجھے کچھ نہیں ہوتا . اصل میں یہ قوٹ جو میں نے اپر لکھی ہے اس میں نشانی ہے . یہ قوٹ انجر سول کی ہے . جس نے فیوڈل نظام کے بارے آج سے ١٠٠ سال پہلے بات کی تھی .. جو لوگ فیوڈل ہوتے ہیں ان کو یہ جاگیر دار الله اور مذہب کے نام پر کیسے بقوف بناتے ہیں .. بات کرنے کے مقصد یہ تھا کے شائد انجر سول صاحب نے بھی جٹ صاحب کی پالیسی کو چوری کیا تھا .. اور پھر تعلیم کی بات تھی


    The Feudal system was supposed to be in accordance with the divine plan. The people were not governed by intelligence, but by threats and promises, by rewards and punishments. No effort was made to enlighten the common people; no one thought of educating a peasant -- of developing the mind of a laborer. The people were created to support thrones and altars. Their destiny was to toil and obey -- to work and want. They were to be satisfied with huts and hovels, with ignorance and rags, and their children must expect no more. In the presence of the king they fell upon their knees, and before the priest they groveled in the very dust. The poor peasant divided his earnings with the state, because he imagined it protected his body; he divided his crust with the church, believing that it protected his soul. He was the prey of Throne and Altar -- one deformed his body, the other his mind -- and these two vultures fed upon his toil. He was taught by the king to hate the people of other nations, and by the priest to despise the believers in all other religions. He was made the enemy of all people except his own. He had no sympathy with the peasants of other lands, enslaved and plundered like himself. He was kept in ignorance, because education is the enemy of superstition, and because education is the foe of that egotism often mistaken for patriotism.

  • "I would agree with Adonis on Punjab part. When I visited my village in the 90s, most of the offspring of traditional feudal had sold their share of lands to Dubai-return working class."

    Amazing! Similar trend of feudals selling their land to common folks, working in the middle east, is even sharper in kpk. High headed off springs of arrogant land owners did not care for education or any other marketable skills. They just wanted to live on brags. There are some telling stories. In some cases, they have sold their entire holdings and became destitute.

    That is not to say that feudalism has disappeared but their influence in society has considerably diminished. They are very active in politics but now they have to ask for a vote rather than instruct how to vote. They are the happiest people under Military rule because they know how to get close to authoritarian establishment.

  • Feudal System can be eradicated by making the local government strong (i.e. Union Council). Local Bodies Elections should be held on regular basis. And the funds need to be transferred directly to Union Council rather than giving to MPA or MNA (i.e. feudal lord). People in UC can spend the fund on making school or hospital or as per their own needs. They won't be needing approval of Feudal Lord as is happening now.


    PTI has already announced its local government policy and working on same direction. Anyone can check the detailed PTI Local Government policy on its website


    **Direct Link:


  • @HF etc

    you people are living in the past.. please read adonis, khans and GT's comments which are spot on

  • The feudal system is the least of our problems. The biggest evils are: ethnic bias, cast based society, and bradri-ism. Mark my words, these social problems wouldn't go away even with education. The cast based bradri system is very strong in Punjab, and I'm a personal witness to that. A Jutt will vote for a Jutt, an arain for arain, and a rajput for rajput.

    Only the time and evolution (about 100 years) will diminish these issues; you can try amending all law you want, it won't do a diddly-squat.

  • I don't agree on braderi issue. Yes, it does play some role but it is not an overwhelming one. It is a tool of only the low level politicians. If you have some imagination and character, braderism can easily be beaten.

    Bhutto did not have much braderi. Sharifs have some braderi but their numbers are very small. Both of them had something to offer and swept throughout Pakistan.

    Wherever a braderi has majority numbers, it is natural that someone should be elected from them. In such cases the competition comes from within and a better candidate/party wins.

  • Mainstream political parties are held hostage to these cast-based bradris. I agree that in the cities, this phenomenon is very minimal, but in rural areas, it runs very strong. No wonder, Zardari, NS, and IK all are hunting for these electables. I can name numerous constituencies where candidates can bag around 50 thousand votes on their own without the support of any party. They join parties to get extra 10 to 20 thousand votes that will put them over the top.