Iran to set up $4bn oil refinery in Gwadar

  • a $4 billion oil refinery in Gwadar with an estimated capacity of about 400,000 barrels per day.

    Prime Minister’s Adviser on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain told Dawn on Wednesday that an understanding to this effect had been reached during a meeting between Iranian delegation led by Oil Minister Rostam Ghasemi and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf.

    An official said a memorandum of understanding for setting up the refinery was expected to be signed during President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to Tehran on Feb 27.

    He said land for the project would be provided to Iran near Gwadar port.

    Dr Asim said Pakistan was expected to pay the price of gas to be delivered to it through the Pak-Iran gas pipeline and petroleum products purchased from the proposed refinery in the form of food products, particularly wheat, rice and meat.

    He said a technical team would visit Tehran on Thursday to finalise parameters of the MoU on the refinery and settle issues relating to the Pak-Iran gas pipeline.

    Earlier, a company owned by the UAE government had committed to set up a refinery at Khalifa Point in Balochistan but backed out for unknown reasons.

  • That's just another good news. Iran is desperate to look for buyers of its oil due to the sanctions imposed on the purchase of Iranian oil by the west. Iran has even offered its oil to Pakistan on long term deferred payments plan or through the exchange of goods plan. Government should not budge to any US or international pressure in pursuing all these deals that are vital for our national interests.

  • A lot of projects which are proposed for development are opposed by the foreign agents. In the past, no. of projects were started and then shelved on international pressures.

  • The gas pipeline project was envisaged in 90s and should have been completed today. Even our strongest man of a one-phone-call fame/shame budged under US pressure during his tenure and kept delaying this vital national project for a bakhshish of a few billion dollars.

    Imagine that if this project would have been completed we would not been having the chronic energy shortages in the country today. How criminal on the part of all those who were at the helm of affairs for the last 13 years.

  • In Nov 2007 , in the last days of Shaukat Aziz govt, an MOU was signed for a refienary with UAE investor , not sure , it has gone throguh. Recently saw some news that this project has started production. Can somebody confirm that its the same project ?

    Regarding Iran's project , i would say that we should refrain from getting into some projects because of issues with iran. Its not going to deliever .

  • That is a good news, in my opinion.

  • Why not? Financing can be an issue from the multi-lateral agencies but I am assuming that this proposed deal would be financed 100% by Iranians themselves.

  • @SA

    The news item mentioned


    "Earlier, a company owned by the UAE government had committed to set up a refinery at Khalifa Point in Balochistan but backed out for unknown reasons.""

    That could be the one you are talking about.

    I don't know if the Iranian project will materialize, US is going to exert immense pressure on Pakistan.

    This is much needed for Pakistan's economy.

  • امریکی حکومت پاکستان کے ساتھہ ایران کے حوالے سے مذاکرات جاری رکھے ہوۓ ہے۔ ہم نے پاکستان سمیت دنیا بھر کے ممالک کو واضح طور پر بتا دیا ہے کہ ہم یہ سمجھتے ہیں کہ یہ ان کے مفاد میں ہے کہ ایسی سرگرمیوں سے باز رہیں جن کی وجہ سے اقوام متحدہ کی پابندیوں یا امریکی قوانین کے تحت عائد شدہ پابندیوں کی خلاف ورزی ہو.

    ہم سمجھتے ہیں کہ پاکستان کی توانائی کی ضرورت بہت اہم اور ضروری ہے، پاکستان کو توانائی کے طویل مدتی حل کے لیۓ کچھہ متبادل اقدامات کی ضرورت ہے جن کے ذریعہ پاکستان اپنی توانائی کی ضروریات کو بہتر طریقے سے پورا کر سکتا ہے بجاۓ اس کے کہ وہ اپنے قیمتی وسائل ایسے منصوبوں پر خرچ کرے.

    ہمارے مصمم ارادے کا کہ، پاکستان ايک مضبوط، جمہوری اور خوشحال معاشرے کے طور پر ترقی کرے، کا ثبوت ان بے شمار ترقياتی منصوبوں سے عياں ہے جو ہمارے توسط سے صحت، تعليم اور معاشی ترقی کے شعبوں ميں جاری ہيں۔

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  • afshan ji,why ur master america acts like a thanedar?who has given her the authority to dictate the other nations ?

  • Last night a U.S. TV channel was showing empty pharmacies in Iran due to shortages of money($). Where this $4 billion are going to come for Iran. May be after U.S. nuke it or Iran herself performs the Sajdah tul Kufara.

  • Putting Gawadar Port under Chinese Administration and

    Pact for Oil/Gas Pipeline from Iran,

    Are indications of light at the end of tunnel.

  • Pak-Iran gas pipeline wouldn't see the daylight in the presence of current rulers. They simply don't have the courage and political capital to take on the pressure from the west, especially from US. At the end, they would fabricate some sort of hiccup to back track. The only two leaders who can withstand the pressure are Nawaz and Imran, if they win.

  • Imran and Nawaz would be the first to beg for having Breakfast at the White House.

    These projects could be completed only, where Pakistan Military and Pentagon are at the same page and Military establishment ducks the American pressure, contrary to 1977.

  • It would be naive to even entertain the idea that Pakistani military has any muscles to stand up to US pressure. They are only good at wire-tapping political leaders, engaging in property/plot business, and scheming to topple civilian governments. Musharraf sold the country interests over a phone call from the state department. I'm not saying if he could make another decision at that time but if he had to sell his country, he should have charged a better price for it. He wasn't answerable to anyone. Only a civilian, who would be answerable to the public, can make that kind of bold decision.

    Nuclear explosions is another example where Nawaz could have made a different decision had he gotten a mixed message from the public. Once he saw that the entire country wanted to go for it, he had to make the decision (whether he himself wanted it or not) that reflected the nation's will .

  • American pimps and their local agents should worry more about the looming debt ceiling and fiscal cliff that is going to come back in a month time. Stop dictating your terms and hegemony over other countries. You are not the policeman of the world. Instead of waging terror wars in Muslim countries with borrowed money from China, Japan and oil rich Arab sheikhs, start spending on your own population.

    Pakistan knows very well what is her interests and would pursue it no matter what. The time of American installed stooges and puppets is about to end soon. Pakistan will not just pursue this pipeline project with Iran but would further expand its economic relation with the brotherly country.

  • @Afshan

    you are wasting my tax money, we have no business telling others who to do business with....

    Why not we (Americans)mind our own business...

  • Quote:

    "Pakistan knows very well what is her interests and would pursue it no matter what."

    There are many slips between the cup and Lips.


    First deserve, then demand.

  • "Why not we (Americans)mind our own business..."

    Joginder Singh, the Namak Haram

    Is ko parh aur chuluu bhar pani mein doob marr....sharm tum ko magar naheen aati

  • Diwana/Nadan/PDK/Mirza,

    I told you to take break as your small mental 'crockery' is incapable to compose a single correct sentence.