Chdry Nisar and his degree

  • He should just present it instead of being a total clown. When you hear remarks like " main disqualify ho jaun ga degree nai dun ga" one can only sympathize with this poor soul.

    How is ECP supposed to verify his degree if Nisar doesnt present it?

  • @tsunami,

    ECP is asking for his metric and intermediate certificates while Ch. Nisar has done O levels and A levels from Aitchison.

  • ^^

    Not really.

    “Earlier, the objections of Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan about using ‘insulting’ language in an ECP letter to parliamentarians for the verification of their educational degrees was endorsed by the lawmakers of PML-Q and PPP. “I refuse to entertain this kind of letter... Let them do further action,” he declared it twice, adding that he would send a letter to ECP chief on this issue.

  • Pakistan is the ONLY country in the world where fake degree holders are elected in Parliaments.

    Ch. Nisar should come clean with his degree.

  • ECP's unwarranted & threatening letter is specifically demanding that he should produce his Metric and Intermediate certificates while Chaudry Nisar has done O levels and A levels. His bachelor's and master's degree have been verified,its obvious that ECP is needlessly dragging its feet on someone's instruction.(I smell Malik Bahria Bin Zardari)

    As the saying goes in Urdu:

    لکیر کے فقیر

  • Ch. Nisar has submitted his Masters degree done from Quaid-i-Azam University and Bachelors degree done from GC Lahore. The Election Commission is asking for his Matric and FA certificates even though he has not done Matric or FA but O & A levels from Aitchison College.

    Perhaps, Ch Nisar thought that as his Masters and Bachelors degrees had been verified so there was no need for Matric or FA. Or he thought that because he completed his O & A levels alongside the great Imran Khan therefore there was no need for submitting those certificates. He is mistaken.

    Even though he has done a Master's degree, he must now sit for Matric & FA exams and furnish these to the Election Commission. Till then he should be banned from politics. These status-quo politicians should not be allowed to go scott-free only after supplying Masters and Bachelors degrees.

  • Soonamians are master of creating a storm in a tea cup.

  • Yeh Pakistan ke bureaucrats bhi lakeer k faqeer hi hoty hain qasam se. Chodri saab ka O level, A Level, Bachelors aur Masters kab se present ho raha hai aur yeh saab keh rahy hain pehlay matric tey wikhao na zara. Afsos hota hao keh yeh bureaucracy ki yeh hallat hain jisey "Cream of Pakistan" kahan jata hai

  • پھنسا، پھنسا، پھنسا

    جب ھی اتنی زور سے چیخا


  • Imagine what PTI will do if Imran Khan submits his election papers and ECP asks him for his metric and intermediate, when Niazi Sb has also studied from Aitchison like Ch. Nisar.

  • I think the next step from ECP will be to ask ch. Nisar to produce the birth certificate.

  • It appears as Bureaucracy is targeting Ch. Nisar Ali Khan. That is not surprising considering his long lasting fued with Malik Riaz. That is why Malik Riaz fully funded PTI's jalsa in Rawalpindi and will support Chodri Ghulam Sarwar of PTI in one constituency and possibly PPP's candidate in other constituency against Ch. Nisar Ali Khan. But Ch. Nisar is too good for PTI + PPP + Malik Riaz.

  • Please do not target Malik Riaz. He is a very honest and upright individual. The only reason he provided iftaris to PTI dharna participants in Islamabad was to get 'sawab'.

    As for his logistics support during PTI jalsa in Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi, it was the natural thing to do as almost all participants were coming from far off cities and guests must be provided all facilities as per Islam.

  • Ch. Nasar Saab needs to show modesty not just degrees. If EC requires members to present their high school certificate he should comply instead of making rude comments on the floor of the house. We need to strengthen the election commission for strengthening the democracy. Shame on Ch. Nasar for making mountain of a mole.

  • Adonis

    In my opinion, any person contributing development is acceptable despite his corruption. Malik Riaz has contributed a lot of beautiful housing schemes.

  • Malik Riaz is instrumental in bringing $45B, almost 1/5th of our GDP, foreign investment in Pakistan - the thing that our beloved Politicians, Suo moto Judges and Patriotic Generals failed to do.

  • Why checking for degrees now ? The black law of mushraf regime has already been struck down by SC . Whats need of this now ?

  • ........Malik Riaz is instrumental in bringing $45B, almost 1/5th of our GDP, foreign investment in Pakistan - .....


    This is a similar joke as Gordon Wu's $40 billion investment during Benazir Bhutto's second term in 1994. At that time also there was adulation everywhere for 'bringing such a huge investment' to Pakistan. Not many people realized at the time that most of such "MOUs" are not even worth the paper they are written on.

    Now another MOU has been signed and the gullible lot is going bonkers again.

  • Adonis,

    People like Shirazi believe that perhaps Sheikh Nahyan has given a cash or cheque of $45 billion to Maik Riaz to be used as per his discretion :D

  • The whole debate is juxtaposed. Now that there is no bar of degree for filing election nomination papers due to 18th, 19th and 20th amendments, the degree issue is buried six feet down the earth. Jamshed Dasti was re-elected after the amendments.

    SC disqualfied many members of parliaments not because of degree, but on the sole ground they cheated, lied in 2008 elections consequently had lost locus standi as bona fide members of parliament.

    In India, the most wanted dacoit woman, Phoolan Devi, was returned to Lok Sabha, and there was no hue and cry there, even if it was there, it was not heard distinctly outside India. The only qualification in a democracy is to gain popular mandate through ballot box.