[FALSE REPORT] Australia offers asylum to 2,500 Hazara families

  • Thank you Aussies for your very kind and humanitarian gesture!

    How ironic a secular country is willing to protect the Muslims who are victims of terrorism at the hands of Muslims.

    Christopher Hitchens was right:Religion Poisons everything

    The Australian government has offered asylum to 2,500 Hazara families of Pakistan who have been affected by terrorism, reported Express News on Thursday.

    The asylum was offered on humanitarian grounds.

    Last week, a representative of Australian immigration department met with United Nations officials to make the asylum offer.


  • Australian Govt is offering protection to Hazara community which is facing worst persecution at the hands of Sunni militants and terrorists and Islamic Republic of Pakistan has failed to provide protection to her own citizens.

    Shame on Pakistani Govt

    Thank you Australia

  • I wish similar offers are given to the Sunnis of Iran and Syria.

  • I think the whole world (political parties in Pakistan and International Establishment) is trying to hijack the hazara community issue.

  • I know it is an international conspiracy against our "Two Nation Theory".


  • No Kashmiris, no Syrian Muslims, No Irani Sunnis, No Irani Kurds, No Turkish Kurds, No Pillipino Muslims and No Burmese Muslims were ever given such a generous offer of asylum.

  • This is very unfortunate where Muslims can't tolerate the existence of other Muslims due to ideological differences.

    Hats Off to Secular States where all sort of Nationalities are accommodated to live and progress without discrimination.

  • Look at the religious freaks showing their true colors.

    Hazaras are peaceful people, who would want the Jihadis among their people? Still there are millions of Muslims living in Western countries.

    We are a shameless nation!!

  • Javed Sheikh Sahab

    How tolerant is the Indian secular society?

  • When you cannot protect your own citizens, the outsiders will try to exploit the situation. Our state has failed to provide security to its citizens specially in the last 13 years of misrule and mis-governance.

    When your own leaders and their sellout agents invite outsiders to fight their dirty wars in your backyard then you have no right to whine when they actually come and exploit the situation.

  • We widely opened our doors for all foreign elements during Zia's period to wage American backed jihad against the Soviets. About 60 billion dollars poured into the pockets of our political mullahs and bahadur generals. The nation is still paying back those 60 billions with exorbitant rates of interest.

  • Some comments on the news story from Pakistanis...

    ""Until the Pakistani govt is able to truly protect its own people, this is an option that the Hazarans should very seriously consider.


    m umar

    5 hours ago


    Great move by Australia. I am looking forward to other countries to follow. Make this the biggest migration in the history of mankind. Pakistan as a state has failed its people.



    5 hours ago


    correction please February 16 not 6


    Bruce W

    5 hours ago


    I am happy upon hearing. Take this chance and be free of these intolerant, warped, radical and self righteous elements that seek to harm you as well as this government who never have and never will care about your well being


    Yoghurt lover

    5 hours ago


    It’s a very good gesture by Australia. Nice. Need to see what happens now.



    5 hours ago


    They should accept it without even blinking! There sufferings in Pakistan would worsen.


    Haris Chaudhry

    5 hours ago


    A country founded on Judeo-Christian values offering asylum to those muslims which live in a country which itself was formed in the name of Islam !

  • In the regime of Musharaff, the focus was on rape victims. Every rape victim was given projection internationally while ignoring thousands of rapes which do occur in the USA itself.

  • Some more comments from saner people in Tribune.

    Other countries have to offer our people security now. Shame on our leaders, especially our President who hasn’t even bothered to visit the affected families.



    5 hours ago


    Yet we keep bashing the western countries and democracies. We love the kings and sheiks but do they really care about us at all. More Pakistanis are beheaded in S. Arabia than any other country of the world.



    5 hours ago


    What a shame for the ruler & citizens of an Islamic country? The Muslims are bound to protect even Non Muslims living in their country. Where we stand as a Country, as a Muslim, as a Human being. Such horrible attacks are repeated every month in all part of the Country & the rulers are just enjoying. They just wants to stick with power & to be in Govt till the last day, even at any cost. These shameful parties are looking for another five year terms.



    5 hours ago


    Question to the Army Chief and all the Generals: Is this the Pakistan you want by supporting LeJ and other such organizations? You do know it will only be you and your puppets in Pakistan when the dust settles….


    Ali Salman Alvi

    5 hours ago


    “Shia Hazaras went on strike across the country”??? They were not only Shia Hazaras. Shias from every ethnic background were on the roads.



    5 hours ago


    If the current turmoil prevails Pakistan will soon be become a Hardline Sunni state.



    5 hours ago


    This seems to be a serious offer. The community leaders should immediately jump on the offer. The life in quetta too is not very conducive.


    Voice of D.I.Khan

    5 hours ago


    I feel humiliated as a Pakistani after this ,, Sorry Hazara Brothers and Sisters….


  • Zardari and Nawaz Sharif should make a law that complete families cannot move out of Pakistan. How will these rulers get foreign exchange if a Hazara family does not leave anyone in Pakistan?

  • The Australians must give rights to the original inhabitants of Australia and vacate the land for them.

  • Please don't blame the mirror if it is showing you an ugly face!

  • @Khan

    One thing is for sure they won't become dual-citizens.

  • Traitors are supporting all foreing agendas.

  • Australia is known as a land of convicts. Our Hazara brothers should seriously think before accepting their offer.