The myth of proportional spending of development funds in Southern Punjab

  • It has been claimed by Punjab Government several hundred times that they are spending development funds in Punjab equal or more than its proportional share as per total population of Punjab

    The reality unfortunately is very different; all they do is make “Allocations” in budgets under the name of Southern Punjab, bulk of which is later re-allocated to other schemes elsewhere

    Following is just an example;

    Government of Punjab allocated 10 Billion for Southern Punjab Development Program (SPDP) in 2011-12 Budget

    Following were the allocations under SDPD under different Heads

    LO11000296 New Programme for SPDP 3,300,000,000

    LO09101435 Southern Punjab Development Programme 3,500,000,000

    LO10000060 New Programme for SPDP 1,700,000,000

    LO11000066 Completion of ongoing Schemes of SDPD 1,500,000,000

    But as per the Budget document of 2012-13, all of these were revised down to ZERO during the course of fiscal year.