Drone war spreads to Africa

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    How many remember how Bush lied about Iraq's WMD and Saddams plan to acquire uranium from Niger. The French invasion of next door Mali is testimony to the fact that Niger has huge reserves of Uranium. Look how they fool the world. The West is still looting the resources of the world as day light robbery and hide it under the pretext of so called war on terror. And our naive members here jump up and down about so called home grown terrorism. The real terrorists are the ones that are after Uranium that is used to make bombs that have 1000 times more capacity than the Atom bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.



    By JULIE PACE and ROBERT BURNS Associated Press

    WASHINGTON February 22, 2013 (AP)

    President Barack Obama said Friday that about 100 American troops have been deployed to the African nation of Niger. Two U.S. defense officials said the troops would be setting up a base for unarmed drones to conduct surveillance

  • The World War II claimed the lives of 50 million people. Allah's wrath fell upon these European countries in the disguise of Adolf Hitler. When Hitler was lambasting them in the 2nd. WW, there was heavy of propaganda to fool the European public that an international organization (UN) would be established which would not let any war occur in the world henceforth. As soon as the 2nd. WW ended the devilish attitude of the European government revived instantly.

  • This is clearly a military policy rubber stamped by the White house. The idea of securing Niger's Uranium deposits is a holdover from the Bush JR paranoia days. Protect from what? people living in Niger in mud huts? Keep believe the meme of a "terrorist threat", much like the threat of communism or the Soviet Union. By the way neither were a real threat, but the Military Industrial Complex needs something to justify it's existence.

    The key word is "uranium", a highly sought after deadly energy source for power plants and nuclear warships, that reaped havoc on our planet.

    Flying drones in foreign countries and kill a few once a while, is an act of war. Those small and weak nations can do nothinbg to stop it. It becomes a problem only in situations like:

    1. If North Korea flys a few drones in S. Korea, then the UN security council meeting must be called to blamd the aggressive action of North.

    2.If China flys a drone in some other country, there will be call for the whole world to united together to against Chinese aggression.

    The strong set the rules is a historical norm. There is nothing new here

  • The American Empire has gone too far. Theses are lies being told about "Al Qaeda" across the globe. The numbers are complete lies. Anytime US government wants to do something illegal, they use the term Al Qaeda to justify their actions. These are lies. In Afghanistan, there were never more than 500 total members of "Al Qaeda". This is a false label placed so The United States may justify these fake wars. We are killing the locals and some of them are not even armed, then we label them with some James Bond fictitious label to justify their murder. This Global Plan of domination must be stopped. These DRONES are now being planned to be used against US citizens too. Read the most recent excerpts to the Patriot Act. Obama has approved the liquidation of ANY person, American or not to be liquidated if they are found to be an "Enemy of the State" We are the enemy.

  • New Drone Base in Niger Builds U.S. Presence in Africa

    WASHINGTON — Opening a new front in the drone wars against Al Qaeda and its affiliates, President Obama announced on Friday that about 100 American troops had been sent to Niger in West Africa to help set up a new base from which unarmed Predator aircraft would conduct surveillance in the region.

    The new drone base, located for now in the capital, Niamey, is an indication of the priority Africa has become in American antiterrorism efforts. The United States military has a limited presence in Africa, with only one permanent base, in Djibouti, more than 3,000 miles from Mali, where insurgents had taken over half the country until repelled by a French-led force.