Gwadar port and Nawaz Sharif

  • The only person in Pakistan who has maror in his stomach over Chinas control of Gwader port is nawaz sharif.

    The Rationale behind it is that Balochis have first and foremost right over Gwader port.

    Does this make any sense? Do Balochis run a company with ports & shipping experience? When supplies take route through Balochistan, who are going to get jobs? Japanese?

    Actually he has only given his face to the voice of his amreeki masters.

    The whole world has problem with Chinese presence in Gwader and this goof, just to please the amreekis is willing to work against the interests of Pakistan.

    Aur phir no00ro ko khwaab ate hain ye koi leader hai.

  • Keep it up! As they say, "Jhoot ke paon naheen hote", but you don't need them, you can still fly high.


    else maybe u cud explain on noo0ras behalf y gwadar shdnt have been handed to China

  • As a follower of Ahmq-Azam, what you make up of this?

  • ^^

    Yes Iv asked him the same thing, pata nai q chup hai

  • Thanks, I got my answer from the respondent; Today, Ahmq-Azam should be proud of himself

  • @tsunami

    Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif has said that people of Balochistan have first and foremost right over the Gwadar port, adding that they should be permitted to harvest all or most of its remuneration.

    While addressing a conference on Gwadar, the former two-time prime minister vowed that he will pay special attention for betterment of Baloch community.

    He claimed that the development and progress of the region was the focus of his party’s manifesto, adding that the Gwadar project was the brainchild of his previous regime. In his view, the project will be completed within the PML-N’s next tenure in the power.

    Did you even bother to read the article? All what NS is saying that Baluchis should be the first beneficiaries of this project.

  • @Tsunami

    Which part of the two news reports say this

    gwadar shdnt have been handed to China

    U should avoid wearing sunglasses indoors

  • Even though the news item is from July 2012 and includes no mention of Chinese company's take over of Gwadar port which happened in March 2013, still if a SooSoonami supporter is saying that Nawaz Sharif opposes this China takeover, then you leaguers must accept it.

    The problem is that the League supporters are not educated enough and can only read what is written in a news report. The SoooSooonami supporters on the other hand are given a crash course by PTI that makes them read even what is not written anywhere and blame a person for saying something that he never said.