Who will win the 2013 election?

  • I am sure that PML-N will clean sweep in 2013 general elections.

  • The PML-N may well win the elections. But it does not matter whom the stupid and illiterate people of Pakistan vote for.

    The great Imran Khan is the only hope for Pakistan and our brave army will ensure that he becomes the figure-head under whom the army can complete its agenda of development of Pakistan.

  • No matter who I vote, the colors of the poll widget reflects the flag of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Look at the top right of this page.

  • Every one can win but BABA NIAZI have to wait!

  • I don't know who will win but ahmq-azam will definitely sweep.

  • Imran Khan will be the next prime minister of the United Internet States, president of Facebook Republic, and Chancellor of Twitter Land. No doubt!

  • No question of any party winning this elections but either the PML N or the PPP is going to emerge with the largest number of seats.Right now PML N chances looks brighter and the PPP may lose some seats due to the incumbency factor.

  • No he will be PM under the reconciliation policy of the great Zardari

  • PMLN will sweep only in upper central Punjab, the ISI belt area. Why ?????????? bcz it's ISI beloved party

    یہ تو آیئ ایس آئی کے گملے میں لگا ھوا وہ "گو لڑ" کا پھول ھے کہ جسکے بارے میں کھا جاسکتا ھے کہ

    وہ جھاں بھی گیا ، لوٹا تو میرے پاس آیا

    بس یہی ایک بات اچھی ھے میرے حرجائی میں.

  • Voting Age?

  • Voting Age?

  • Voting Age?

  • یہ تو آیئ ایس آئی کے گملے میں لگا ھوا وہ "گو لڑ" کا پھول ھے کہ جسکے بارے میں کھا جاسکتا ھے کہ

    وہ جھاں بھی گیا ، لوٹا تو میرے پاس آیا

    بس یہی ایک بات اچھی ھے میرے حرجائی میں

    Why do you have to talk bad about MQM all the time?

    Though what you said about MQM is absolutely true, but give the poor rascls a break, after all now they are in "opposition".

  • ^^^He is talking about PMLN, the illegitimate by-product of agencies' interference in politics.

  • I understand that MQM is the natural ally of PTI given the common infatuation with PMLN. So it is encouraging to see this solidarity on the discussion forum as well.

    But it is really not a good strategy to pin on PML-N the one badge of honor that both MQM and PTI have been proudly wearing since their hatching, that is being a faithful product of defenders of our frontiers at GHQ.

  • PTI is natural ally of PPP actually .PPP has lost some of its vote bank in Upper Punjab and PTI has some votes in Upper Punjab only so it is the common interest of the both .

    Openly or secretly .

  • @Adonis,

    Don't know about MQM, but PTI is the product of the vision of Imran Khan, who started it in 1996. Don't try to throw your dirt on others. Accept your past like a man.

  • Current Party Position after 2008:

    Party NA PP PS PB PF

    Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 124 107 93 12 30

    Pakistan Muslim League (N) 91 171 0 0 9

    Pakistan Muslim League (Q) 54 84 9 19 6

    Muttahida Qumi Movement Pakistan 25 0 51 0 0

    Awami National Party 13 0 2 4 48

    Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan 7 2 0 10 14

    Pakistan Muslim League (F) 5 3 8 0 0

    Balochistan National Party (A) 1 0 0 7 0

    Pakistan Peoples Party (S) 1 0 0 0 6

    National People Party 1 0 3 0 0

    National Party 0 0 0 1 0

    Independent 18 4 0 12 11

    Next Elections (if held according to schedule):

    PPP 70-80 Seats (Approx)

    PMLN 65-75 Seats (Approx)

    PMLQ 35-45 Seats (Approx)

    TI 35-45 Seats (Approx)

    MQM 25-30 Seats (Approx)

    ANP 20-25 Seats (Approx)

    JUI 15-20 Seats (Approx)

    JI 4--6 Seats (Approx)

    Rest of the Groups might bag 2-3 Seats