Imran Khan at Oxford University

  • This is true respect and popularity, not like going to colleges and universities as an unwanted guest by using your authority as CM and doing "tharki puna" with girls, to show how popular you are (I am sure you have got the drift!).

  • Oxford, Imran Khan Goldsmith and "tharki puna" with girls,

    Hmm now that sounds familiar & rings a bell,where have I heard that one before..

    Imran Khan at Oxford University in 1975

  • Some strange phenomenon going on here on this forum where lots of dudes posting IK's pictures in various poses from different magazines and gatherings. I submit that these worshipers of IK are doing "thurki puna" right here on this forum.

    I know that IK is attracting youth but it appears way more serious than I originally thought. What could be the reason for their infatuation with a 61 years old playboy turned revolutionary? Beats me!

  • What could be their infatuation with a 61 years old playboy turned revolutionary?

    Same infatuation as some people have with bhuttos so much so that they have declared them shaheeds!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noo00ra are disappoint6ed and embarassed at what theyve been doing when they see the real Leader of men engage all sections of society.

    Noo000ra cant even walk past Oxfords gate, let alone engage the youth studying in their.

    Masoom aadmio ko bewaqoof bana k rozi kamai hai saari zindagi inho ne, hamaray samne dus mint beth jaey phir jo chor kee saza wo hamari.

    Lekin nai, hes the two time premier, his level is too high, he cant sit infront of us. LOL

    Bilkul durust, his level of stupidity is too high, he will be pealed like skin of a banana.

  • Of all people I know, mushy has been to most of the popular universities. Although he is the least approved politician in pakiland...

  • @Mr. Arain,

    What infatuation you have for a 60 year old incompetent and corrupt buffoon who came into politics as a poodle of agencies, or his mentally unstable little brother who is equally corrupt and incompetent, but also found of tharki puna and showbazi?

    Imran Khan is our leader - he attracts the youth in the same way as Qauid-e-Azam attracted youth, and narrow-minded people like you called him "Kafir-e-Azam".

    As for anything "serious", you need to consider why Nawaz Sharif launched his daughter in the spotlight to attract a particular section of society. The answer is embarrassing for any Noon Leaguer with "ghiaraat".

  • @oldman sahab,

    You are comparing Apples and Oranges.

    Musharraf has been the dictatorial president of Pakistan - so in this context he is invited to speak in universities.

    Imran Khan, on the other hand, has never been in government but not only invited in international universities but also international events like World Economic Forum due to his persona and not any current or former portfolio of being president or PM.

  • Brother Finsinsaf IK is very good in scholary thinking, debates and presentations but this is not all about in Pakistan. Executive skills forms a very small part in Pakistan politics. Humari Siasat Gandi Hai aur Gandagi saaf karney kay liay kechar main utarna parta hai.

    Khan Ji still lack some political maturity you have to deal with all political parties and make yourself accommodation every where in government or opposition. Khan Ji has cornered himself and need to sit with all major political players, forget the past and learn the negotiations and real Pakistan politics.

  • and need to sit with all major political players, forget the past and learn the negotiations and real Pakistan politics.

    But should he or for that matter anyone compromise on national interest just to gain political upmanship. Will the voters not see who is sincee and who is not? Or is the implication that the voters are not capable to judging that????

  • @FineInsaf

    If you want to do your daily “pooja pat” in front of IK’s pictures, no one should have any objection; however, while praising IK, you made a derogatory reference to SS, which was totally uncalled for. So, I merely commented on your post using your own language; I’m not sure why you’re ticked off.

    While participating in these blogs during the last few weeks, I've noticed that when PTI’ers highlight IK's vision, the post is always accompanied by a below the belt shot to PMLN leaders; the purpose is always to ridicule or insult other leaders, sometimes using really foul language. This case wasn't any different.

    Finally, it puzzles me that, as a sympathizer of a progressive party, you thought it necessary to use demeaning and insulting comments about someone else’s daughter. I’m not sure if it was necessary or related to this discussion in anyway.

  • Oxford was nursery for Imran Khan from he started , How to make money from white woman.

  • Geo News' report on IK's visit to Oxford University

  • ^^^^The body language of these handful people is indicating how so desperately they want this boring speech to end. his own sons seem indifferent to the jibberish he is uttering.

    How come Ilzam Khan didn't do an epic jalsa in UK like the ones in PK? I suppose it's not that easy to rent a crowd in a country like UK.

  • lol wonderful time pass.

    Like a tenis match.

  • This is a very crucial time, IK should not be in UK, he should be in Pakistan.

    He should be directing all his energies towards the coming elections. The effort done at this time in grass root politics could prove to be the most fruitful one for PTI.

    I don't see any point attending Oxford students at this crucial time.

  • @SLEP Bhai,

    Spare us your mind reading abilities. I know IK burns the very fabric of your existence, but it is not IK's fault - you are the creator of your own miseries by supporting a corrupt buffoon for some reason.

    You should worry about the your dumb leader who only look reasonable (JUST reasonable) with his mouth closed:

  • ^^^Why does Nawaz Sharif CHOKE in his speeches? It indicates shunted growth.

  • @wsheikh bhai,

    World is a small place now. One day on is in England, the other day, in Japan, the next Pakistan.

    IK yesterday attended a crucial meeting of PTI CEC.

    He gets invites from institutions and is also involved in his NAMAL college. So everything is part of the process and service to his people.

  • The nation is really tired of the dramatic actions of politicians. A real targeted action is indispensable.