Gen(r) shahid aziz Comments about Costitution

  • A mean thinking. This kind of top brass thinking destroyed our country. La-deen rule can survive but cruel can not. Feraoon ruled for hundred of years but after he started killing innocent, only survived 70-years. This is law of nature. Pakistan fauj's cruelty can also survive a maximum of 70-years, while 65-years already passed. InshaAllah soon fauj will not be able to interfere at all. InshaAllah. Pakistan Paeendabad. Unconstitutional forces murdabad. InshaAllah Pakistan's future is glorious. Ameen. Suma Ameen.

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    The thread initiator needs to give some reference or background for those who do know the issue.


  • In recent interview with Geo general(r) shahid aziz said that he violated the constitution because he believed it was a rotten product of a system that reeked of corruption.

  • Incompetency .... !!

    Pakistani generals have shown their incompetency on many grounds, faced the criticism from public, and rightly so.

    But on the other side of the picture it was the incompetency of our politicians as well. Look into the history of Pakistan. Who inducted Iskendar Mirza, a uniformed general, in the cabinet as a defence minister. These were the politicians of that time who made this blunder to pressurise the opposition and paved the way for general Ayub Khan to take over, and subsequently other general to follow.

    When we criticise army we should realize that in the past the politicians patronized the generals, and even today political leaders are doing the same by giving a thumbs up to Genral Aziz type of people and making the same mistke.

  • All the wicked violators of constitution should be cursed and punished properly without discrimination. There shouldn't be any holy-cow. No exception. In case there is something improper in the Constitution then there is a legitimate way to amend but no one should be allowed to violate. Violators should be punished accordingly in such a way that no one should think to violate.

  • بھائی جی مجے پتا ہے میں ایک غلطی کی ہے جس کی مجے شرمندگی ہے اور آیندہ کوئی غلطی نہیں ہو گی