'If Veena was here, minister would have come'

  • Pathetic, this is an absolutely absurd remark. Where has the parlimani rawaiya gone off to?


    ISLAMABAD: Senator Humayun Mandokhel expressed displeasure over the absence of the secretary and the minister for Water and Power in a session of Senate’s Standing Committee on Water and Power on Monday, Express News reported.

    “If Veena Malik was here, they would have been present,” he remarked.

  • **

    [The same wish was made first by PMLN's senator Mushahidullah





    **ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Mushahidullah Khan has called for actor Veena Malik to be made a member of the Senate in the next elections, since this move would at least ensure senators attend Senate sessions.


    Speaking to Express News in Islamabad on Wednesday, he presented the suggestion on a lighter note, frustrated that the Senate rarely convened to a full house.

    The Senator went as far as to suggest that Veena should be made the Deputy Chairman of the Senate. “When she will come to the Senate and display her ‘assets’ then maybe all the other senators too will declare their assets. And then perhaps then they will all join Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf,” he chuckled.

    Talking to Express News, Senator Tariq Azeem was of the view that regardless of Veena Malik being made a Senator, members of the Senate should come to the sessions and answer questions regarding their departments. He cited example of India where the Rajya Sabha has a few celebrities as members.

  • وینا ملک کےبھاہیوں کوتکلیف کیوں ہو رہئی ہے

    ٹینشن نہ لیں سینٹرز بھی اپنے بھائی لوگ ہیں

    انہیں موج مستی کرنے دیں

  • Bhaion ko fiqer nai ho rahi, darasal besharam kism k bhai keh rahay hain k bhen ko b senate main laya jaey, dil laga rahay ga.

    Ab khud he batayen, ye koi theek baat hai?

  • بھائی آپ غلط سمجھ رہے ہو

    ٹھرک جاڑنا ہر ٹھرکی کا قانونی فرض ہے

    اب اگر اپنےسینٹربھائی لوگ دل کو خوش کر نے کے

    لیے کوئی آیٹم شیٹم مانگ رہے ہیں تو آپکو کیا اعترز


  • Mulk o qoum ki khidmat ye Shahi kahndan aur in ke puchari kar to sakte nahi ab dhark na marain to kiya karain?

    Bahi Dhark marne ki bhi koi had hoti he.....

  • ٹھرک جاڑنا ہر ٹھرکی کا قانونی فرض ہے

    وینا تیرے جان نثار بشمار بشمار

  • Veena Malik is honest (doesn't hide anything) and 100 times better than any Pakistani politician male or female.

  • Veena Malik is honest

    لو جی وینا ملک کی مالش شروع گئی .


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