Pasha accepts a job in UAE, impact on PTI?

  • Folks,

    It’s announced with great sorrow that the spiritual leader (aka first khalifa) of PTI has accepted a position in UAE. Rumor mill has it that since billions of ISI funds aren’t available, in the absence of Pasha, to bribe politicians to join PTI, Pasha might have made the move to help his financially troubled party. It is also speculated, but not confirmed, that a new hotline (made of fiber-optic cable) is being established between UAE and PTI headquarters where Pasha would make weekly presentations; the objective is to brief PTI leadership on techniques such as how to: bribe politicians to join your side, blackmail electables to switch sides, perform wire-tapping on your opponents, engage in good drama bazi on drone and other American policies, and conduct rent-a-rally gatherings (aka dharnas).

  • ^^^You will make a very bad reporter. LOL!

  • So after "sheroo", Gen Pasha is the new link between the great Imran Khan and the great Parvez Musharraf?

    The battle lines for the next elections are becoming clear. The status-quo PML-N on one side and all the patriots (including the great Imran Khan, the great Parvez Musharraf, the great Tahirul Qadri, the great Altaf Hussain and the great Ch. Shujaat ) on the other side with the support of post NRO PPP.

    PML-N does not stand any chance against these honest and upright patriots.

  • It means the final hurdle is out the way and no one can stop the susunami to sweep something in the coming elections; congratulations

  • چھوڑ چلے ہم چھوڑ چلے ... لو شہر تمہارا چھوڑ چلے

    دیکھنا بچو !! میں وہاں سے نۓ طریقے سیکھ کر آؤں گا

  • oho; what has happened; all the inqelabis along with their patron n chief are running away from pakistan




    Ishrat Ibad

    Altaf Bahi

  • تمام انقلابی مل کر کوئی نئی ترکیب سوچنا چاہ رہے ہیں شاید ---

    شمع بھڑکتی ہے آخر کو بجھنے سے قبل !!

  • انقلاب انتخابات سے نہیں آتا - اسی لئیے یہ انقلابی انتخابات کے خلاف ہیں

  • So they are going out of pakistan to flush out their inqelab?

  • اس طرح بیرون ملک جانے کا مقصد انقلاب نہ آنے پہ مشترکہ آہ و زاری ہی ہو سکتا ہے

  • What's this new culture in Pakistan where every politician, revolutionary, or former general runs overseas every now and then (in special cases, even every week). More interestingly, our president visits Dubai so often that it seems like Dubai is part of Pakistan. Can't these politicians, for a change, make decisions about Pakistan while being in Pakistan?