Allaince b/w PML-N, PML-F & NPP

  • PML-N is getting ready for election.

  • ^^^So much for "all uniting against PMLN"! Truth is all opportunists uniting around PMLN to take a piece of the cake in the next term, a replay of the last 5 years.

    It's PTI vs. the rest led by Noon-league, and it will become clearer as we move nearer to elections.

  • Perfect combination is going on, PMLN+JUIF in KPK, PMLN+PMLF in Sindh, PMLN+Baloch Nationalist in Balochistan, PMLN+PML Humkhial in Punjab, and all over Pakistan with JI. One cannot ask better then this.

    As PMLN is an experience political party so they are moving nIcely towards election.

    To me 2 challenges PMLN have to face before elections: 1- After affects of new province in Punjab 2- After intraparty election Oath ceremony of PTI on 23rd March, if PMLN tackle these 2 events smoothly they will be the Sure Winner of 2013 election.

  • Because of the "immense" popularity of PTI in rural Sindh, Functional League and NPP have been feeling threatened. This is why they have joined hand with PML-N for the sole purpose of stopping the advance of PTI.

    But in spite of this PTI will sweep all seats from rural Sindh.

  • ^^^Yeah, a perfect recipe to replay the last 5 years of looting and corruption, where everybody will be in government, there will be either no opposition or friendly opposition, and Pakistan would descend further into the pit.

    But the good thing is, their plans are only plans and this time the public has woken up and all these opportunists and book suckers will be bowled on a single ball.

  • and these opportunists and bloodsuckers included a poor express tv cameraman who was beaten up on live TV by moral brigade of PTI in Gujranwala and as a result lost his balls

  • @Adonis : On what basis u are saying that PTI is immensely popular in rural Sindh, was there any mention-able public gathering sponsored by PTI, how many jalsas did PTI able to manage there???

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^

    LOL, Amir ali I think you are new to this forum. Just click on "member" link of "Adonis"( below his avatar) and try to analyse his style of blogging!