Zardari to depart on two-day Iran visit on Wednesday

  • He is supposed to sign a deal with Iran on gas pipeline and building a refinery in Gwader.

    Is this one of those pre-election gimmicks?

    ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari would undertake a two-day official visit to Iran from Wednesday, said the president’s spokesman.

    Senator Farhatullah Babar said that during the visit, the president will hold talks with the Iranian leadership on a host of bilateral issues and the regional situation.

    Important progress is expected to be made on the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project during President Zardari’s visit to Tehran.

    Sources told DawnNews that Iran is expected to lend Pakistan 500 million dollars for expediting the gas pipeline project.

    Along with supplying gas to Pakistan, Iran would also establish an oil refinery in Balochistan’s port city of Gwadar.

    Babar said the visit was a part of the ongoing contacts at the leadership level to further strengthen the bilateral relations and to consult each other on regional and international issues of concern to the two countries.

    He said the president has been urging for further strengthening of the bilateral relations and for early completion of mega projects between the two countries and expressed the hope that the visit would provide further impetus to the efforts aimed at early completion of the projects.

  • It is pre-election Gimmicks or a normal diplomatic activity,

    Nothing wrong if that helps to Make Pakistan economically look better.

    Metro Bus or any other productive project must be appreciated, without bothering about its timing or source.

    Such tactics are normal in a democratic culture to win public opinion.

    But----PPP has some other negative impressions about its performance, in other fields, which might affect its Vote Bank.

  • A good discussion on the Iran gas pipeline and the incompetence of our governments.

  • Javed Shaikh Sahab

    I agree with your viewpoint that any productive projects should be appreciated; no matter for what political gains are targeted in hiding.

  • They have been sleeping for the past 5 years and now when the elections are about to be held they want to kick the can down the road.

    $1.5 Billion are needed to construct the pipeline on the Pakistani side, even if, Iranians provide 500 million loan who is going to fund the the rest of $1.0 Billion?

    It seems like a cheap publicity stunt.

    I'm not trying to target Zardari here, the previous government under Musharaff has criminally ignored this project of national interest.

  • While Gwader port, Gas Pipe Line, $45b investment seem to be election gimmicks, yet JS Sahib's view also seems balanced.

  • Pakistani Thug to World Economic Gangster

    2008 - Support me else Mullah will run over

    2013 - Support me else I'll be with Mullah

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    پاکستان کی ایران سے قربت سے امریکیوں کے پچھواڑے پر کھرک شروع ہو گئی ہے




    برنال لگائیے - کھرک سے نجات پائیے

  • ایرانی علاقے میں پاکستانی سرحد تک گیس پائپ لائن بچھانے کا عمل اب تکمیل کے قریب ہے جبکہ اس کے برعکس پاکستان کو صوبہ بلوچستان میں جو ساڑھے چھ سو کلومیٹر لمبی پائپ لائن بچھانی ہے اس پر ابھی تک کام شروع نہیں کیا گیا۔

    پاکستان اور ایران کے درمیان اس پائپ لائن معاہدے کے مطابق دسمبر سنہ دو ہزار چودہ تک جو ملک تاخیر کی وجہ بنےگا اُسے بھاری جرمانہ دینا ہوگا۔