PPP's Greatest achievement of it's entire political era

  • ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Thursday passed the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University (PIMS), Islamabad Bill 2013 amid strong protest from the members of the PML-N and MQM who objected to the name of the university.

    According to the bill, all the medical colleges and health institutions whether in the public or private sector including the Quaid-i-Azam Post Graduate Medical College, private medical colleges, Federal Government Services Hospital etc. located within the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) affiliated with the examination board or medical faculty shall affiliate with the medical university.

    The bill provides for the grant of degree awarding status to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims).The PML-N and MQM members while carrying photos and portraits of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah showed their displeasure at naming the medical university after the founding chairman of the PPP and ex-prime minister.

    The protesting members raised slogans of ‘Not approved Not approved, Mohsin-i-Azam Quaid-i-Azam’. Later, they gathered in front of the dais of the deputy speaker Faisal Karim Kundi who was chairing the session, and continued their protest till the adjournment of the proceedings.

    The bill moved by the minister for Capital Administration and Development (CAD) Nazar Muhammad Gondal was passed with a majority voice The deputy speaker, however, before and after first reading of the bill, asked members from both parties whether they want to express their views on the bill. However, none of them spoke on the bill or attempted to bring any amendment.

    Earlier, in an attempt to delay the passage of the bill, the PML-N member Muhammad Hanif Abbasi pointed out lack of quorum in the house. As a result, the proceedings remained suspended for 45 minutes.

    Irrespective of protests from the opposition members, the statement of objects and reasons says the government is committed to standardized medical education in general and particularly in the ICT by encouraging extensive research in the field of medical sciences in such a manner to provide better patient care. The president of Pakistan shall be the chancellor of the university, the minister for CAD will act as pro chancellor of the university.

    The first vice chancellor of the university will be the incumbent executive director of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences till the search committee finalizes the appointment. Waseem Akhtar of the MQM said the government bulldozed the bill in the National Assembly without voting. Minister for Capital Administration and Development (CAD) Nazar Muhammad Gondal and Executive Director PIMS Dr Riaz Warraich later talking to newsmen termed the passage of the bill as a big achievement in the health sector. “The establishment of the medical university will help in raising standards of research and teaching the medical field and improving health care at all the hospitals and Basic Health Units (BHUs) in Islamabad,” they said. Dr Wariach said that the medical university would facilitate and pave the way for latest research in the field of medicine along with awarding Ph D degrees in related faculties. Ms Natasha Daultana laid the report of the National Assembly standing committee on Capital Administration and Development on the bill to provide for the establishment of Capital University of Science and Technology, Bill 2012.

    The bill provides for establishment of the Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST) in Islamabad.

    According to the bill, the principal seat of the university shall be in Islamabad and it may set up its campuses, colleges, institutes, offices, and research or study centers. The statement of objectives says that the Mohammad Ali Jinnah Trust proposed the establishment of CUST in Islamabad.



    بس ایک ہی مناسب جملہ ہے، لکھ لعنت!!ٴ


  • may be PPP should now be changed to Bhutto Benazir Shuhada Party.

    There's a good chance it may bring in a few extra votes

  • Mere mun mein khak if PPP win next election again..

    We wil see benazir allo,balawal kadoo,asifa bhindi,bakhtawar imli,zardari aande and bhutto underwear on shops.

    The new names of cities

    Karachi will be Bhutto abad

    Hydarabad will be Bhutto abad

    Nawabshah is changed already

    Lahore will be Bhutto abad

    Rawalpindi and Islamabad will be Bhutto abad

    Peshawar will be Bhuttowar

    Quetta will be bhutta

    Dehli will Bhutto abad

    Mombai will be Bhutto bai

    Istambul will be sharif abad

    Jeddah will be abaji pura

    Newyork will be New bhutto abad

    Tokto will be Bhutto shi

    Osaka will be Asifaka. Coz she have small eyes like Japs.

    And We live in peace ever after...